Thursday, June 7, 2012

Venus passed the sun

On Wednesday Room 14 watched Venus go around the sun. It is going to be a long time till it goes round again. When I  got home I had my dinner. My Mum, Dad, Artus and I watched the news. It kept on going on about other stuff. Then the ads came on. It exclaimed," Venus is going round the sun." and
people were wearing 3D glasses and some were looking through a telescope.  After that, Deal or No Deal
was on.  The lady Cindy was doing badly.

By Leo

by Leo                

Venus passes the sun

On Wednesday, Venus passed the sun!  It comes around once in a century. I thought it was wicked. We checked it in the afternoon as well as the morning. In the morning it was at the top of the sun and later on in the day it was in the middle. Andrea ( my teacher ) told me that it came from the left of the sun even though it was on the right. We saw it on the projector. Once in a while it went blue and then red. My mum said if there were absolutely no clouds then it would go dark. The day before, I made a telescope so when I got  home I could look at it . So when I got home, I did.  I felt happy because it was cool-ish.                                                                                                                                                                                                  By Alice.

Venus going across the sun

On Wednesday the sixth of June 2012, Room 14 watched Venus go across the sun. It was amazing and I will not be alive when it happens again. So, it was great to see it. It was really cool. It was on the news too. All I saw was just one red dot, the Sun, and one black dot, Venus, going across the sun. My picture is Venus going across the sun.

By Maia. 

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