Friday, July 30, 2010

My Spectacular bedroom

Since I have moved house my room has been getting redone. Now it is light purple and sparkly.
I have just got a new chandelier,curtains and a new bedspread.My redone room is SPECTACULAR!
My room is the best room in the WORLD!

By Ruby


My mum and dad own a business. The business is called ACN. ACN stands for landlines,toll callings and more of where that came from. My mum and dad go to meetings of ACN and they have to collect people they know. The ACN business are only for parents. If they bring children in and both of the parents go in the other has to stay with them. My prediction of what ACN actually stands for is "Actually Concentrating Nicely". Sometimes we all go and dad looks after us and mum listens to it. Usually the 3 of us and I mean my sister Tes my baby brother William + big sister Jennifer always stay with our Aunty. Hopefully my mum and dad will keep up the good work.

By Jennifer.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Talofa !

Hi did you get three weeks of school holidays? Well I did because I went to Samoa. I went to coconut resort and drank coconut milk and I did spear fishing with my dad and dad got a pufferfish as big as a thumb. There is a myth about the coconut that the three circles on the bottom look like an eel face. Then I went on a ship to La lagoto where I saw lots of big fish when I went snorkeling. The food was really yum and we met some really nice people.

Tofa Soifua, Otto

My Uncle Kamal

My uncle travels around the world . Right now he is in Dubai. It is summer over there and he said it is almost 50 degrees!. He came to visit on the 24th of July . He came at night and he went at 2 pm. He works on the plane and gives out food and stuff. He said lots of the people are poor and want to take the food. My Auntie does the same job. When he was on the plane and was on his way to Dubai I did not get to say good bye. When I am older I am going to Malaysia.

By Anisah

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My holiday

In the holidays I went to Gisborne.It took quite a while to get there but it was ok.When we got to my grandparents house, I unpacked my things just before my mum poked her head round the door and said "get your shoes on because were going to our cousins!" Well to be exact my uncle Chris'. When we got there I was really excited because I had a new baby cousin. When we went inside one of my cousins [Tui] ran over to me and gave me a hug because she had not seen me in ages. My baby cousin was so cute.I had an awesome time in Gisborne.
By Celia

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hot wheels cars.

Hi I am going to talk about my hot wheels cars.
I've got 206 cars and have got the NEW hot wheels track. It's got a loop the loop and a huge spider.
Also my favourite car is a gold car with a special thing - nitros and 22 inch wheels at the back.
My cars that are not hot wheels cars they are for sale at $1 dollar each car and a poster is $4 dollars and a book for $2 dollars.
The car I don't like is this classic car. It looks fast but it is not fast and it's pretty ugly.
Thank you. I hope you enjoy my hot wheels story and the sale stuff. By Te Ua.

The Kereru

Yesterday afternoon I saw a kereru in the backyard up in a tree. I followed it when it flew from tree to tree. My dad and sister did too .My sister got really close to it. I did too but I had to climb a tree. Then I looked up. It was above my head - wow! "Look at its beautiful colours," i said. I felt good to see kereru up close. by Acacia.

Do you like the real picture of the kereru and my picture too?

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Proud Teacher

I am at home after the first week of school. By this time I am usually talking about how many weeks until the next set of holidays but this week I went home a happy, happy teacher. I went home full of pride. My kiddies in Room 13 made me so proud today the way they showcased their learning with their parents. Then they performed in their Kapa Haka group and made a lot of people cry from joy. Then I had to announce the speech winners which is aways a hard job as a teacher because it means there were students who didn't qualify for the finals, and I saw another great thing. A boy from my class who didn't make it went up to one of the boys who made it and gave him the biggest hug. If only the mega powers who run this world of ours could be so kind and thoughtful.

I just want it out there that I LOVE my class and all 29 of you make coming to school fun for me. I just had the best first week back. Let's keep it up !

Much adoration from your very proud teacher,

My Clay

In the holidays my sister, mum and I went to Warehouse Stationary and got color clay. I always make little things for people like for my friends,mum,dad,my sister and for more of my family. I love making things I made cakes, little people,computers. I also made cup cakes and necklaces. Its so fun making things out of clay. You could get some if your allowed. by Phoenix

My Family

My family is me,my mum Rachel, my step dad Rob, and my sister Nadia. We also have two cats , and 1 rabbit .We have to travel quite far in the morning to come to school. We travel on the motorway but we pass a pony club and see the we see every morning.

by Caitlin and her mum

The Soccer World Cup

Every four years there is a soccer world cup. I supported Holland! Hy mum was born in Holland and that's why I supported the Dutch team. I got to have bets on the dutch scores at my dutch school.
Holland did really well to Spain, but they lost.

