Monday, December 13, 2010

My birthday party.

On the 12th of December my mum planed a really cool party for me it was Greek & Roman gods party .It had grape vines everywhere and delicious food. We had lamb , door mice which was really just chicken ,grapes,salads and my favorite dolmas ,and such cool games and prizes too. We played who could throw the rock the longest distance and draw the snakes on Medusa. I had the coolest cake ever. It was a nice as chocolate log with cream and strawberry's in it and it was the shape of IX witch is 9 in roman letters . And I am so grateful for my mum and dad because they go to so much hard work making party for us and I love them so much. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Writing:End of year Review

1. My highlight in writing is speeches because it's fun and at the same time your learning how to make your speech interesting.

2.My favourite genres were narratives and procedure's . I like narratives because they're fun and easy to do and I like procedure's because it tells you how to do something or how to go some where.

3.My least favourite writing this year was recounts because I just don't like them that much.

4. P - PLUS - -it is fun and you learn well doing it.
   M  -MINUS - -that sometimes you get bored and don't finish
   I - INTERESTING -learning about narratives

5.I want to learn more about poem's next year.

By Willow

Writing:End of year review

1. My highlight in writing for this year was narratives because you got to choose what to write about and then you plan it in to 3 parts (orientation, series of events and conclusion)then you write and it's not to hard and not too easy.

2.My favourite genres were narratives and procedures . I liked narratives because they are easy and fun to do and I liked procedure because its all about instructions and I like that stuff.

3.My least favourite writing this year was definitely recounts. I just hated them because the were harder than I thought and when I wrote them it felt like it was took me 5 hours to write every time.

4.     P -Plus -most of the time it wasn't too hard and not too easy(its good to have a little challenge) and it was  fun (kind of)          
       M-Minus - the recounts felt long and hard (kind of)    
       I-Interesting - writing letters because I didn't know that people can write memories in cards (If they are writing a sorry card to someone with a family member dead)

5.I want to learn more about poems because I don't know, I just do.

By Matt

Monday, December 6, 2010

going to the zoo.

On Sunday me my brother Oscar my brothers best friend Tim my Mum and my Dad went to the zoo for my Dads Christmas work party. First we all went to the place were gonna meet at and strait after I dragged my mum to some of the habitats the first one we went to was the wallabies .In their inclosher their was three Emus we went through that fast and went to the birds cage at the end of the birds cage there was a Cockatoo the Cockatoo could say hello! it was amazing! Next we went and meet dad at the spider monkeys at one point one of the monkeys put its but up in the air as three others cheeked for flies. After that we went back to get some food all I got was a drink and two muffins after that we had Santa come and give us some presents after we saw the rest of the animals and went home.

By Emily

Christmas parties

Last Sunday I went  to two Christmas parties .One  party was my old school class party and the other
party was my pars flying party . My old class party was at a gym and we had hot dogs. My pars 
flying party was at Ardmore flying school and Santa came out of a helicopter and gave us all presents.
It was a really fun day! 

By Ruby

Friday, December 3, 2010

my new house

Yesterday we were moving to our new house it was tiny.
The back yard was long about 32 meters me and my brother have our own rooms and our bathroom was filled of spiders and cob webs.
We haven't sourghtedevery thing out yet but my room is done and when you walk out of my room you go straight to the kitchen.
We hope we live in the house for years cause theres been allot of moving around house to house.

               By Te Ua

Our last garage sail.

Last Sunday we had a garage sail. when I woke up that morning I was exited but nervous about the garage sail. Before we where ready we had  somebody come and buy books. In the morning and night we were busy. Some of my Friends were there. by Hugo    

Room 13's picnic

On Tuesday room 13 had a picnic for the end of the year.
Hugo's mum orgonised this. There was debalios ,juggling balls, and clubs.
Everybody played on the play ground and people got sick on a spiny thing at the play ground.
On the skate board ramp we slid down and climbed up we did it again and again.
By Jaime.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Elf Yourself!

Andrea decided we all needed to get into the Christmas spirit by making us all Christmas elves doing funny dances. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays !

Andrea and Room 13

Painting Santa on the beach

Today room 13 painted Santa on the beach. We used water colours. I started doing the umbrella's, then Santa and then the background. At first I was scared I would make a mistake but I didn't. I saw everyone's and I thought they all looked great! The hardest thing was Santa. I am leaving it to dry and after we are going to mount it onto a nice bit of paper.They are going to look awesome!

By Amy

Original piece of art by: Debbie Miller, "Downtime"

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