Thursday, September 17, 2015

Our First International Post

Hello from Australia,

We landed in Sydney Monday night. We had to take a train then a ferry to get to Manly, a suburb of Sydney. In Manly we stayed with our uncle and cousins. Jason, Nikki, Caiden, John and Charlie ( who are twins).
One day on our trip my mum and I went on a hike from Dee Why to Manly on our way back we walked on the beach, we played with the waves and got wet and sandy.
Uncle Jason and Nikki took me to palm beach. It is called palm beach because it looks like a palm tree. We walked to the top of the hill and visited a light house. It was a very long walk.
We left Manly to go to Byron Bay it took an 11 hour train ride. We stayed at a place called the arts factory hostel. It used to be a piggery. A piggery is a place where they slaughter pigs. But it was sold and turned into a really cool place to stay and have dinner and listen to live music. Byron is a beach town, we woke up every morning and hit the beach, I loved playing in the waves.
We have seen many exotic and beautiful birds. We saw a kookaburra, they are very cute and have a big beak. In Byron we saw heaps of white ibis, they have long black beaks and eat off the rubbish. At the arts factory we saw loads of wild turkeys running around. Flying turkey's scared my mum a bit.

We still have 7 weeks left and loads more to explore. My mum and I are reading the blogs and catching up on everyone.

Lots of love


Geronimo Stilton - The Kingdom of Fantasy Book Review By Jake

Title: The kingdom of Fantasy
Author: Geronimo Stilton
Setting: The kingdom of fantasy
Characters:Geronimo Stilton, Scribblehopper, Shelly, Princess Scatterbrain.
 Problem: Queen of the fairies is about to die and Geronimo needs to help the Queen of the fairies.
How many stars:5 stars 

By Jake.

The 65 Storey Tree House

Easy Blog Photo
The 65 Storey Treehouse cover is green and it's my favourite colour. I like it because a terry clone was sinking in quick sand. But there is a problem...where is Mr Big Nose? I like the sixty five story tree house one million per cent. By Jed.

Me and my snowman.

Easy Blog Photo
When I was 3 years old I got a toy snowman at my friends house and yesterday I found it at the back of my wardrobe. I didn't know that it was there because for a long time I have been looking for it. I love Polly, that is her name, because she's cute and snuggly. When they bought the snowman, her name was already Polly but I still like it. The end. By Eloise

My Adventurous Grandparents

A few weeks ago my dad's parents left for a trip around the world to Switzerland, Europe and South America to make another one of their adventure stories. 

Grandparents number two:At Christmas my mum's parents are going to Christchurch to see my cousins Sam, Guy and James for a nice Christmas. 

I discovered that the word Christchurch has three "ch's" in it! Funny fact! 

By Jojo 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pencil Case Shopping

Easy Blog Photo
On Monday I went to the shop with my Nana and my brothers. I got a pencil case and inside of it was a rubber pencil with some rugby and soldier packs On the outside there was a rubber handle and a sharpener too. By Tnias

My Holidays

In one week I am going to Australia with my cousins. We are going to live in one whole apartment but in separate rooms. We are going to Noosa but before that we are going to the snow with Archie and they have their own holiday house there. The End. By Elsie
This is the pool in Australia. 

Cats vs Cheetahs

What is the differences between a cat or a cheetah?
1. A cat is having cat food.A cheetah is having meat from the wild.
2.A cat lives in a home. A cheetah is living in a zoo or in Africa.
3. A cat has a snuggley bed.A cheetah sleeps in the wild.By Lucille


Whale Bone

Easy Blog Photo
When we went to Pukehina we found a whale bone. We think the bone is a pilot wale bone and it's very precious. The most common 5 whales in New Zealand are the pilot wale, the humpback whale, the sperm whale, the Bride's whale and the southern right whale. By Toby

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Water slide

When I went  to the wave pool it was warm,    but I didn't get  to go on the  big slide. Instead I went   on  the   small slide.    by   Ava.   

The pool in the wavepools on Kid pix.

Skiing with my Dad

When my Dad comes back we are going skiing. Dad is coming back in three weeks.I don't know what mountain we are going to. I am really good at skiing.By Toby

I drew the mountains we are going to ski on. 

Books For Each Author By Francis

Four amazing Tigers by Stanley

By Stanley

The War In Syria

Easy Blog Photo
In SYria there is a big war. Lots of people had to leave. New Zealand is letting in 200 people and Greece is also helping. I think that the war should be stopped so the people can stay home. I feel sad for the Syrian people. By Ila

Monday, September 14, 2015

Key Chain Collection

My mum gave me a key ring from Australia.The white angry bird cost $2.00. The red one cost one dollar and 20 cents  the blue one costs one  dollar and the the green coasts $1.20. My  favourite one is the unicorn because how fluffy it is and the bear too. It has lost one eye and has a santa hat and a bow.                                               BY RUBY.

