Friday, September 27, 2013

How do you get to school ?

Well we did a few videos of how we get to school. Me and Ruby were in the first one which was walking in the rain dancing. Then it was me and Zylah. We did walking into the lower qaud. We said it was about to rain and it actually was about to start raining. So Zylah said to run and that looked good in the video. The main challenge in making the videos was the one where me and Ruby danced in the rain because it was hard to get the sound in the videos. My favourite part was when me(Ruth) 
Ruby and Zylah watched the funny videos. 
How do you get to school?
By Ruth, Ruby and Zylah.

Getting to School from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.


What Would We Change about Grey Lynn School and using technology.

We did a movie about a sunflower. We had fun doing an iMovie of a sunflower. It is number 3 of the blogger challenge. By Alexandra and Izzy

Talking Sunflowers from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Computer Com Apple Guy

Blogger Challenge Week 3: Combined Challenge - Technology at our school and what it likes and doesn't like about school. 

Today we drew a robot and made it say what it likes about school. Benjamin drew it and Ethan coloured it in. Then when we finished our robot we started to do our speaking. Benjamin only said one line and Ethan said the rest. Then we were finished. 

By Benjamin and Ethan

2013 Art Expo

Last week, Grey Lynn School had a huge Art Expo. The Pohutukawa Team did art about nature and birds.

We made a movie about the art and all the learning we did.

We hope you enjoy the art.

Turn up your speakers so you can hear the bird soundscape made on Garageband. It uses bird sounds from the Department of Conservation. You can click on this link to listen to other bird sounds too.

Art Expo from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.

History of Grey Lynn

Town-Grey Lynn

1. Grey lynn is 103 years old.
2. Grey lynn was build in 1901.
3. The person who named Grey Lynn was Sir Gorge Lynn.
4. Grey lynn was called Grey Lynn because his first name is like Grey and his surname is Lynn
5. There is lots of places to explore in Grey Lynn.

by Lucian and Rosie

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week 3 Blogger Challenge

Room 16 are all hard at work creating different ways to fulfil this weeks challenges. Our goal is to create a blogpost that is fun and interesting to watch. 

Check back Friday to see how we went!

For now, enjoy our slideshow about 1 day(well, really just an hour) in the life of us - the Grey Lynn Scribblers.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

My B.F.F

My best friend is Ellie.She is very hilarious and gives me hugs quite a lot it makes me laugh every time. Me and Ellie are having a slumber party on the 13th of September we are looking forward to that a lot. We even made a list of things we are going to do! Ellie and I are very silly together.We have only known each other for a year but we know quite a lot of things about both of us like, I know that Ellie's birthday is on the 23d of December and her favourite colour is purple and her most favourite dog in the whole world is her chihuahua Milo. By Kassidy

A good day.

Today my Mum and Dad came to my class for 125 days of learning. I showed them my learning and they loved it.I showed them my books. In my books there is a the three school values as in Respect, Responsibility, resilience. If you were not there you can ask me about it. At the end of 125 days of learning my class did some art. We did birds and made them black. And back to the 125 days of learning. my Mum and Dad had to go back to work. It was a good day for me.  There were lots of Mums and Dads in my class. I think the birds liked it too.  When my Mum was gone I helped Hollie with her work she did need some help. Alexandra

Friday, September 20, 2013

Noah's Song about New Zealand

Blogger Challenge

This week Noah took on the challenge to write a song about New Zealand. He wrote it himself and recorded it in Garageband and used a forest evening soundtrack as background sounds.

Click on the link to enjoy his original song.

   Listen to this episode



Kassidy's New Zealand Song

Blogger Challenge:

I wrote a song about why people should come to New Zealand. We are learning all about native birds so my song is about birds

Click on the link to listen to my song. 
              Listen to this episode

By Kassidy

5 places that you should visit in Auckland - Blogger Challenge 3

I think you should visit Auckland. Five exciting places to see are:  The Sky Tower because of the beautiful views. You should visit Sky City because there's a very flash hotel there. You should go to rainbows end because there are rides that end in water.St Luke's because there are shops that sell lots of things that are very handy to use.I think you should visit Grey Lynn because  everybody who lives there are nice.Come on go to Auckland. By Rio

How Auckland became a Big City

In Auckland there is a place called Surrey Cresent and it used to be a farm. In Auckland  there is a bridge called the Harbour Bridge it crosses with the harbour.  They also built a tower could the Sky Tower.  Then suburbs were built. Grey Lynn is a suburb where our school is.

