Friday, October 29, 2010

My first touch game.

On Thursday I had my first touch game. Our team is called the Young Guns. We played against Marist  at Grey Lynn park. We won 11- 1. We subbed off really fast. I thought that was cool. After the game I was really tired. When I got home I played basketball. By Jeru.


The Cloud

I took a picture of a funny shaped cloud. In the picture there is some of the trees. I chose to take a picture of the cloud because I thought taking a picture of a cloud would look good on the blog. I think i can see a picture of  some one sitting down.
by sydney

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Adventure Playground

At Grey Lynn School we have two playground's. One of the playground's is for the year 2's,1's and year 0's.  The other playground is for the year 3's to six's.This picture is of the years 3 to six playground. This playground has been there for about 4 or 5 years .This play ground has changed by getting designed in different ways and the different children on it.

By Emily

The totara tree.

Last year the Kowhai and Kauri teams planted a Totara tree. It was for next year for a new team.Every Friday the   Totara team(Kowhai and Kauri team combined)has a Totara Assembly and sports. My favourite is Totara sports.

By Robbie 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My little sister

I've got a little sister. Her name is Shayla. She is one - she's nearly two. She's so annoying and she tricks a lot but she's fun to play with. She's a bit funny too. On Friday Shayla me and Shayla Mum Asher went and got an ice block and went to the park and had a play then we went home. We went on the swing. Then it was dinner time. We had hamburger's and we watched TV. Then I went to bed. So did Shayla

By Mia V

At the Wavepools

On Sunday I went to the wave pools. It was a really long drive. When we got there I sprinted into the girls changing rooms like a cheetah. I quickly got dressed into my togs and ran out. When I got in the pool it was warm.  I went down the little  slide but not the  big one because that ones too big  for me,  besides you have to pay for it !                                                                                         by Olivia

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Four !

That's if you hear it. The Totara Team had Kay in from Auckland Golf and she taught us our first lesson in how to hit a golf ball.

We learned it's not as easy as grabbing a club and whacking the ball. 

Kay is back this Friday for part two of the lesson. I wonder what we'll learn then?

Watch and see.

In our beat

On Wednesday the Choir went to In Our Beat. In Our Beat is all schools that are in the Central Auckland area school all sing all together. My favourite part was all the dances people did. It was amazing. When it was our turn we were really nervous. We went on stage and performed  9 songs. The song I liked the best was  Jai-ho it sounded like a real choir with adults. When we were done it was 9:15 and everyone was so tired. After that we went home and went  straight to bed.
By Caitlin.


Last Friday my mum went to Shanghai . My Gar(Grandma) went as well. My mum had a very big bag but not a lot of stuff. Before my Gar came to take my mum to the airport my mum and I had a cuddle while watching the Xfactor . My Gar came and took my mum to the airport. I miss her so much. She is coming back tomorrow.
By Ruby.

Making movies in Maths

Today the Cubes were busy learning about fractions using pizza shapes.The shapes are colourful and made us hungry as they looked super yummy as well. We were learning about fraction order and then coming up with a rule to help us remember.

Do you have any rules to help you with fractions?

Friday, October 22, 2010

In our beat

On the 20 Th and 21st the Grey Lynn School Choir went to In The Beat for the first time. I think I was going to be the only one to do it right in the whole group! There were dancers and bands. I like the Richmond Road song. Other songs were Jai ho, Bad, Beat it ,Te Kai Tito, Nature, Sweet Barefooted Dreamers, Fa afetai i la atua, and Choo choo ch boogie. I had a good time and I will definitely do it again in two years!

 By Max

In Our Beat

On the 20th and 21st of October 2010 lots of different schools came to Auckland Girls Grammar for the In Our Beat festival.I went there to be part of the choir.There were not just choirs there were dancers, bands, a rock band, Ukelele and recorders.In the choir we sang Ma te mahi ka ora, Choo Choo Ch Boogie,Fa' afetai, Sweet Barefooted Dreamers, Nature, Beat it, Bad and Jai ho.My favourite song was Nature because it's about nature and I like nature! I thought everyone had a go and did there best!
By Amy

In our beat.

