Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Holidays

I am learning to add lots of details to my writing.
On Easter I had a chocolate bunny and I got one more chocolate bunny. It came with a cup and a box at Countdown. 

We also did an Easter hunt.  I saw six bunnies hopping at Western Springs. After we all went to my cousin's house on Easter Sunday. and I watched the Hop movie. We went to the zoo with my whole family on Easter and we got heaps of Easter eggs.     by Angus  


My box monster Bob

My class are making things out of our stationary boxes and I made a box monster.

My box monsters name is Bob. He looks very crazy and psycho. He is part cyclops [one eyed] and part elephant [long nosed]. He has had a lot of wars, one of them even gave him a scar on his eye. He has humongous lips but tiny arms and feet.


But I still love him.

A book review by Charlie

Little stars by Charlie
This is a book from the library. 

The characters in the book are Diamond and Hetty Feather and they are street girls. Hetty  and Diamond found a lovely lady called Mrs Gibson and she owned a dress making shop. Mrs Gibson also had  a friend who was also Hetty and Diamond's friend too. His name was Bertie the Butcher's boy. He also had a job at  the Carnival so Hetty and Diamond decided to join. They did a very funny act and amazing acts with back flips and hand stands on bikes. I think you should read this book because it;s a series of books and it's full of adventures and you can find it in the Grey-Lynn school library. It's awesome.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

My box plan.

My box plan.                    

My class are using our stationary boxes to make something of our choice.
I am making a two story house for my sisters fake mouse called Asokoho mouse.
It has a double bed, tiny paintings, a small sofa and carpet.
We are making our boxes two at a time.
Here is my plan:


Aloha 2016

At 4:00 everyone went down to the lower quad to get ready for the dance.After the dance I met my friend Jamie. First we looked at the stalls and I bought a raffle ticket.Then I meet up with Tuscan. We walked around for a bit and we saw some teenagers on the roof. Next we played WWE.Then I had dinner and it was yummy. When it was time to go I hid but my dad found me then I went home.
by Gus

Can you spot me? I can't!

Welcome to 2016 and Room 10

Room 10
We are a dynamic group of 7 and 8 year olds who live in Auckland. We go to Grey Lynn school and our teacher is Andrea Fale. We call her Andrea.

This year we are learning about Sustainability and so far we have created rules and discussed ways to be safe in the sun, on the internet, be water safe and how to stay safe on the road.

We are also learning how we learn so we can always matter what. There will be more on this throughout the we learn about it!

Here are some photos of us getting to know each other in the classroom and hanging out after a swim in our school pool. 

Keep checking our blog as we love to write and we love to read comments!

Room 10 and Andrea

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