By Ethan

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Grey lynn and Auckland

Five places In my local area that I recommend you go to are Auckland zoo because it has loads of animals and sometimes you can come early to feed a giraffe and they are not scary.  Also Grey Lynn park which includes a toddler pool. I think it is cool because if you are older you can just dangle your feet in the pool but it is still fun. And Grey Lynn school (if you need a school to go to!.) It is a really fun school with friendly teachers. The last place that like is the viaduct in the city because it always has sparkling water in the sun. 
By  Zylah


Ipads are technology that are able to do stuff that know aver thing can do. You can play games,search for things on Safari! And most of all they are expensive because they are made with lots of things that are very valuable ! Ipads are fun,they are some times very annoying when you are stuck?  That's when we have to go onto another activity and wait until we can get help. This is when we show resilience using technology.

By Rio

Kiwi Music -Our National Anthem

Blogger Challenge #6 - Music that represents your country.

The song that typifies our country is the National Anthem because it makes us proud,happy and calm. The line that does this is "make her praises heard afar god defend New Zealand." 
By Aiko and Sam

CLick on the link below to listen to our National Anthem.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Gear

We are really lucky to have supportive parents who fundraised enough money to buy new technology to support our learning. We now have mac book airs and ipads!

There will be a lot of buddy work being done so that we all get a chance to learn using the technology.

Room 16

New ipads and laptops on PhotoPeach

Photo Peach

WALT use different programmes to share our learning in fun and interactive ways.

Frank by Dick King Smith on PhotoPeach

Blogger Challenge - Introducing our Class

We all talked about it as a class and decided we wanted to introduce ourselves having fun as we enjoy having fun and learning in Room 16. Here we are doing one of our favourite things - dancing.

We love this song as it has words about space - our topic last term. We enjoy the interactive part of the dance and doing it with our partners.

We hope you enjoy it too. Do any other classes have a favourite dance? If so, put it in the comments section and we will check it out!

Enjoy the dance,
Room 16

We Love to Dance from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.

Room 16s Jack and the Beanstalk

Room 16 made their own version of Jack and the beanstalk and each student got our own page to do. Aiko made the cover of it. I think it was the first book I helped to make. Have you got a favourite book that you helped to make? Well this is mine so far but at the moment I'm writing a book but it isn't quite finished yet. Is your favourite fairy tale Jack the beanstalk.

This is my page and this is the cover that Aiko made!
By Zylah


Room 16 has been doing art for the past few weeks. The art that we are doing involves scratching.It has been a lot of fun and work but we finally finished and all of our art looks fabulous. We are going to do some more art called dot art and it will be very fun. Make sure you come and see them at the Art Exhibition.
By Aiko

Americas Cup 2013

In San Fransisco there is something like never before- the  America's Cup.  Well it was cool a couple of years ago but it's now even cooler. They now use the new yachts. They have got two sides and one trampoline in the middle. The skipper of Emirates Team New Zealand is Dean Barker. Imagine if you were on one of the new boats and travelling faster than a car? Imagine if you hit the other boat and it started to sink!  That would be creepy. What if you were coming around a gate and crash, you went flying under and popped out suddenly. Well, after New Zealand beat Luna Rosa they are now versing Oracle in the final. New Zealand are winning four to minus one. Today's race has been cancelled because the weather is rainy.
By Jonty

Hollie and Izzy

Hollie is my best friend. She likes playing with me. Her best thing to do at school is drawing. Hollie's best food is a muesli bar.
Izzy is my friend to. She likes playing with Grace. Her best thing to do at school is art. Izzy best food is are sausages. Thank you for reading my story.
Do you have a favourite food or friend?

Going to Fiji

First we were at the airport. we saw my friends Benji and Noah. Then we went on the plane. After that we saw people dancing. Next we wated for the bus then it took us to the ferry. We went on the ferry
Then we got to maola lailai . Our resort was plantation island. First we went coconut hunting second we went snorkelling. The next day I woke up really early with carter. Then Noah woke up .Then I walked with my dad across lomani resort .My dad looked at the surf then we walked back I got a stubbed toe it really hurt.  Then I  climbed a tree.I  nearly fell of I fell down and my dad caught me .Then we went snorkelling with my dad and Carter. We saw a piper and a bluefin treavally .Then we went on the cloud nine then I got banana smoothie. Then I went snorkelling close to cloud nine I saw cool fish .Then we saw people jumping off the high bit . After that my dad and Greg and Mark came .Then we went back we played rugby with a random guy.So we played he hurt carter. And Jimmy was the only one who tried. Then we went snorkelling at the sand bank. I couldn't get out because there was too much piper. One spiked me then we went to musket cove .The next day we saw a giant treavally. It was awesome .Then we went on the ferry we saw people play subway surfers then we went on the airplane .I watched The Hobbit. Then I fell asleep so I didn't get dinner. Then we got to Auckland. Then we went home. I want to go there again.

