Tuesday, August 22, 2017

New Buildings

On Friday after Room 10s talent show, we had our Tuakana Teina time with our buddies. Me and Lachlan took photos of the new stuff that is in Grey Lynn School. We liked the new classrooms, the new pathway and our new office.  By Nikhil

Spot the Difference!

We made the alphabet and mixed some letters up we decided to make spot the difference so comment if you find the differences. by Torin and Sam

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sharing our Talents

Room 10 shared their talents on Friday. Our buddy class were also part of our audience. 

Enjoy the variety of talents on show! I am so proud of the students for taking a risk and performing in front of their peers. 

Room 10 has Talent from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Dragons are cool but sometimes fierce but they're not real unless it is a story.  Don't think of them as a enemy because they're not unless  you're a dragon. Not everyone has a dragon, even I don't because it is a lot to handle. Never have a pet dragon unless you're six years age and over. Oh! Now I can get one if I can afford it! which I probably can't. Now remember you have to believe in dragons.

By Poppy


Yesterday I was playing netball.  I played GD, WA, GS, GA.  I  got 1 goal  it was a half game. The score was 13 to 0 and we got 13 . I bent my finger back and it went click. I had tears in my eyes.  But I was OK. I was really mad when the another team got the ball. We were really proud of us. I am in the year 4 netball team for Grey Lynn school.

By Stella.

Super sleepover Sunday

On  Sunday  me  and  Stella had a  sleepover and we went to the wave pools . Stella went on the big slide. It was fun. After  that we got changed and had hot chips it was yum. After  that we we went home and watched Sleepover.   It was really funny. We had pizza four dinner and then we  got a  bun with  chocolate  icing  on top.  It was also yum. Then we played hide and go seek. Me and Stella hid under her bed. Sadly we got found first.

By Ava

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