On Wednesday and Thursday the Grey Lynn band and choir went to the Dorothy Winstone Centre for In our beat. First we all got together in the cafeteria and then we walked into the stage room. We took our seats and as soon as everyone started coming in the lights dimmed down the performers came out. After all the acts were done and it was time for the choir.
We sang lots of different songs. My favourite song we sang was Jai ho. At the end of all the songs streamers went flying across the stage. I thought it was worth going to In our beat because I really enjoy music.

By Isla

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Change of the plant outside our Room

This plant has changed. It has grown and then it dies and then another plant grew.
Every day that plant grew and grew.  Nearly every day our teacher would tip her coffee into the plant pot and still it grew and grew.
I don't know what the plant is called but the only thing is that the plant is been outside room 13 and room12 for almost a year. So I think the coffee is the secret to why the plant changed and grew back.

  By Te Ua

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Going to Samoa

On November the first me my mum and dad are going to Samoa.well my sisters are going to Australia. My mum said that we are getting tickets on October the 30th. My mum said that we were going on and Air New Zealand which  is a big aeroplane .

     by Ethan


Change of the trees.

Before the trees were standing straight but now they have changed to a stalk .These trees were 100 to 200 years old .But there is still one plus -  that if there was a big storm  smashed in our area, all of the houses  and the school would be gone .The reason the trees got cut down was the neighbours because the neighbours did not want branches on their houses.        By Otto

How to Eat a Lolly

Room 13 has started learning about procedural writing and we did this Immersion exercise to learn all about it.

Let's just say it was YUM!

Enjoy !

Monday, October 18, 2010

Room 13's criteria for leaving quality comments.

As part of our Blogger's Challenge we had to come up with our set of criteria for leaving quality comments.  After watching the video on how to leave good comments we brainstormed a list of what makes a quality comment.

Here are our top 5.

  1. Introduce yourself using first names only and your school name.
  2. Sentences must have capitals letters and punctuation where needed.
  3. Have a buddy help you edit your comment for correct spelling and content.
  4. Write a simple, to the point comment.
  5. Ask the writer some questions to get a conversation started.
We will be practising this ourselves over the next week.  Please leave us a comment and share your thoughts with us.

Ka kite, Room 13

Going to my friend's house

On the weekend I went to my friend's house. First we went to a farm and we fed the horses and ponies apples. Then I held  a lizard. It was a beaded dragon and it is a type of lizard. Then we went to my friend's house. They have two dogs and I played with them. The big dog is named Cooper and the little dog is named Ruby. Then I played pool. I nearly won. Then I played on the x box. by Milla

Grey Lynn School

Grey Lynn was made 100 years back in time! But then it got to be crumbly.Some people got together and knocked it down! After the school had been knocked down they built it again. The picture is of the Puriri Tree.It was planted 100 years ago it is still around today. By Jaime.                                             

Friday, October 15, 2010

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen the Leaders and their Transformations

I am going to tell you about the leaders from the movie transformers revenge of the fallen.  Autobot leaders. 1st Optimus prime. He has a transformation of a truck with red and blue flames. There is also Jetfire. His transformation is a fighter jet. Now for the Decepticon leader. His name is Megatron. If you want to know what he can transform into its an alien tank. So now you know the leaders from transformers revenge of the fallen - one of the many things I like.

By Matt

Silver Ferns WIn GOLD!

The final netball game of the Commonwealth Games was played last night and it was New Zealand versus Australia.

It was equal til the =Silver Ferns get the goal ! What a devastating moment for Australia but wait -  a goal.  Now if you didn't  see this last night this is how it went.  Pass, pass, pass -  get a goal . Then even after time up  and extra time still no goal, but Australia has the ball and is at the goal but thay miss - hoorah. Then the Silver Ferns have the ball and shoots and gets a goal!          by Acacia.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our new furniture

A few days ago [last Monday] we got new furniture.They are SOOO cool. There are so many different  things about them like: the chair leans back when you lean back and where you keep your stationary  and  your  books is different place. You do not put your books in a tray under your desk, you put them in a folder   thing and your pens go in a tube thing.By Celia

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our missing boat

On Sunday me my dad and two sisters were going to Rangitoto but when we got there me, Faye and Mimi tricked my dad by saying our boat's left. So when my dad got to the office he said" Rangitoto please" and the man said "sorry but it has just gone." So we went to Devonport instead, but it was still fun .
By Willow

My dog Lucky

Lucky is my dog and I am going to talk about him. I realized this just yesterday but he really likes bubbles.
He jumps up and bites them. When he was little he had so much energy that he was like a bullet. We got him raised by a family and he was well... until dad fed him a burger.  Lucky liked it but he vomited after. We do not fed him burgers any more.

