Friday, October 30, 2015

My Rainbow Magic Storybook Colection

In  the  last school holidays I flew down to Wellington and when I got there my grandma said that I get a book and I said yes please!

By Stella

My Perfume

Yesterday  I   made perfume with  lavendar and rosemary.  Then  my  dad  brought  me a  spray bottle and I  put  the  perfume  in  the  bottle  and sprayed  the  perfume on  Jaya.  I  called  the  perfume  Bali because  it  smells  of  Bali. I sprayed it on Andrea and she thinks it smells fresh and beautiful.  By Ila

Friday, October 23, 2015

Lucille's Birthday

When it is my birthday I'm going to have a sleepover with Katy and we are going to play hide and seek with the presents. Mum and dad are going to say that when we are 
           close... mum says hot and when we're not 
          close dad says cold. I can't wait ! By Lucille

The 65- Storey Tree house

Easy Blog Photo
Do you know what the trunkinator is? Well it's an elephant with a boxing glove on . My favourite part was when a Terry clone was sinking in quick sand. It's cool because 3 sharks were standing row to row and ate a fish . I think everyone should read this book because it's funny and has good writing. By Jed

Jaya's books

On the weekend I  went to Sydney and I made 8 books.One is how to design your hair down and another one is how to design your hat. My other favourites are how to design your skeleton,  how to  design your scarecrow and how to design your swords. I like my books because I am proud of them. It is not writing, it is just  pictures to give you ideas. The sketches in my books are done in pen. By Jaya

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Eloise's violin

A few weeks  ago I started  learning how to play the violin.  Every Saturday me and my dad drive down to the violin school. Violin is fun but very hard. Every day before I get to watch TV,  I practice my violin but sometimes I forget.  I love practicing my violin. My  teachers  name is Emma. Emma is very nice and she says that in term 3 or term 4 I will get to start learning how to make music with my violin. My dad says that I have to  be very careful with my violin because it costed $100. I love my violin to bits. by Eloise.

My violin

Me holding my violin.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My awesome bunk-beds

About a week ago I got bunk-beds. I am at the top of one, Anthony is at the top of the other one, Rainer is on the bottom of Anthony's one. The bottom of my one is a spare bed.
by Stanley

Ski Holiday

On Wednesday night I went to Mount Ruhapehu. It took us five and a half hours to get there. The ski field is called Turoa and the other ski field is called Whakapapa. I got ski lessons and I moved up one ski level.On the last ski day I did a massive jump and I crashed straight after the jump.On the last day we watched the All blacks on TV and had a good bush Toby

Andrea helped me make it into a movie and we did some special effects. 

Toby Ski Jump from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.

Typing Machine!

 By Francis

Polonium Pony

 By Ruby

Save the Kiwi

Today  we  had  to  get $2 or $1 to  save the Kiwi  so they can still stay  alive. The kiwi is endangered so we are trying to save the ones who are already here.

By Stella

Monday, October 19, 2015

Research on Planes

Easy Blog Photo
Hi these are my planes that I have worked on to present today finished,with my work on the back of the planes with the information on that plane. I have been working on this research for about two months . It was tiring to do it all in two months but I have managed to get it finished to present to my friends today. I did this in independent writing time because I liked the style of research and it can take my writing to the next level. By Jojo

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