Wednesday, October 31, 2012

On your mark...get set...go!

Today we did our athletics practice. We have 2 weeks until our athletics day. After we did our run we reflected on our performance.

Here are our list of positives and things to work on. We are going to do this again tomorrow and see if we can improve on the list.

Room 14

Our PE Athletics Practise

None of us had a big fuss if we came last
There were no false starts.
We all tried our hardest.
We all competed.
Everybody tried.
We ran our hardest.
We weren't silly during on you mark get set and go
We all remembered each step
 Did it correctly
We got organised into our age groups by ourselves.
We all had our toes behind the line.

Things we need to work on:
Sometimes we wriggled during "get set"
We need to run in our own lanes
When we are running we need to focus straight ahead
Not tripping anybody up
Working as a team
Celebrate in a nice way!
Don 't rub it in it in someone's face.
Keep your hands off the track when others are running.

Oww, my Appendix !

Why do we need our appendix??????? Anyway I don't have my appendix anymore so I don't have to worry about a thing. On the first day of school, term 4,  I found myself in the hospital with appendicitis's AHHH. It was so frightening.  But I did it anyway I went into hospital at 6 o, clock and I was in theatre at 11 o, clock. It all happened so quickly I had no time to even think about it. I am so glad its over.


A mysterious mystery letter!

On spooky Wednesday the 31st, also Halloween, Room 14 received a very mysterious message from three tricky, but ghostly people. They named themselves the secret pumpkin gang so we suspect that they obviously don't want us to know their names. Very mysterious. Hmmm? It has a card with a black glittery tree, pumpkins hanging from it and lights hanging from it with sticky jewels as lights. We are  trying to find out who wrote this ghostly letter. All we know is it says this: Dear room 14 and Andrea, have a frightfully good time! And a ghostly treat! from the pumpkin gang. So its a big mystery. Oh,and Andrea is our most   wonderful teacher ever. If you wrote the message please tell us by writing a comment. Kate, Bryan and Andrea all received one. Kate and Bryan are teachers too. By Amy:)                       

Friday, October 26, 2012



In five days it is the 31st of October do you know why that date is so special??

It's halloween!
Let's go trick or treating together. Yay we get CANDY!!!!
Remember to get your scarey costume ready! Ahhh! BOOOO!
BY:  Livana and Violet.

1 .we took our photo using effects on photo booth.
2 . we imported it to iphoto.
3 . then went to kid pix and import it.
4 . then we decorated it and put it on the blog .


Felix:I like Christmas because I get presents and see my Nana and Papa.

Oliver: I like Christmas because I get to spend time with my family, and have fun and I always get to do what I like.

We made our picture by:
1.Took our picture using effects in Photo Booth.
2.Then imported it to iphoto.
3.In kid pix we imported the photo and decorated it by drawing our own pictures.

By Oliver,Felix 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Phoenix's calendar

On Tuesday I made a picture of Steve (from Minecraft) holding a Tiki. 

When Minecraft and Maori get together.

By Phoenix

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