Me and my keychain collection!

Holiday in Oamaru

On Thursday I went to Oamaru to see my Granny and Grandad.On the first day of my holiday,me and my mum went on a walk and we saw the old sweet shop. It was closed but when we came back it was open so we got some lollies and went home.The end.By Lily.

Me and my mum in the airport with our luggage. 

The Charms

My new necklace
When my Granny went to Australia, she gave me a necklace that has my name on it and it is in rainbow colours. It has a lucky charm on it and has soft string. By Lucille

Awful Aunty

Easy Blog Photo
My Grandma gave me a book called Awful Aunty and it is one of my favourite books in my room. My favourite part is when Stella got a fright because Awful Aunty had a shadow on her door. I read it. It was very funny. Grandma got it at a bookshop called, The Hundred Books, in Wellington. By Stella

Going to Kelly Tarltons

At Kelly Tarltons I saw a stingray and when I saw it, his mouth was opened .

I got to take photos and I took a photo of the stingray. It was really fun.  By Jed

I drew this stingray using Kid Pix. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Q-Bear Blogs

Hi everyone!

I am Q Bear and I live in Room 2 and every weekend one of the class takes me home. You may have seen some of my stories on the blog here!  Here is a video of me by Grampa Tom and Toby(he's the little blonde kid bouncing up and down on the trampoline in the background.) 

Can you name the New Zealand bird eating the treats? 

I love when the class take me and my friends home...they always show us such a good time! 

Have a good weekend and I'll blog again soon!


GOPR0114 z from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Donkey Bell

This is a donkey bell it is 47 years old. It is brown with cracks in it. It used to be on a real donkey. It.has some holes in it. My dad got it in the mountains called the Himalayas in India. It is also as rusty as old metal. It makes a sound and it reminds me of bells that cows have on them. By Jaya

The 65 Storey Treehouse

Electric shock

Last Monday I went to Kelly Tarltons and I saw some crabs moving around in the water and they were moving so slow under water. Then I saw an enormous  stingray floating under the water  with some fish. I saw some eels swimming in the water with some caves to hide in and they were stinging eels so do not touch them. by Loma 

Can you see the stingray's mouth? 


Kelly Tarlton's Kowhai Trip

On Monday I went to Kelly Tarltons for a school trip. My two favourite parts were the playground and the travelator. On the playground Oscar and Cassius chased me and Tnias around.The travelator had lots of different kinds of fish.It was exciting. By Stanley
A sea turtle picture from Kelly Tarltons

Kelly tarltons

Last Monday I went to Kelly Tarltons. I saw the seahorses in a tank and they were colourful seahorses. I saw and eels  the black the eels.
By Mere

Mere and the photo of the seahorse at Kelly Tarltons. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Acrylic birds

These New Zealand native birds are some of the most rarest birds in Auckland, that is why I chose them.Birds are a common animal to our world. I love them and that's why I spent two days doing them. By Jojo

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Penguins and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

I went to Sea World and I got a toy penguin. It is soft and cuddly and I love it. I Went to California Adventure and someone gave me a map and it was big. My favourite ride was  The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. By Jake

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Best And Fairest Under 8

Easy Blog Photo
On Saturday I played a rugby at Grey Lynn park. I play for Richmond and we versed the Lions. I got one try and the score was 9-8 for us. I won a gold medal for being the fairest player and so did my friend, Samuel. After the game we had a hot dog and chips. By Tnias

The Olympic Champion

Easy Blog Photo
My mum went to the youth sailing championships in 1997 and she came 1st and got a gold medal. Then she went to the Olympics twice and she came 8th both times. While she was doing the Olympics she got lots badges from other teams and they traded badges. When she went to the Olympics, lots of children sent her cards to wish her good luck to try and make her win. In the picture there is her uniform, medal and badges. 
 By Toby

Eloise and her fake body

I brought in my plastic skeleton with all  the  body parts  we have in  our  bodies. One  of  the boys  asked me what the pink  thing  was  and I said, "that  it  was  the stomach."  by Eloise.

I am holding the skeleton. 

The Homeless Guitar

Me and my mum went along the street to look for a guitar . We found one finally so we took it to get fixed.  A month later we went back to the shop. It was fixed and they gave me a pick is well. 

by Francis .

My new guitar

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