Thursday, April 30, 2009

Killer Whale eats Seal ! Shocking Footage....

Photography by Mrs Fale

Today Rooms 8, 9, 10, 11 went to Kelly Tarltons. We each had a group. I was with Sandra(Matthew's mum). In my group was Kiamana, Floyd, Matthew and I. First we went to the classroom and watched a video of Scott and Shackleton from the 1900 to 1914. It showed us Scott and Shackleton racing to the South Pole. Then we went out and went into Kelly Tarltons. We firstly answered questions we had to answer. Then, we went on a ride which showed us the picture above and some king and gentoo penguins. Lastly we went on an escalator that took us around and showed us various kinds of fish,sharks and stingrays. Then we went back to school on a bus. We got back at 12:34 and had an early lunch. That was our fanatstic Kelly Tarltons trip.

By Raiden

Our 1st School Trip of the Year

Today we went to Kelly Tarltons. We were learning about Antarctica. We went on a train thing and we saw a lot of penguins. They look so cute don’t they? It’s amazing how good they are at swimming. You see the brown stuff? Well that’s poo hahaha! When they put their beaks on their body then that means there making their body clean and that’s why those penguins look so cute. We saw a person giving the penguins a whole bucket of fish and another person patting the penguins and talking in a speaker. The best thing I liked about the trip was the penguins. By Tom

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

what challenges would a hero face in aniarctic

frost bites

Antarctica Brainstorm...should it be snowstorm?

snow storm mountains blizzards frost bite Avelange falling ice camping tents

polar bear empty cans of food Whales pengins cracking ice not being first

station seal storms shipwreak

These are some of the worsd we brainstormed today about the challenges an Antarctic Hero would face?

Check back and see what we do with these words later in the term.

Julius and Floyd

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Bits and bobs.
Socks and sogs.
Treasures that you don't want.
An old light bulb.
An old light shade lying about.
An old TV and a broken chair.
People come and stare.


Ariana - an acrostic poem about me.

Am really play full
Riding my bike is fun
I like doing art
Art is my favourite  thing to do


New Year 2009

We have been doing lots of new things in the year. We had swimming sport, s Aloha night and wheels Day. We learned new things and new subjects and have met new teachers . We have been doing different kinds of learning. We were doing Art, Writing, reading, maths, handwriting and have met tonnes of new students in the school.


This is an Acrostic Poem.



By Floyd

Term 1

BubbleShare: Share photos - Easy Photo Sharing

Term review.

It has been a busy term of getting to know each other and how we tick as a class.

we are very excited with the e-learning happening and know we are going to get better and better at it every term.

Enjoy a sample of our work so far.

Room 8

My Dog

                MY DOG.

My mum desperately wanted a dog. A Kelpie. Finally we got one. It came from Napier/Hastings and looked a lot like a cog.(that's a dog a wolf and a cat put together).We named her Kita. We had to feed her straight away and then lead her inside.The cat's weren't happy.As time flew by she got bigger and bigger and Bigger! She is now just over 1 year old . She still chases cats and she's got a scar on her nose.She is the best dog half the time and she is almost IMPOSSIBLE to tire out. I have many scratches,licks and scars around my body. 

By Raiden.

Swimming Sports

Last Friday it was Swimming Sports.Rooms11,12,13,15,16
and our class were going to Osborne pools.Everybody there put there all there things away and got there towel and goggles.when we had found a spot it was time for the races to start.I started to watch the races intill it was time for me to do backstroke. When I did it I came 4Th and now it was time to do the finals and I came 5Th again. After I had done it I went back to my spot and put my towel round me and waited intill my next turn.When it came to my next turn I stood up and walked to the place where we were supposed to race.When we raced I came 1st and when I did the finals I came first. .It was a fabulous and fun day.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Acrostic poem

This term our class was doing pomes. This poem is an Acrosic poem about me.





Easy going

Blog to you again.
From Alice


This is an acrostic poem.

So fun

Our friend


I like lolies

A good friend

By Sofia

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