Friday, March 19, 2010

The Weirdest Place I would ever Live

We, the Tiki reading group read the journal story, Living in a Shipwreck by Anne Young. We did a fact finding report on the shipwreck story. We wanted to write a blog about it but when we conferenced with Andrea, we decided we would like to write about The Weirdest place they would ever live.

The responses were amazingly creative and quirky. We practised their scripts with each other. We made them into an iMovie which we recorded themselves. There were a lot of funny takes and we learned about the meaning of practise makes perfect. We are still practising.

Here is the result of our hard work and our first movie.

We would love comments so please leave them a message after the movie !

Adios !
The Tiki Reading Group
Room 13

Room 13's Homemade Sports Pie(graph)

This morning Andrea decided that we would do PE and Maths together. We were completely confused beciase we had never done Maths and sports together at the same time.
Our PE Monitors got out some equipment: tennis balls, 2 basketballs and skipping ropes.
We got into groups of three and we listened to the instructions.

In groups we had to count how many catches, skips and baskets we got altogether and record them on a tally chart.

We really enjoyed it. The basketball was hard to get into the hoop because it was high. Some people caught ore balls than others. We all discovered which of the three things we were better at.

When we came back to class we had to add up all the tally marks in each column and the numbers were surprising.
We had 426 tennis ball catches, 20 basketball baskets and 484 skipping rope jumps.

We had to decide what type of graph to use. We put our data into a pie graph and made it colourful.

We really liked PE today.

Room 13

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A peek into our classroom !

Term 1 has been super busy. Here is a movie about what we have been doing. We had the Auckland Art Gallery in showing us their road trip, Art in a Suitcase, where artists turned a suitcase into a work of art with symbols and pieces that are special to them or represent something about them. We also had a Wheels Day and we got to ride our bikes and scooters at school and we got our helmets checked for safety. There are also some clips of everyday learning and of us hard at work.

Enjoy the view and keep checking back !

Adios !


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