Monday, April 30, 2012

The Evil Rabbit.

My rabbit is really evil,
A week ago she dug a hole in the garden and ran FREE!
At first my mum called my grandma and said:"Come over! The rabbit's gone!" This all happened when I was at school so my mum told me in the evening all about it.
When I saw her shopping list it said: crackers, milk,cheese and RABBITS!?
That really made me freak out and worried. In the end, she was herded back into her cage and had a quite severe punishing. I think she is the most cheeky rabbit in the world.


Harry's Holiday

 On the Easter Holidays me, Mum, and my two sisters went to my cousins for Easter. It was a long drive      
there and I felt sick from eating so much chocolate. Finally we got there and I was feeling so tired. I don"t know that my sisters are tired but I was.
The first thing we did was sprinting into the Bush. When we got to the water fall we drank flowing
water.  Then we saw fresh water Crayfish we planned tomorrow that we'd catch them. 2 hours later after
our big adventure we went back to their House and had dinner.



Friday, April 27, 2012

Challenge Number 5

Hi Class ! Last challenge of the week. Since we will be exploring digital photography this term I though today's quiz could be a digital picture teaser.

You have to guess what this picture is. Have fun ! You will have to have good eyesight to guess ! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Challenge Number 4

Hi all ! It was really awesome seeing most of you today. I especially liked the hugs. Some of you had haircuts, lost teeth, and grew ! I am looking forward to Monday when I am back and we can be a class again ! 

Today's challenge is a question about me. How well do you know your teacher?

Question: What special holiday is coming up soon that holds very special meaning for me? I will give you a hint. There is a "J" in the name of the month.

Have fun !

Bye for now, Andrea

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Challenge #3

It may be a day off school, but the challenges live on ! Thanks to the students who have taken up the previous challenges.

Today's are rebus riddles. I know how much you love them !

Try to get all three and test your parents !

Number One:

What does this say? 

Number 2:

What does this say?

Number 3:

What does this say?

Good luck and have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine !


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blog Challenge #2

Hi Class,

This is my sad puppy face as NO ONE took up yesterday's challenge.  I hope you log on today and take up today's challenge!

Yesterday I made these.

Your challenge:

1. What type of biscuit are they?
2. Why did I choose to make them this week?
3. Name as many ingredients as you possibly can.

Have fun and by the way, they were YUMMY!


P.S. I hope that tomorrow, I can insert my happy puppy face !

Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day

Hi Class ! 

Today's Question: Who originally started or pioneered Earth Day and in what  country? 

Comments by

Yesterday was Earth Day. Did you do anything special to commemorate the day? Did you turn off the tap while brushing your teeth? 

I have a little quiz I would like you to take. Follow the link here. 
Earth Day Quiz

I only got 3/5 correct ! It looks like I need to do some more investigating. There is also a really neat game, Michael, Michael, Go Recycle.  Have a go and see how good you are at recycling!  

I cannot wait to see who reads the blog and takes up the challenge!

I will blog again tomorrow with a new challenge !

Have an awesome first day back to Term 2!


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