Thursday, August 30, 2012

Edmonton oilers

The Edmonton oilers are one of the hockey team. They have won 5 Stanley cups! They have to keep on adding silver to the Stanley cup so its hard for the players to lift it up. There was two famous hockey players Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier . The team is called the Oilers because the province Alberta that the Oilers are from, main resource is oil.

by Molly

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Seeing Sally Rippin

On Friday me and Violet went to Room 16 to see the Author of Billy B Brown,who is Sally Rippin.The year 1 2 3 and 4 were there.She told us about what she was like when she was young.
Hopefully Sally Rippin turns out being one of the best authors.
I don't know so many authors so I don't know what they are like?
But at the moment my favourite author is Sally Rippin.
She really just lives in Melbourne (Australia.) She read one Billy B Brown book which isn't even in shops.
The book she read was Billy B Brown and the loose tooth.That book was awesome.
Aki is the Illustrator of Sally Rippin.
By Romy

Meeting Sally Rippin.

On Friday the 24th of August me and Romy went to room 16 to see Sally Rippin the author of Billy b brown and Hey Jack.
She told us all about her, and her family. I think she is one of the best authors ever!! 
I wish I could see Sally's home in Australia must be full of typing stuff, wow. It was great seeing her I bet you would feel the same way as me. She's the best!


Monday, August 27, 2012

We now have Voicemail!

Do your hands ever get tired from all that typing? Well, have we got a deal for you?  You can now click the button on the side of our blog and record a message! It will be sent to our email account and Andrea will upload them for us to listen to. 

So why not give your tired fingers a break and leave us a message!

Room 14

Friday, August 24, 2012

My Star Poem

A shiny piece of gold.
In the middle of the night.
Brightly luminescent.
Small glowing shapes.
Felix E


Star Poem

A sparkling ornament in the sky
Up above the world so high
like five triangles and a diamond in the sky.

By Felix W

I'm a star

I shine in the sky, I guide the under, guess...I'M A STAR.
by Phoenix

Twinkling Gem.

Twinkling gem at night hoping,
Bright lights floating past my window 
in the jet black night.
My guardian.
By Anouska!

Sparkles in the sky

Pointing in all ways showing only light 
Granting wishes during the night 
Floating next to the moon.
In the dark night.


Glowing Stars

A yellow star  floating like a boat 
and people wishing for stuff 
like triangles on the side of the star.               


Sparkly Night

Sparkly tiny night
Far away, staring at my eyes
Soaring in the sky
silver little friend in the night.


Glowing Star

They are up so high they go boo!!!  
And then reform 
There are billions they're connected
But so far apart.


Glittering Wonder

Sparkling, glowing wonder in the sky
Shining so bright you can hardly believe your eyes
What a twinkling surprise.


Golden Glory

Sparkling light in the night
Twinkly wishes I'll bring to you.
Pointed above the sky so high
Brings happiness to you.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Star.

I float all night waiting for a sound. 
I am always floating.
Sometimes I even come shooting from outer space.
Kids love me as I twinkle.
Oh how I twinkle.
By Ella

The Wishing star

The sparkling sky lights glowing upon us shining bright 
Waiting to grant a wish of a dreaming child.
Shooting gracefully through the night sky to make sure no one's peeking  
Then they bring out their magic. 
These diamonds of the sky are the lights that lead as through the dark.  

By Kahma

Night Sky

Shining shape in the night sky,
sitting  there ,with other  pointy shapes also
in the night sky.


Night Sky

Twinkling through the night.
shining at the moon.
Talking above us
Glittering as you see us
 floating through
the sky.

By Hannah

The Night Sky.

A shining bright dot in the sky.
I wish I could see you up there in space.
but I watch you here from earth to sky.

By Violet

My lobster!

Hi!My lobster is awesome because it's an amazing exo-skeleton. It  feels so soft!It's soft because the shell has been cooked on the BBQ. I love the way it moves when you hold it.I got it from Daikoku. It's a place in the city where they cook Japanese food in front of you on a bog BBQ. It was awesome!So every time I see a lobster shell on the table,I'm grabbing it!

By Eli!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Poetry in Room 14

WALT write original poems.

First we talked about what a poem is. Here are some of our thoughts:
*entertainment *expressive writing *feelings*emotions*a really short story*a message to other people*showing our thoughts * the best writing *

Then we wrote a class poem together using a website called Read Write Think. 

It helped us write our poem because it made us think of interesting words. It gave us topics to write about. It also gave us steps to work through. We brainstormed before we wrote because brainstorming gets our good ideas out of our head and onto paper. It also gives us a boost.

Here is our poem. We would love some feedback.

Now we are all busily writing our own. We will share them with you soon!

Room 14

Monday, August 13, 2012

Our Totem Poles

We are finished our first attempt at drawing totem poles. We hope you like them.

First we looked at pictures of totem poles in a park in Vancouver called, Stanley Park. Then we watched a video on how to draw totem poles. After that we drew our own following the instructions. We did this in our drawing books.

Then we drew them on an A4 paper. Andrea then photocopied them and enlarged them onto A3.

We chose bright colours as the totem poles we saw in Stanely Park in Vancouver were brightly painted.

Now we are creating our own personal totems.

Watch this space!

Room 14

Letter to Valerie Adams

Thank you for winning a medal in the Olympics even if its silver but it's New Zealand gold. We love you all the same even if you didn't win the gold. At least you tried your hardest with all the pride you hold. I know you had a set back but does it matter? No. It matters that you tried. You are my champion and besides, you could win in Rio.  
From Jack 
Grey Lynn school Auckland

The Javelin

Javelin is cool how the players can throw their sticks really high up and far away. I wish I was a javelin thrower.

By Felipe

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Books are cool. eh!

This term we are learning all about Canada. During shared reading and SSR we read and listen to a collection of Canadian books and stories that our teacher, Andrea, has collected.(she is from Canada) Some of her books are as old as she is (haha) and some were bought for her when she became a teacher. 

We are learning to respond to reading and write a blurb about a book to entice a reader to "pick up a book." 

Here is the first edition of, Books are cool, eh!

We hope you enjoy it. Watch for new versions daily!

Room 14

Canadian Book Reviews from Kowhai Kiwi Bloggers on Vimeo.

The Rugby World Cup came to visit!

We had an awesome surprise on Monday, August 6th. The Web Ellis trophy came to Grey Lynn school and we all got to have our photo with it, look at it, smell it, but not touch it. It is very precious.

Richie Mc Caw, the All Blacks captain had said that he wanted as many New Zealanders to see the cup as possible and share in it's glory.

It was smaller than we thought. It was shinier than we thought and it was also made of real gold.

What a great day.

Room 14


So we all know what the Olympics is but do we know how long ago it started? Well I do. It all started 11 days 23 hours 45 min and 38 second ago well it least i think it did. Well my point is I want to go to the Olympics.  My favorite sport event is the sprints ,I also like the gymnastics . It must be really freaky doing the  Olympics. What if you fall down it would be so embarrassing. I know keep telling you but I wish I could go to the Olympics


Monday, August 6, 2012

Room 14:and the rugby world cup.

On Monday my class saw the  Web Ellis Rugby World Cup. We got a photo with it.

By Phoenix     (P.S.) Our photo is coming soon! 

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