Wednesday, December 5, 2012


One day Santa was flying over Rangitoto when an arrow hit a reindeers foot and they went wiggling and jiggling and they fell down and down. Then the sleigh was about to hit the ground when Santa did a stunt roll out and then crash, bang, boom. When Santa woke up he was in a big red sack but then he realised that he was in his sack with all the presents. He remembers that someone wanted some L&P so he pulled out the bottle and shock it up and unscrewed the cap a bit, poof the cap went flying through the sack. He heard someone shout oowee and then santa made the whole bigger and wiggled out, he said I’m free but then he realised that he was surrounded by Tiki pointing spears at him.
They said mog bog and their leader came over with some fish and chips and some pavlova. Was wearing a cap  with AB on it. They took him to a rugby goal post and they said win or die but then Santa remembered he was terrible at kicking, but Santa realised he had his lucky shout gun on him, so he grabbed it and tried to shot the Tiki, but they dodged. So he got his bazooka and tried to hit the Tiki but it hit the tree, so he called the swat team to launch a rocket and it destroyed the Kiwi. Santa live happily ever after. 

By James

Monday, December 3, 2012

Funny poses!

Here are some funny poses we made during our athletics practise. We learned how to make them using screen shots!

Funny Poses from Kowhai Kiwi Bloggers on Vimeo.

Hallowe'en Inquiry

Our project is exciting. We have been working on it for a really long time and it was hard and we learned that finding facts is easy but it was hard to choose the right ones . We found putting the facts into our own words quite easy.

Ina and Oliver

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