By Max and his Mum

going to Fiji

On Tuesday our family is going to Fiji for 8 days. The 2 resorts we are going to are called Sonasali Resort and Sofitel Hotel. We are looking forward to going in the pool every day and playing soccer on the beach. We are also looking forward to playing volleyball and water volleyball. By Robbie and Rachel

Dad and Me making humus

First we drain a can of chick peas.
Then we pour them into the blender and turn it on to cut them up.
We put in three tablespoons of tahini (sesame seed paste).
We put in a quarter of a cup of lemon juice.
We put in three cloves of garlic (because we really like it garlicy).
We like it spicey so we put in a pinch of cayene pepper.
Then we blend it so its like paste.
While its mixing we slowly pour in a quarter of a cup of sunflower oil until its smooth enough for us
finally we eat it

By Olivia and Dad

Circus Kumarani's 5th Birthday Show

Hugo and Mum

My favourite show I remember was a Circus Kumarani Show with Unicycle Tony jumping over three people on stage. He was a dangerman and tried to jump on to the big walking globe. My friends Danny, Daniel, Reagan and Jason performed 'The Boys are Back' and ran up a ramp and leapt off the stage into the audience. I had candyfloss. I was 6 years old.

Hugo and Mum


My favourite memory was when I went to Rainbows End.
My favourite song is called Grace Kelly by Mika.
My favourite shows are Spongebob Squarepants and Tom and Jerry.
I like pancakes - they are made of eggs, flour and milk.
My handy hint is if you want to cook your pancakes fast, use two frying pans.
My goals for the future are to be able to type fast, go to the South Island, see the World cup live and to have another cat.

By Jaime.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My New Pet

Last term l got a rabbit. It's name is Chloe. It is a girl. Everyday I give her a cuddle. She is cheeky. Chloe is only young. The roof of her hutch is not put on properly because I haven't finished it yet. She keeps on getting out because she is only little and we have to put heavy things on top to keep her in. My dad is silly because he lets the rabbit out and then he spends ages trying to catch it.
By Milla

My Favourite Show

Do you know what my favourite show is? If you guessed, Ben10 Ultimate Alien. you're right. Ben is now 16 years old .He owns a new device called the Ultimatrix .It turns Ben into the original and ultimate aliens. I recommend that you should watch this show because the settings and aliens look pretty cool.

By Matt

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My pets.

'Hi i'm Isla and i'm blogging about my pets'

Well I have 3 cats 3 fish and 5 sea snails.I have only named 2 snails because they all look the same.One is called Swimmy because he always floats and the other is called spiral because she has a perfect spiral on her. Moving on to the fish 1 is called Itsy Bitsy the other ones called teeny weeny and third is Hubba Bubba. Itsy bitsy is called Itsy Bitsy because well who knows why Teeny Weeny is called teeny weeny because he is so small an Hubba Bubba is called Hubba Bubba because he has a red dot on his head that looks strawberry Hubba Bubba. My cats are called Jimmy Piper and Tashi. Tashi was a stray but now every night she curls up on your lap.Jimmy andPiper are brothers they are british blue cross tabby . Jimmy is dark grey with a white chest and a white mustache. Piper mostly a tabby so he is light grey with white circles around his eyes also white dots and a white chest.One day I want to get a rabbit because their soft small and they do cute little hops.
This was all about my pets.

by Isla

My new Living Room

In the holidays we moved the living room around. First we fixed and moved the couches then we...

1.moved the art cupboard

2.we moved the TV

3.we moved the tables

4.finally we decorated it with a pot of flowers.

I really like my living room now. It's like I have a brand new living room.

By Jack

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When my Dad was Little

When my dad was a kid he used to play games that not many of use to play.My dad did wrestling. He did it when the man had done the grass clippings. They got the clippings of grass and made a wrestling mat. Everyone of his friends tried to beat him but he always won.
By Willow

Butterfly Creek

Last Saturday I went to Butterfly Creek with Celia. First we picked up Celia then we were off to butterfly creek.When we got there we found a park and went in. It was really busy but we got in. When we got in we went through the butterfly area. One went on Celia's head and one went on my finger. Next we went to the Crocodiles. There names are Scar and Goldie. They didn't do much.After that we fed the animals and held baby rabbits. Then me, Ce and Mum went to get lunch and had one last look at the butterfly's and crocodiles and went home. I would love to go back one day!

By Amy

Monday, July 19, 2010

My 100 word story

In the holiday I went to Wellington to see my family. Both my aunts cousins and uncles were there! It was crowded. We went to Toy-Story 3. It rocked. A good part was when the aliens said,” the claw.” After that we went home and had a delicious dinner. That night I dreamed of that movie. The next day we had a look around town. I did not look at any shops because they were all girl shops. Then we got the bus home. When we got home we played and had diner then I went to bed. They were two cool days .

By Jack

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Once my sister saw a little cat on our fence.Then she said hear "pussy pussy pussy" and it didn't work. FInally it jumped down. She called us to come and look and we started patting it. We decided to call it Syd. Now it is our pet cat.

By Olivia

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