Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All About Trees

Arbour Day was two weeks ago and one of our news groups did a news item about the trees around Grey Lynn School.

They took the pictures, uploaded them and used iphoto and keynote to make their movie.


Untitled from Room13 GLS on Vimeo.

Monday, June 27, 2011

GLS Live week 8

This week the students worked hard to produce the show on time and by themselves. They almost did it !

They researched, wrote, and filmed the show themselves and Andrea still puts it together in iMovie, but they're getting there.

GLS Week 8 News Report from Room13 GLS on Vimeo.

Enjoy ! Leave us a comment. We love comments !

Complex sentences

Room 13 is learning to change our writing from simple sentences to complex sentences.

We are also setting new writing goals.

Here is our first sentence we worked on together. Andrea said she cannot wait to read all our complex sentences now in our writing books.

The cat ran round the mat. - Simple sentence

The cat ran round the mat and then the dog chased the cat. - Compound sentence

The cat ran round the mat as fast as a cheetah and then the dog chased the cat but he was as slow as a snail, so the super fast cat won. -Complex sentence

Keep watching for our complex sentences and see our writing grow !

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bob the potato !

Here is Bay and Ernie's candidate for the best vegetable around - Bob the Potato !

I wonder if he tastes good mashed !

Hopping Broccoli !

We have been practising using persuasive language. We got to chose a fruit or vegetable and use our persuasive writing skills to make our creation sound the yummiest or be the most popular.

Here is Aum and Luke's creation - hopping broccoli.

Let's see if they have persuaded you to eat more broccoli!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nina for Class President

Hi. I am Nina. I am shy and friendly.

I love art. I want to be your class president.

One because I can make more sport time.
Two because I can make ore art time.
Three because I can make going to school at ten instead of nine.

I promise that the teacher can go for longer morning tea and we can play for longer and have a bit more playtime.

Voting for Nina is like cuddling a puppy!

Vote for Maya

Class President.

Hi there! My name is Maya and I love ice skating.  I want to be your class president because I like going on school trips, see nature and make morning tea longer. If you vote for me I promise I will make Friday and Wednesday 1/2 hour free play and Monday will be an art day.

Go MAYA! It's just like patting a pony !

Vote for Toby.

Hi. I'm Toby. I'm running for class president.  I should get the job because I am good with computers and I am good at doing special jobs and I do lots of work. I promise I'll try to make lunch times longer. If you vote for me it will be like voting for freedom !

Vote for Ernie

Hi there. I am Ernie and I am really funny and cool. I am running for class president. Vote  for me because I am funny, cool, and brainy.

Vote for me and everything will be green.

James' Persuasive Class President Speech

Hi there. I am James in Room 13 and I am very sporty. I like sports like rugby and athletics and I like swimming. I want to be class president because I will care about my classmates. I will help people in some school work too. I will teach people to do the right thing. 

I should be class president because I can help people make the right choices.

Vote for James and I will give you $1.00.

If you vote for for me you will feel like you are at Rainbow's End.

Best memory of EOTC

My best memory was Le Roy's bush walk because we went on the wrong path. Elijah

My favourite bit of EOTC Week was on Tuesday because we did cooking and I love to cook. Inaise

My best part of EOTC week was going on Le Roy's bush walk because we saw lots of things like birds and seeing a waterfall. Chelsea

My best thing was doing the imovie with Hugo. By Ernie

My best E.O.T.C week was Le Roy's bush because it was fun taking photos of the waterfall. Anetema

Monday, June 20, 2011

Syris' Persuasive Campaign Speech

Class President by Syris from Room13 GLS on Vimeo.

Vote Jack for class president

Hi I am Jack and I love Smiggle and I also am sometimes super chatty.
I am running for class president in Room13.
I think I should have it because...
1:I will keep my promise statements.
2:I am in the top 3 groups. And-
3:I would try to make E.O.T.C week be every second term.
My promise statement is...    When Andrea's smelly sticker catalogue gets here I will give my money to her to order them for us to share.
And last but not least my catch phrase is (drum roll please) 


Yes you heard me pancakes mmmmmmmmm!!!

So please vote for Jack

Room 13s Class President

Room 13 has been learning about persuasive language.

Today we held a mock campaign for class president.  We had to state who we were and what we were running for. We had to come up with three good reasons for people to vote for us and then write a catchy phrase so people will remember us.

Some of the class did this in their writing books while Jack and Anetema did theirs on the blog.

We will record some of the class reading theirs and you can decide who would win if this was real.


Running for class president

Hi. I'm Anetema. I love sports and I talk too much to my sister. I am running for class president because you can be the boss of the class. The reason why I want to be class president is because     
1.You can give treats to people that would be nice.
2.You can give table points and treats and free play.
3.You can do whatever you want But not too much.
If you vote for me I will give you free BOBBLE HEAD of Prime Minister John Key.

Vote for  Anetema and she will give you a pool.

Ben's Keynote about EOTC Week

Here is my first solo attempt at making a keynote. We saved it as a quicktime movie and published it to Vimeo as well.
EOTC week was great and I got a reward for giving everything a go !


Ben's EOTC Movie from Room13 GLS on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Take a Virtual New Zealand Bush Walk

We thought a lot of our blogging audience will never get the chance to walk through a New Zealand bush.

Enjoy our photos and we hope it feels like you have just experienced a piece of NZ nature.

Room 13

Le Roys Bush - The Year 4s Big Day Out 2011 from Room13 GLS on Vimeo.

EOTC Sharing Time

Part of our Pathways to Learning Model is creating and sharing. We spent Thursday and Friday creating and making posters to display and share our learning.

In order to make this movie the students had to:

  • take the photos
  • upload to iphoto
  • edit the photos
  • upload new photos to imovie
  • add transitions and effects
  • type in text
  • save and export as a quicktime movie
All of this required collaboration and team work. 

Keep posted for new movies over the next few days.

Jack and Aum worked hard on their movie. 

Friday, June 17, 2011


Well. We  have had the week of our lives and have been busy making movies, keynotes, and posters to show our learning.

We had to focus on our relationship statements while participating in EOTC and see which statement went with what activity.

Here are the statements again in case you forgot:

Relationships can be positive and negative.
Relationships can be influenced.
Relationships can change.
Relationships involve more than one.
Every relationship has a purpose.
Relationships can be powerful.

Here is Uycess movie about EOTC week. She did this on her own and is her 1st  iMovie.

Untitled from Room13 GLS on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Have you got the time?

Well Room 13 does....or we're getting it. Our student teacher Kade is teaching us all how to tell time and how to use the correct terms when saying the time.

Here is a short video we made on our ipad2.

What do you think?

Untitled from Room13 GLS on Vimeo.

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