Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Zaviour 's Post on Wednesday, 29 June 2016

This is Zaviour reading this book like a champion

Awesome Colours in a Jar

On the weekend me and  my brother and mum thought of designing our own Matariki in  a jar. First my mum bought same jars and then my mum bought same green and silver cardboard and then we started to poke holes in the cardboard. After, we put the cardboard in the jar and then we put blue, red and white lights inside and closed the lid. Then we put the jar in a dark room and it turned purple. It was so so amazing! By Reuben

Changing Classrooms

At the end of Term 3 we are going to move classrooms.  We are going to  have it on the field. We are also going to have smaller classrooms than they were before. We are also going to have a big slide in the forest but it's annoying that it's not a water slide. I wish it would be a waterslide, but the only thing about  the water slide is that you needed  to bring swimming togs. The move is going to be exciting! by Ben 

My Favourite place at School

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My name is Zoe and this is my favourite place in the school This garden is my favourite place because it is beautiful, it has shelter and it's the perfect place to make huts. My favourite game that I have played in that garden is spies. I would make the little hut on the right my room and the place on the left my potion place. I am really going to miss it but I know that I will still remember it forever. By Zoe

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My favourite plant!

Room 10 is working on creating memory posts about places that are special to us at Grey Lynn. Our lower building will be demolished soon to make room for the new building...but we want to document before it's forgotten! We are sustaining our memories!

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This bush will get knocked down this year and I want it to be remembered for a long time so please remember this bush because it's pretty and it's been here since I started school. thank you. Gus and Torin

Minecraft base!!!

                         Minecraft BASE!!!

At home I'm working on a minecraft base. It is 200 blocks wide and 30 blocks tall. It is a star wars base in minecraft. I  have a star wars skin pack there are many other skins than Darth Vader. My brother helped me make the base. Soon it will be a minecraft map and I'm so excited that I can't wait! . If it doesn't turn into a map, I'll still be happy. I've only done a quarter of the base which is the front. I will carry on today after school and keep on building until it's done! the end 
By Jozier

Minecraft base drawn on Kid pix


                            ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

Once upon a time, a long, long, long time time ago in the past, zombies had enslaved humanity! Humans had either been slaughtered, enslaved or infected. They were entirely at the zombies mercy! All but one man... named Marcus! Marcus was the only who hadn't lost his mind to the high Ruler, the King Zombie! Marcus vowed to himself that he would free everyone from their misery. Marcus obviously didn't live in the infected village, he was, of course, an outcast. And he was also quite determined to save his kingdom. When he was ready, he snuck into the infected village and stole a freshly forged sword from the Blacksmith's workshop. The next day he attacked the village, freed the villagers and was crowned king of the village.                                          THE END!

By Pace


The chase from Darth Vader Chapter 2 By Zoe

... ''There it is. Hut number 1''. shouted Princess Lila. ''Everyone get in''. ''How are we going to that if Darth Vader is just at our feet?'' asked Charlie '' Go around the tree and I'll think up a plan.'' Princess Lila said ''Got it. You could use the force, make him go the other way''. ''Your a genius Princess Lila'' Rose screamed at the top of her lungs. ''Shhhhhh Rose''  everyone said .'' ''Darth Vader will hear us''. 

So Kate, Rose and Charlie used the force to make Darth Vader go in the opposite direction. '' OK now let's go into the tree''. Princess Lila said desperately.[ she had really wanted to say that]. After Princess Lila had said that they all went into the tree. '' Sooo... what are we going to do here?'' asked Princess Lila who was a very unpatiant princess. '' Were going to fly out of here and go straight to planet Kiation'' Kate replied, feeling very proud of herself for thinking up that idea.''So buckle up were going on a trip.''

Monday, June 27, 2016

Can you see what I see on a scary night

Today during the daily five I am reading a book called,  "Can you see what I see on a scary night?" I like this book is because I can look for things and see where different things are.This book has lots of things you can find.It has lots of castles you can see.By Torin.

My nana's birthday

A few weeks ago it was my nana's birthday.She turned seventy. She invited over one hundred people.I was so excited. Heaps of my relatives were there. When the party started the first thing we did was eat. I didn't eat anything because I didn't like any of the options.Then it was time for the items.All the items were boring so let's skip that bit. It was finally time for dessert!I would have eaten heaps of dessert but guess what? My mum said to give some cake to the guests first so there was no cake for Noah 

Family Movie Night -The Pacifier

Yesterday  my family had a movie night.It was a man who was in war  because someone's dad got kidnapped so his team helped him. He stole some water skis. He blew up three water skis then he did a big trick and landed on the boat, and untied the kidnapped adult and took him in a helicopter and safely took him to the ground.

