Friday, November 30, 2012

Inquiry and Pancakes

Recently me and Violet did an inquiry project. We had to create and answer a big question.It had to be on celebrations.We did pancake day.We did a stop motion iMovie to help show our learning.

We hope you enjoy it!
By Anouska and Violet

Pancake Day from Kowhai Kiwi Bloggers on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


We are learning what symmetry is I think symmetry is where if you fold the page it will be the same. Like if you were trying to make a square you would only draw half a square or if you were trying to do a circle but you would draw but a semi circle.

By Hannah

We are learning about symmetry. Symmetry is  a  patten like diamond or a square on both sides.
By Joel

Symmetry in Maths

We are learning about symmetry. Symmetry is a picture,photo etc so if you folded it in half you would have the same thing on each side and this is my picture. 


Jack's Symmetrical Picture

Rm 14 is learning about symmetry and I think symmetry is a pattern that reflects like a picture like a mirror. Eli
Eli's Picture

Symmetry using Kid Pix

We are learning about symmetry and what I think symmetry is. I think symmetry is where if something is on one side of the page it will be the same on the other. 

By Ellah

Last day of netball

     Last day of netball

On Wednesday the 28th of November 2012 it is Grey Lynn’s year four teams last netball game.In most other games we have lost .Our  biggest score was 3 -12. Sadly we had 3.

     So wish us good luck !

By Livana

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


One time me,Oska,and Mum went to Crystal mountain. Once we got there we got out of the car and went inside. Inside Crystal Mountain was a gift shop and a museum. Firstly we went to the museum w.o.w. It was amazing! There was a six foot amethyst and fools gold, rose quartz and a sapphire.Next we went to the gift shop .I got an Opal and a Chinese jade. Oska got fools gold and a amethyst. Mum got an smokey quarts and a rose quartz then we got in the car and drove home.


The Stupercalifragilistic show.

On Sunday I went to Mary Poppins and it was really fun. But it was really annoying because somebody brought balloons into the theater so they kept on letting them go in front of me so that was a little upsetting, but I still had fun. Mary Poppins is so cool. I got this little thing and its Mary's umbrella. 

by Ella

Monday, November 26, 2012

Mary Poppins

On Wednesday me my dad and Carli  went to Mary Poppins. First we drove to the Civic and then we got our tickets. Then we walked to the Korean restaurant. We had some pork and eggplant. After  that we went back to the Civic and went into the theater. I saw my friend Orla.  I went and said hi and then the show started. It was AMAZING! At intermission time me and Orla went and bought an ice cream then we watched the rest. It was awesome.  I Loved it!


Going to Africa

In two weeks me and my family are going to Africa. My uncle and his wife were in Africa and they saw 202 elephants in four days. Me and my brother Matthew are going to see if we can see more than 202 elephants in four days. We are going on a safari. In a  safari elephants and giraffes  walk out in front of the jeep that you are in. We are staying for 1 month and I wonder if Santa is going to come to Africa. We have a little elf called Elf-a-magic. He is one of Santa's little helpers. He reports back to Santa to tell Santa if we have been good. I am really exited about going to Africa. I know we are going to have a fantastic time in Africa. 

By Hannah


When my mum went to the Cook Islands she went to the market and she bought me a present and it was a Cook Island instrument and it was called a ukulele. It is a 100 years old and each year we put a new plate on it so it can't break. In one  month I am going to go to Australia for a tournament and I am still learning how to play. I will be really scared because I am vs my little brother Tama and I hope that I  come 1st, 2nd or 3rd, so wish me luck and it has 8 strings. But it only has 6 now and it is really lightweight and hard to hold because it keeps on slipping. I think I need a neck strap. I am going to play it at my birthday next year.

By Ina 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Fan Club

Hi Room 14! 

I have figured out how to share our Speak Pipe messages on our blog. Here is our latest message from a famous person in Canada! He is one of your biggest fans...(and mine too) Can you guess who he is? 

Have fun listening and your work is being read, shared and enjoyed all around the world! Keep it up. I am a very proud teacher! 


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our very first PODCAST!

Oh my goodness! I am so excited!

Room 14 have been working hard , very hard at writing fractured fairytales. They had to rewrite a known narrative with a Canadian feel. This was to show their understanding of the elements of a narrative and their knowledge of Canadian culture.

They recorded them using Garageband and then I uploaded them. (this part was rather technical)

We hope you enjoy it! Keep tuned for more! Our dream is to run our own Podcast Radio Station in iTunes. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Here is Violet and James with their story:
Bear Brown and the Seven Caribou. Enjoy!

The Athletics day Trailer!

Today we just made a Movie Trailer For our athletics Day practise on iMovie.
It took us a LONG time but Its so funny! There was a problem when it could't import it was because there were SO many videos so it took AGES to load, but it finally worked

 If You want To see it Its here ---

Athletics Day from Kowhai Kiwi Bloggers on Vimeo.

Felix E

Learning New Technology

Today we learned how to use movie trailers in iMovie. It is a lot of fun. We made one together. It took a long time and we had to problem solve and make group decisions. Some people's ideas won and other people will have to save their ideas for their own trailer.

We talked about how else we could use movie trailers. Some of us said we could use them to sell a book to an audience or share our narratives.

All I can say is ... WATCH THIS SPACE! 

Here is one version of our movie:

Athletics Day Build up from Kowhai Kiwi Bloggers on Vimeo.

Warm Fuzzy?

The warm fuzzie club.
Introducing the warm fuzzie club.
In our class we have been learning how to make a REAL booster statements so we made the warm fuzzie club. We get to put up our warm fuzzy if we say something positive to someone else. Our reward is we feel good inside for making someone else feel good. 

We have a warm fuzzie board and everyday our warm fuzzie police record the people's names. 

So far we have had a lot of people giving warm fuzzies. 

Feel free to pop in and get all warm and fuzzie too!

By Phoenix 
with help from Andrea


What is a wordle?  A wordle is another way of organising ideas and words into a word cloud. Wordle choose the layout and you can adapt it, but it cannot be made into pre-froemd shapes like Tagxedo. 
Wordle also makes words bigger if they appear more than once. We discovered that this was a good way to see what words help define a topic. It also showed us that a lot of us had the same ideas about celebrations. 

For example, when we did a wordle for celebrations, using the same words we did for Tagxedo, certain words were BIGGER!  We decided that this meant that these words were more important in our brainstorm about celebrations. What do you think?
Room 14 

 If you want to make a Wordle of your own, click the link below:

Celebrations Using Tagxedo

We have been learning about celebrations. Today we listed all the celebrations we could think of. We also wrote our four favorite celebrations, but first we brainstormed and used different web based programs to display our learning.

First we used tagxedo. Tagxedo makes word clouds. It can organise your words into shapes. We chose shapes that reflected our Celebrations unit.

Here they are:

  A tagxedo in the shape of a pumpkin for the Celebration of Hallowe'en.

Tagxedo in the shape of Cupid for the Celebration of love - Valentine's Day.

If you want to make one of your own, click here:


On November the 1st room 14 made a movie on imovie.There was quite a few FUNNY poses.James and Ellah took the films on an ipad 2.It took us a long time and allot of effort but it was eventually done.The race has about 8 FUNNY poses.I hope Andrea puts the video on Room 14s blog.

By Harry

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