By Lucian

Sienna the Saturday Fairy.

Under a tree two girls help a little fairy get her flag back. Kirsty gets to look after the flag but...

 It  didn't get it back to were it was going to go. Sienna has a pink skirt and a red top. I wish I could be her friend and I was her like her.

I think you should read this book if you enjoy fairy stories.


My friends

My friends are Ruth and Aiko. Ruth is crazy she always makes me laugh. Whenever we're together I laugh my heart out! Aiko is very kind and acts like an angel. She cares very much about me. I know my friends will always be there for me. By Jolie


On Saturday we go to Western Springs soccer club in Auckland. We play on astro turf because if we play on the grass to many games get cancelled! But at the start of the season we had to take some days off because they were trying to finish but it took to long so the started. In my team there is Me, Stanly, Oli, Grace, Poppy, Sophie, Sam Lockya, Rankin, Luke,. The coach is Marty Sam's dad and the manager is Skip my dad. We play quarter an hour rotation around and then play two ten minute games.  We are going to have a party At Speights ale house on prize giving day! But the only bad thing about soccer is that all the rubber turf goes into your boot. Also a good thing about the turf the boots don't get muddy and thats great I like soccer on the new turf . the only downside is the rubber parts! By Jonty

My friends

My friends are called Jolie and Aiko. Jolie is extremely funny and whenever we look at each other
we laugh! Aiko is a very serious but very funny at the same time.We're all best friends and we're all
extremely funny. By Ruth

A fabulous trip to America

Are you going  to America for 22  days?  Well I  am. And Disney land is the first place I'm  going.
My mum says that the haunted  house, Pirates of theCaribbean and It's a Small World is the best. So do I. Well, I'm off!  I will update my blog when I am back.

By Cherry

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My trip to Hawaii

Hi I was in Hawai'i. I saw really big fish. Sometimes I jumped to the rocks. And once I went to
Wet and wild there were vere big slides. It was very fun.

By Elliot

Our birds

Our birds are called Pop and Dawn.Pop has green,yellow and black he has a bluish top beak.Dawn on
the other side is completely white has a brown top beak.They sometimes have big fights.My favourite bird is Pop.Because he's not just one colour and not so angry.They usually have fights about their seeds. They're really funny.I wish I could have a budgie but I'm getting a rat.By Ruth.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My friend

This is my friend Izzy she is on an iPad. I love to play with Izzy and other friends. Izzy is my best friend. We play together a lot but we don't play together everyday because sometimes we want to play with someone different to play a new game and other stuff.  By Ellie.

The Wally books

Hi it's Elizabeth. Can you can find Wally ? You can find him  In a wally book.  It can be hard but you can do it. You can find a dogs tail, scrolls and you can find the long beard you can find Wally friends. I like these books a lot.
By Elizabeth 

Shannon the ocean fairy

Hi everyone I am going to tell you  about my favourite book. The  book is called Shannon the ocean fairy. It is about  a fairy that got her enchanted pearls back with help from two friends Rachel and Kirsty. They went on dolphins around ocean. Shannon is very pretty fairy. She has lovely gold hair and a lovely pink skirt and a lovely green top. I wish I  was like her and she was my friend. Thank you for reading my story bye. By Hollie

All about warm fuzzies

Warm fuzzies are for our manners so we stay focused  and so we are all quiet. They're are different warm fuzzies like big fuzzies or medium fuzzies or small fuzzies or rainbow fuzzies.It works like this: room 16 gets a booster statement, we get a rainbow fuzzie.  If we are all quiet we get a small fuzzie. If we're all focussed,  room16 gets a medium fuzzie. If we use our manners we get a big fuzzie. The fuzzies have helped us to be more focussed I class. 
By Zania


Sumdog is a maths game where you can get money to buy cool clothes for your avatar. You can play against other people.Lots of people around the world play Sumdog every day! Sumdog is a great learning game to play and it's more fun than games like minecraft.I love playing SumDog. It's like a game made by famous inventors!
By Rio

Flippa ball

On Sunday I played flippa ball.
This week I got Player of the day.I got it for scoring a fabulous goal.They beat Us 2-1.I played attack 
both half's.I played in the number 3 in blue caps. our team is me, Ty,Charlie,Barnaby,Elizabeth,Hollie,Emma,holiday,Sam. We usually get thrashed because we play Year 4's. But I still feel great after a game because I have friends with me.
By Ethan


This is my awesome  teacher Andrea. She is very funny and does fun thing with us. And she  loves her coffee in the morning. she is my favourite teacher.she loves Canada and loves when we're quiet. She has 3 children and 2 go to this school too.