Then the army guy told an helicopter pilot to get them out of there but the driver of the  helicopter  got shot .Then the army guy got shot. 15 minutes later when everyone was back home there was two really nice Japanese next door neighbours and the army guy was actually a visitor.  And the kids didn't like him.

Then that night there was two ninja's but the army guy saw the two ninjas and he fought them and easily took them down because one of the kids got a broom and a mop. Then he went in the garage but the goose got his leg stuck in a metal ground then he lifted and went in and found the two ninjas in there. They were actually their next Ben

My sleepover

Yesterday I went for a sleepover at Jed's house. When I got there, Jed and his brother Will were watching Ninjago. When me and Jed got bored we went on Minecraft. I built my own village and then I spawned people. Then we went upstairs and played on the guitar. Jed taught me part of seven Nation army. After that we went up to Jed's bedroom and played with his lego and he had built Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle and one of the x wings from STAR WARS. Then we went outside and went on the scooters. Then the pizza man got there. We ate the pizza and the babysitter got there.
then went to bed and had ten minutes on the i pad. I had a great time. 
By Tuscan

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Beanie boos by Charlie

Beanie boos  area type of soft toy.They have big eyes with a round black dot with a collar that is sparkley .You can get them in different sizes: little ones that hang on your bag, then small ones that are the usual size. Ater that it goes on to medium and next are the really big ones.If you put the usual size Beanie boo on the big Beanie boo, the usual size Beanie boo looks like the Beanie boo that hangs on your bag. Beanie boos come in all different animals including unicorns and other made up thing. Beanie boos have such soft fluff and they all look really adorable.The animals come in all different colours, like there's a elephant called Ellie She's pink with little blue spots and I think she's adorable.Beanie boos are very popular and I have eight of them and my brother's got five boy Beanie boos. The Beanie boos come with a tag and the tag says its birthday and name so it gives you a lot of information. It also says a little poem like my monkey's poem: it says,I swing in the trees as much as I please. Beanie boos are great toys to collect. You should get them too.By Charlie

The chase from Darth Vader by Zoe

Long,long ago in a galaxy far,far away Darth Vader was up to no good.

On the land of Leamana three children were playing in the beautiful beach of Bozzar. Unfortunately that was right under death star.

''We need more power''shouted Darth Vader to one of the storm trooper captain.''But where are we going to find more power and what power do you want?''asked the storm trooper captain. ''I WANT THE FORCE'' shouted Darth Vader really, really loudly.''But where are we going to find that?'' the captain asked again. Darth Vader had a think and then spoke. ''There are three children down on plant Leamana. They will have to do.We'll turn them into Stormtroopers.''

 So Darth Vader headed out to find the  three children.

''Do you hear that'' asked Rose to Kate and Charlie. ''Hear what'' asked Charlie ''Hear that'' said Kate as she pointed her finger into the air.''Is that the death Star? '' asked Rose in shock, as well as shivering.'' I think that is!'' replied Kate shivering as much as Rose.''What do you think they want from us?'' asked Charlie ''And why us?'' ''Well probably because we are the only ones on this island'' replied Rose with a dark voice.

''Get them!'' Darth Vader ordered ''Exterminate, exterminate'' went his robots ''We better run,'' shouted Rose 

''Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah'' shouted all the girls loudly ''Where should we go?''asked Charlie '' We'll go to hut number 1'' said Kate '' And we'll pick up princess Lila on the way" 

So they set off to find hut number 1...

Stay tuned for Chapter 2.

Amazing Maori Performance

       Amazing Maori Performance!!

Today the whole School saw a Maori performance and it was BRILLIANT!!! First the actors told the story of the Earth (Papa or Papatuanuku) and the Sky (Rangi) being pushed apart by their children, the Maori Gods, Tangaroa, Tumatauenga, Tawhirimatea, 
Tane-Mahuta, Rongo, Ruaumoko and Haumia-tiketike. The second part was about the maori people sailing from Hawiki-nui to Aotearoa. The third part was about the Maori People learning how to Hunt and cook food on their own for themselvs. The last part was about the celebrations had and the games that they played while the celebration was on. The hand games they played included Te-Rakau and Paper-Scissors-Rock. My favorite culture is Maori so I really enjoyed this and if you ever see a Maori perfomance I hope you enjoy it too!

By Pace

Te Ropu Haka Tapere

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A matariki performance

Today we saw dance about Matariki. I liked it but in the 3rd performance I got a bit scared because I was in the front row and they were very loud. I and a few other people got to play paper- scissors -rock with the performers and I won! The performances were about growing crops, gods, celebration and navigation.After we got to shake hands with the Gus

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