Friday, July 27, 2012

My Favourite Book

My favorite book is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. My favourite part was when Harry   met Voldemort in the graveyard .My 2 favourite characters are Harry and Voldemort. If I were in the book I would be saying go Harry! 

By Jake

Totem Poles

Today we learned all about Totem Poles found in Canada. We looked at some examples of totem poles all around Canada and we loved the ones found in British Columbia, which is on the West Coast of Canada.

We noticed that totem poles almost always have animals and people on them.

We watched a video on how to draw one and then did our own, step by step. We had to really concentrate in order to know where to put what.

We will post some pictures of our totem poles tomorrow once they are finished.

Watch this space!

My Trip

I'm going on the 24th of June from NZ to Bangkok to Vietnam to Cambodia back to Koi Sumi  (Thailand)  then back home. I am looking forward to Vietnam. We are going to do a cooking class. Cambodia sounds exciting. I've been to Koi Sumi before and it's very nice . Amy's mum recommended a hotel last time we stayed in Koi Sumi. We are staying there again! Bye! Catch up soon.


Going to London.

On Sunday me, my brother, my mum and my grandma are going to London for three weeks to meet my Dad who has been away in Nigeria for two months.
We are staying on a friend of my mum and dad's boat in a river.
We have been saving up for such a long time and now all our hard work at the market has paid off and we get a lovely trip.

By Violet

Room 14s Trip to MOTAT

Hi its Ellah and Anouska  reporting on our trip to Motat. We were going there to investigate electricity.When Room 14 arrived at Motat we met our teacher for the day. At Motat we went into a big classroom . It had a big ball  and when you put your hands on it, your hair would stand on end. IT WAS SO AWESOME. We also made electrical circuits and made confetti stick on a pipe. After a while we went to explore Motat. I had never been to Motat before so it was really interesting for me. I had so much fun in the mirror maze. It was so scary and my heart was pumping. I thought i was going to pass out. What a great trip!

Ellah and Anouska

Our Marvelous MOTAT trip!

Hi it's Room 14 here. We all went on an amazing tour around Motat. First of all we went into the classroom to learn about Electricity. I learnt that if you rub a balloon on your head your hair will stick up like a lion's main.We learnt  about conductors and eliminator's: conductors let electricity go through but eliminators don't let electricity come through. Electricity has to flow though a complete circuit to make the lightbulb work. Static electricity is blue.

By Hannah and Livana

Whakanuia Te Wiki o te Reo Māori Celebrate Māori Language Week

For Maori Language Week we have been saying a karakia in the morning and an afternoon karkia before we go home. by Felix

The koru is a maori symbol. by Livana  
                                                                                                                                                                 My maori symbol is a Tiki because it's my culture. By Maia

My maori symbol is a tiki because I have liked it all my life. by Ina

What is your favorite New Zealand symbol and why?

Let us know.

Room 14 

Our Favourite Canadian symbols

My favourite Canadian symbol is the Maple leaf.
by Harry
My favourite Canadian symbol is the Inukshuk.
By Romy
My favourite Canadian symbol is the flag.
by Oliver            
My favourite Canadian symbol is the Inukshuk.
by Aiden

What is your favorite symbol of Canada, and why?

By Room 14

Canadian Food we want to day !

I  want to try timbits and I have always wanted to taste smores! Violet
I ...Mmmmm,  timbits sound so good!  Molly.
Yum yum!I  would love to have some S'mores. Anouska.
I want to try s'mores.  Ellah
I want to try yummy s'mores!  by Alice

What Canadian food would you like to try?

By Room14

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