By Anisah    

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Three boys who were Lost

One day there were 3 boys who were lost. The boys names were Te Ua, Jeru and Ethan.  TeUa said, " we have to get out here before it blows up!"  Jeru and Ethan, at the same time said," okay." We put on the parachute's and jumped out but Te Ua pushed Jeru and Ethan out the plane.  Ethan and Jeru said at the same time, "what was that for?"  Te Ua said, " because you were too slow and scared." When Ethan and Jeru landed, Te Ua jumped out.  When Te Ua landed, the plane blew up. Then  they were not lost,  they were found.                            

                                 BY ETHAN

My Recount about Hyundai code

On Thursday me my mum and brother and 2 friends went to the last Hyundai Code.
Benji Marshall was there and Tana. Also two All Whites were there too.
We were on TV and the funniest part was when this man, Wairangi Koopu and Awen Gutienbuell were on this little movie and thy were in the pool and it looked like they had nothing on and a sign came over the screen that said, "TOO RUDE." 
After an whole hour we got a photo with nearly every one.
By Te Ua      

My recount about the holidays.

I couldn't believe it. It was the holidays and I was ready for the fun to begin. Quite often me and my brother went bike riding because I got a new bike. My dad took me to the Kings plant barn on the last day of the holidays. At the Kings plant barn I got a Venus fly trap. When I had brought it home I found a fly on the window. So I put the fly trap up to the window and the fly crawled straight into it's mouth but as soon as it was about to close it's mouth the fly crawled out and flew away. So instead once again I went outside and rode my bike.Also in the holidays I got the big enormous book of  Tashi. It has 32 books in it wow that's a lot of books. I really enjoyed my holidays except I needed to go to holiday programs as well.

By Isla

Friday, October 8, 2010


On Sunday I went to the movies to watch Boy but my older brother went to play games at the shopping mall.
He also went to get a snack because my mum gave him $10.00 to use on a snack or he could save it so he can get heaps of money but he got a chips and a tim tam.

After he got it, the movie just finished so he just got a little bit of chips because we only had drinks in the movies, so after we ate all the chips. by Willie

My fish Bubbles.

I have one fish. I named it Bubbles because it blows lots of bubbles. My mum and I had to get a bigger tank because Bubbles had a brother. His name was Itsybitsy because he was so little. By Mia.V

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Sister's Birthday

On Saturday it was my sisters birthday and we went to the wave pools to have a swim because that's my sisters best place. After that we went to the park to eat some of the cake and we had a big birthday party without a cake because we had already eaten it. Haha !
by Willie

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cuboids also have the time.

It may look simple but it takes at least 8 frames in Kid Pix to make an 11 second animation. We hope to do a lot more animations next term. Check back and see.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cubes have the time !

Cubes Maths groups have also been learning about time and counting in 10's. Here is our clock. 

Sit back and watch our time ticking away !

Cubes Maths Group Room 13

Monday, October 4, 2010

One of my best games of the season.

One Saturday morning,

I was lying in bed and it was pouring down with rain.I thought that my soccer would be cancelled but when I got up it was on!I got ready as quicly as I could.When we got down to the fields I was as cold as an iceburg . When the game started the other team kicked off  - 5 mins later.... goal for the other team. At half-time the score was 1-1. I had scored for our team next half I scored 2 more and they scored 2 more as well. One of mine was a half way goal!When the game finished we had won 3-2! It was my best game ever!

By Robbie

Friday, October 1, 2010

Going to the snow

In the weekend I went to the snow! Me and my friends and family went there to celebrate one of our friends 40th birthday.It took 5 hours to get there! When we got there a little bit of snow was falling slowly down on me.We went inside and put on the heater and went to bed.The next morning I got up had some breakfast with my friends and got into my warm gear.I went outside to throw some snow balls at my brother but he threw a huge one at me. On the way up I was quite warm because I kept on moving . Finally we got up there. We got our gear and went down. When I got on my skis I fell over three times then I got the hang of it. I went up and down about 12 times then we went back to the House that we were staying in. We all played around a bit and then we had some lunch. Next we played until it was dinner and went to bed.Then I went home sadly because it was over.

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