Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Keeping Ourselves Safe

The last two weeks of the term have been busy, We have been doing Keeping Ourselves Safe - a programme teaching us about how to be safe physically and emotionally. We talk about things like good and bad touching and being responsible for ourselves and others now that we are older. In order to feel really responsible Room 8 became parents to lovely, not so bouncy, baby biscuits.

Some students had just one biscuit while others were surprised with twins and even triplets.
The students must look after their bikkie baby for a week and and make sure their bikkie stays safe. There have already been a few accidents with some broken limbs, bodies, and a few close calls with a cat and a dog.

Read through the students accounts about their life with their bikkie.

Pictures to follow as family portraits are being taken!

Ka Kite, Mrs Fale

Ricko's day - Kiamana's Baby Bikkie

Last night when we went to sleep Ricko wet his bed. Because he was so naughty I made him go to bed at 5:00 then I went to bed at 8:30. Ricko was crying so I gave him something to eat. Then he went back to sleep. When Ricko was awake he got ready and we went to school. I had a good time with Ricko. I can't wait until tonight to play with Ricko.


Cristiano and His Day - Raiden's Baby Bikkie

Last night at 12:00am Cristiano came into my room and caused havoc. He nearly got squashed 18 times!. He is still sleeping and has had a 7 hour go at Playstaiion. Cristiano is USELESS!. He slept 1 hour and got put to bed at 4:00. He slept from 11:00 to 12:00. Cristiano likes to eat eye pie and toad soda. He is DISGUSTING! For breakfast - slop, for lunch - bangers and mash and for dinner eye pie and slopcorn for a snack. He guzzles down toad soda and cup'o'gruel. He might prefer bug juice and green. Cristiano is a very naughty biscuit. by Raiden

Thursday, June 11, 2009

10 Things you would never see in Antarctica.

We have been using the Thinker's Keys to learn how to think creatively about topics at school. This term we have focused on the challenges an Antarctic Hero would face.
This week we looked at the The Reverse Key. This key challenges us to reverse our regular way of thinking.

Our challenge was to list 10 things you would never see in Antarctica.

Everyone had to write 10 and then choose their favourite to add to the blog.

A polar bear drinking a cup of Milo with Marshmallows. - Mrs Fale
Some one's mum with three eyes. Kiamana.
A car. Tavita.
T-rex. by FLOYD.
A chair.by Chantal
A baby crawling in a nappy .By Alex
Theme park. by Ariana
An old lady in a bikini making angels. by Mahele
A slimy slug. by JULIUS
The Incredibles. By Malachi
You wouldn't see someone in the coldest wether wearing no clothes in antarctica.
by Alyssa
You wouldn't see a crab .BY MAYA
You never would see a flying t-rex with no skin in Antarctica!! By Tom.
A plateau. by Frederica
I think you would never see a T-rex. Cole
I think you would never see a car!by Alice.
The real Incredibles family.Sam
I think you would never see a cat carrying Matthew Adye. Raiden
A monkey in a pink bikini floating on the ice. Charlotte
16 pairs of undies lined up in a row. Emma
A T-Rex family in a forest .Matthew

What do you think?

Room 8

Visit of David Hill

Yesterday David Hill came to Grey Lynn school to share his stories with us. First he told us a story that happened to him when he was eighteen. It was about him (of course) when he went to a dormatory school. He slept in a room with four other boys. One night he went to sleep with his hands behind his head. In the night he suddenly woke up there was a human hand lying on his pillow. He jumped up in fright and his friends woke up and he told them " There was a human hand on my pillow" and his friend said decribe the hand. "it was blue like my p.j's colour". It was probably your hand said his friends. He wrote a book about it.

We learned that you can get stories from anywhere and everywhere.

Matthew&Raiden the fantastic writers.

Published by Matthew and Raiden.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cross Country

Well Cross Country is over and we all did our best to achieve our goals. Some of us even placed in the top 10. Wherever we came, our goals kept us going and we are very proud of ourselves for keeping the positive, sporting attitude.

We then got to draw ourselves at that beautiful finish line. We hope you like our Cross Country self portraits done using Kid Pix.

From Room 8.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

BBBBBRRRR! Winter in New Zealand!.

BRRRRRRRR! It is definitly winter now. Everyone is wearing jumpers and lots of winter clothes. Frost is on grass, on cars and is good for playing in. Matthew and Raiden ( the writers) are wearing shorts!. We writers don't get cold!. Did you now, this morning it got down to 0 degrees! In New Zealand! We haven't got down to 0 degrees in Centuries! (just jokes). New Zealand is cold in winter. BBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRR!

By Raiden and Matthew.

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