Friday, February 25, 2011

A Massive Earthquake

We have been learning to listen to news reports and then, in groups, record the important facts. We then retell the story using our facts and our own words.
We listened to the BBC podcasts for Kids for the following story even though we hear about it everyday on our local news channels as well. 

Reporters: Room 13
In Christchurch, New Zealand, a massive 6.3 earthquake hit in the afternoon. It also hit Lyttleton. 105 people are still trapped and the death toll is around 75 and still rising as the rescuers are finding more bodies as they search for survivors in demolished buildings.
Seismologists say Christchurch was affected because it is built on two plates that were pushing together on a fault line. 
Searchers continue to look for survivors while Christchurch residents try to deal with this tragedy.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Zealand's Darkest Day

Yesterday there was a terrible earthquake in Christchurch. It measured 6.3 and it caused massive damage.
We are at school today and we feel safe but we know that it is a different story for the people in Christchurch. We heard there were several aftershocks after the earthquake and even one of them was bigger than the actual earthquake.
Rebeka's mum was talking on the phone with someone when it happened and she could hear the rumbling sounds of the earthquake.
Toby's cousins said all their windows shattered in their house but they are safe.
Elijah's uncle and cousins live there and they were frightened because of the rumbling.
Flynn's mum was in Dunedin and she could feel it. Dunedin is far away from Christchurch.
Someone from Zara's family knew someone whose windows all broke and the roof nearly came off.

We have also heard that injured people are being shifted to Auckland because there is no room left.

Our class feels sad and a little scared for the people there and we want to send our love to all the people of Christchurch.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Listening and re-telling

Today Room 13 listened to the BBC World News for Schools podcast.
We are practising our listening skills and then re-telling the news story in our own words using the 5W’s, Who, What, Where, When and Why.
Here is today’s story about a man who fell 300 metres off a mountain in Scotland. Let’s see if we got all the W’s.
Class recount:

Adam Potter, a scottish man, survived a 300 meter fall off a mountain and he still wants to keep climbing.He  survived a 300 meter fall but only had a few cuts and  no broken bones.He fell off a mountain in Scotland near Ben Nevis.
in February. Adam Potter tumbled  and  slipped off  the mountain and still  survived.   It  didn’t turn him off climbing.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Funky Hat Day

Friday was our Funky Hat day. We had to decorate our hats and parade around the court to ,"her comes the sun."

A big thanks to Gail who organised this and help get across the message about being safe in the sun.

Congratulations to Jack, our Room 13 winner. Well done.

Enjoy the slideshow.

Room 13

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Haiku About Us

Inaise .

Inaise loves cats .
Inaise loves to play games .
Inaise is eight.

I love eating chocolate
My favourite is Picnic.
I  love chocolate  heaps.

I live in Grey lynn.
I like my tidy house too.
My house is white too.

We are learning statistics !

What a big word !

We know it means the collection, organisation and interpretation of data.

We ask some questions, get some answers, and use a graph to show our results !

Today we looked at flavours of ice cream since it has been so hot here !

Here's how it turned out !

Room 13 did a survey about our favourite ice cream flavourpastedGraphic_1.pdfs.
We started with about 20 flavours and then chose our top 6.
We then voted for our favourite. We used PAGES to graph our results.
The results were that 50% of the class liked orange chocolate chip.
The next favourite ice cream flavour was Mango with 31%.
After Mango came cookies and cream with 12% of us liking it.
There was a tie between chocolate chip and feijoa with 4% of the class liking each one.
Jelly Tip was last with zero votes.

We hope you learned a little bit more about statistics!  There's that big word again ! 
We also hope this didn't make you go out and eat heaps of ice cream!

WHy not leave us a comment about your favourite flavour.

Bye !

Haiku about Us


I like reading books.
I love my two sisters heaps.
I love drawing birds.


I like animals a lot
I love budgies - they are cool
I like my cats too.


I like ice skating
my favourite move is the spin
I love my teacher.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Meet the bloggers !

Our blog has hit 400 posts and it has taken three years and three classes of Year 4s to do it so well done all my former and current Year 4s. We have contributed to the world in some way over the last three years.

Here is the 401st post...a sideshow of my new class.

Have a great day !


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Monday, February 7, 2011

Haiku about Us

I love my cats fur
My cat loves to sleep on me.
I love my cats meow.

I love mum and dad
I like going to my friend's house
I love sport so much.

Haiku about Us

I love cats and dogs.
I like animals I love turtles and parrots.
I love soft  rabbits.

I like animals
Baby bears are really cute
I have got a dog.

I like drawing
I like pie. I like playing.
I like computers.

Haiku about Us

I like animals
I like myself so much too.
I love Grey Lynn school

Fearfall is creepy
Motion master is cool as
I love Rainbows End

I like computers
I like reading on my bed
I like running far.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Welcome back !

Today was our first day as Year 4's. We started school today in a hot, humid classroom. It was hot ! Andrea had two fans going. We think we need to remember our cold water bottles tomorrow.

We did a lot of talking and discussing rules and relationships. We are learning about relationships all year. Andrea had us choose 4 symbols that represent us - things we have a connection with. We made them into flags. We will post pictures of our flags tomorrow.

Enjoy the picture of us out against our target wall.

Please check back weekly or even daily to read our entries and become a follower and a blog buddy.

Happy New School Year !

Room 13
1st day as Year 4's!

Can you spot the differences?

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