Thursday, June 18, 2015

Good Bye Vincent

One of our classmates and a very kind friend is moving back to Vietnam for a while. We will miss him and his funny sense of humour.

Stay in touch Vincent and write to us!
Love Room 2

My Best Memory

What is your best Memory?

My best memory was riding on It's a Small World ride in Disneyland with my brothers...over and over again! Andrea

My best memory was in Vietnam. By Vincent

My best memory was Disneyland when I did Splash Mountain and when I did the big drop. I loved it. By Jake

My best memory was the rubbish centre dump where New Zealand makes up to a whole field of rubbish BY RUBY.

Ways we can Show our Manners

Here are some ways we can show our manners to our classmates:

We can say "excuse me" when walking through the class on the mat. By Andrea

If  you hurt someone you can say sorry. By Francis

If you are being mean just say sorry and if someone mean doesn't say sorry just walk away . by Jed.

All About Us

Here are some fun facts about us!

I always have my nails painted. By  Andrea.  
I always am wearing my  zipping boots. By Eloise

I am very close to my kitty cat Lucy. By Lily.

I  am  very  close  to  my  pet  dog. by Tnias 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What do we want to Learn About in Term 3?

What do you want to learn about in Term 3?

1. I want to learn about math and with the counters  and learn about geometry. And I want to learn what 5x5= .by Jed

2.I want to learn about how rain makes a pond and I want to learn how to do the funnest thing in the word.By Lucille.
I want  to learn  about  cats    and   dogs. 
by Jaya                                                                  4.  I would like to  learn about sewing. by Ruby.
5. I want to learn about science and technology.
by Jojo

What can we See out of Room 2's window?

I looked out of the window of Room 2 and I saw...

A BIG fat kereru eating BIG fat juicy red berry. I bet one day it will explode and red juice will go everywhere  by Francis

I saw BIG birds and BIG berries. I saw little birds and little berries.
By Lily.

I saw a tui fly really fast it was cool by Jake.    

I saw a sparrow in the sky  and it was flying really fast like the Flash. by Loma.  
 I looked at some clouds out the window at the back of the school and I saw a nice blue sky and some trees in the front. It looks Ruby 

I looked out the window and we saw a kereru. By Ava and Vance                                                           

Thursday, June 11, 2015

What We Learn using Sumdog

What do you learn using Sumdog?

I learned different ways to take away. Elsie
I learned 100-60=40 by Francis.
I  learned to make 10s and 20s. It is so much fun. by Eloise. 
I  like sumdog because it is cool. by Vincent. 

My favourite thing on sumdog is the cake monster and it helps me do my plusses. by Loma.
I learned to do times. By Toby

Why Room 2 Loves Sumdog

What games do you love playing on Sum dog?


Soccer submarine and street racer.By Stanley.

1. Bubble gum is my favourite game because we do math and we put the gum where we want to.
by Jed

My favourite game  is kiteboarding because you do flips in the air. By Jake

My favourite  bit  on  sum dog is balloon race.    By Jaya . 


Food I Love

What is a food that you just absolutely love and why?

I just love double cheeseburgers with orange cheese from Canada with dill pickles because they are super yummy. By Andrea

My favourite food is butter chicken By Tnias 

I like peaches  because they are juicy and sweet. By Lily     

My favourite food is apples because they are juicy. By Lucille

My favourite food is pizza chess topping because it is sticky and messy too. by Loma.

My favourite food is pizza. By Me
I love ice-cream  because it is cooled  and sweet. by ruby.
Our favourite are ice blocks. by Toby and  Dylan

Friday, June 5, 2015

Five Plus a Day!

The worst berries I have ever tasted are guavas because they have a very sour Jojo

My favorite fruit is Orange. By Toby

My favourite berries are guavas. by Jaya

Who likes Cookies?

Add caption

I  like  chocolate  cookies they  are delicious.                           by Dylan
2 would make strawberry cookies. By Rhys

3. I like Rainbow cookies they are my best By Lucille


Thursday, June 4, 2015

In our garden...

We planted 5 new trees in our beautiful forest. Dean told us all about them and what we need to do to look after them. Our plants even had baby plants sprouting on them already.

Arbour Day 2015 on PhotoPeach

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Our Trip to the Waste Station

WALHT(We are learning how to)  
write captions using 
topic words. 

We went to the rubbish centre for a class trip. By Jed 

We are sorting rubbish. by Toby

Here is their work helmets. By Toby


This is what plastic is made from. By Vincent

You have to pedal on a bike to
make the water go.By Stanley.

Waste Station Captions

We are learning how to write captions on photos from our trip to the Waste Station in Henderson. 

This cow is funny because it is made out of rubbish bins. By Lily
We saw lots of rubbish. by Vance

We  went   to the  rubbish  dump. There was a lot of rubbish. By Dylan

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Villain's Pink Purse

I don't think a villain would own a pink handbag because I own a pink handbag and I'm a good guy! By Andrea

1. He would not have a pink hat because they usually like black.

2. He would not own a cute pet.

3.  He would not own a certificate because you have to be good to get one.

4.  She would not own a guide on how to be a good guy.

5.  He would not own a onesie because that isn't cool. 

A Dragon as a pet?

1.He would blow fire.

2.He would fly all the time.By Stanley.

3.He will blow out  fire.

4. He would fly around and around and he would blow fire out of his mouth. by Jed.

5.When it is a baby it is very small but when it is a adult it is very big and it can fly. By Lucille

6.It will blow sun and it will fly around your home. By   Elsie

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