Tuesday, July 25, 2017

My Holiday Diary

In the school holidays we are going to Rarotonga.  We might even get our hair braided.  I am so excited. We are just going to stay there for three days. It is just two days until the holidays start, yay.

Actually we went to Cape Reinga not Rarotonga, that was just my imagination. 

It took us five hours to get to the place where we were staying. When we were there it was almost dinner time. After dinner we played spotlight for a while then we had marshmallows. We were very tired so we went to bed.

In the morning we went fishing trip and I think Zoe saw a shark. Sadly we did not catch anything. After that we watched Despicable Me Two. It was funny. 

The next day we went to the sand dunes. It was windy and I did not go boarding down the dune because I was scared of hurting my body.

After that we went to the ice cream shop. It made me feel happy because I love ice cream.  When we got home we had a hot shower then we watched a bit more of Despicable Me Two. 

We played Cluedo and after that we played Monopoly. I just got a house when we had to go to Paihia. We said bye to everybody. After three hours we were there and we met up with mum and my cousin Stella Grace at a restaurant. Mum gave us presents. I got a head scarf and Zoe got black nail polish with sparkles.

Then we went on a ferry to a wharf and we saw people jumping of the wharf with different things. Like paper wins with feathers stuck on them.

After the show we got on the ferry and went to the hotel and watched the Block.

So that is my story. Bye Diary!  Ava xxx.

Monday, July 24, 2017

My Holidays

In the holiday me and my family all went out to the movies. We all watched Cars three, the movie, then we all went back home. After we got back home my dad said, " hop up and come out with your sister and come with me and your brother. We can go back to the movies so we can watch Despicable Me Three. " By Mere

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Matariki Facts

Enjoy the google slide presentation by Olive.


 Hi Leo and Nikhil made this. It is to show our understanding of Matariki. We found all the answers to our questions on kid-rex. We made a slide show.

Matariki star facts.

First we had a big talk about Matariki .Then we learnt about what is safe on the internet and safe search for kids. We used Kid Rex. After that we went off with our buddy or ourself. We got a piece of paper that was our plan. It was a graphic organiser. Then we went on kidrex and researched our question. After that we published it. So here's are slide show.

by Stella and Ava.

Matariki Stars

Here is the google slideshow I made about all the new Matariki facts I learnt.
By Sienna

Evie and Ila's Matariki Project

Me and Ila have been working on a Matariki project for a 
Our whole class has been doing a Matariki  project.
We had to change our idea at least five times.
We searched our question on Kid Rex. Our question was, "Why is Matariki the Maori New Year?" and found out out the answer.
We decided to do a slide show using google slides. 
Our finished project was looking really good !!!

By Ila and Evie


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Sofia and Poppy's Matariki Blog

In inquiry we have been lining  about Matarki. First we have  been thinking about some facts. Matarki  is the main star and the other
stars are her sisters. 

We had 2 questions:  they are,  how old is Matarki and  how do the stars shine brighter then all the  others>

There is a learning website called Kid Rex. Kid Rex sometimes  really helps you find answers for your work.

We created a padlet to show our learning. Click the link to see the padlet. 


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