By Ruby

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Play-ground

My famous place in Grey Lynn is the play-ground because you get to climb anywhere you want.You get to play almost anywhere you want.The play-ground is a really good place to play. I think you,one day,will want to play on the play-ground.
By Walter

Our Budgies

Room 16 has budgies called Dawn and Pop.My job is to look after them,the first time I put my hand in their cage I was a bit scared that they were going to bite me.But when I put my hand in for the first time they flew to the other side of the cage.I was really relieved that they were scaredy budgies because all the other budgies I know bite you the minute my hand touches the cage.Now I'm not scared at all because I've been doing it for a few weeks but we are going to change the jobs soon so I better not get that used to it!
By Kassidy

Our budgies

Our budgies are really cute because they are always cleaning each other and taking out their feathers. Pop is the green bird and Dawn is the white one. Dawn really likes food and Pop is always helping Dawn with her feathers. At the moment Dawn is the one that has lots of feathers coming out. I like having budgies in room 16. By Zylah.

The Class Budgies

In room 16 we have two budgies called Pop and Dawn. Their favourite food is silverbeet. Sometimes when they eat silverbeet they have green poo! Sometimes the budgies chirp when we are working.They go home on Friday with my teacher Andrea. They are Andrea's son Theo's. Theo has the responsibility to look after them and clean up the cage after the week. Pop is green, yellow and blue and Dawn is all white. When Dawn is eating out of the bowl she has to go in it. If there is something like silver beet in the cage Pop starts flying around and Dawn starts making horrible sounds and it starts a fight! But they are usually calm. Andrea sometimes has to move so that they are not just going for one area in the cage.  The buggies can sometimes be really funny but Andrea said we can't laugh really hard because the other classes are working. It is usually hard to not laugh because sometimes they do something really funny and you just can't help it. Well if you have budgies you'll know what I'm talking about. So I hope you like jokes. So I think if you like jokes  I think budgies are the thing for you,it's just the cleaning. By Jonty

My Favourite Garden at Grey Lynn School

My favourite garden
My favourite garden is nice and green it also has a big spot were you can sit.
When you sit there you can hear little birds there so pretty because they have lots of
colours.The flowers there are a flouro orange! There's only one tree there but that's ok.
By Ruth

My Favourite Place

My favourite place is the Memory garden in Grey Lynn school,Grey Lynn.
Why,because it is a very relaxing place to be with all the Birds singing.
Another reason is because it is very historical and I like painting pictures about it in my head and I like thinking about it.
By Noah

My Favourite Playground

The playground is my favourite place in the school because whenever me and my friends play on it we make up new games and it's loud,which I like, but not our teacher Andrea.  The cool thing about the playground is that whenever me and my friends are playing on it we never fight.
By Sam.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Lorax by Dr Seuss

We read The Lorax. We wrote about it and also drew how we can be a Lorax at school.

I responded to the text by drawing a picture of my favourite scene using Kid Pix.

The street of the lifted Lorax

WALT answer questions by repeating part of the question in the answer so the reader knows what we are saying.

Q - What will the boy do with the truffula?
A - The boy will turn the truffula into a sneed.
Q - The Once-let thinks it is okay to chop down trees. Why?
A - The Once-ler thinks it is okay to chop down trees because he wants money.
Q - When did the Street of the Lifted Lorax change?
A - The street of the lifted Lorax changed when the last tree was chopped down.


This is how we can be like the Lorax at Grey Lynn School. 

The Lorax

Walt answer questions using complete sentences.

We had a series of questions to answer about the book.

Q - Who does the Lorax speak for?
A - The Lorax speaks for the trees.

Q - What if the Once-ler never came?
A - If the Once-Ler had never came there would've lots of trees.

Q - Where does the Lorax live?
A - The Lorax lives in trees.
By Walter

This is how I will be a Lorax at Grey Lynn School.

Monday, September 2, 2013

My Rocket

This is my rocket the rocket can open up and it has
a big fuel tank on the back of the rocket and the
rocket is made out of metal and plastic and it came with two astronauts and an astronaut has a gun in it's hand and the rocket has a stand so it can 
stand up. by Red

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