Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Making Biscuits

In class we made Anzac cookies.We had helpers to watch and help us.We had groups as well.In my group I had Jozier, Pace and Kiedis. Our helper was Tobias Kiedis's  dad.We started to make our cookies.When we were up to our third instruction it sort of felt like we were doing something wrong but  didn't know for sure.I still don't know which one was ours but even if our cookies were the worst ones I would still eat them.By Noah.

Delecious Anzac biscuits by Zoe

Yesterday we made Anzac biscuits in class. They were very delicious. 

We had some parent helpers to help us. 

First we had to pour 1/2 a cup plain flour into a  bowl. Next we added oats to the bowl with the the flour. Then we all got turns to mix.  

When a group of us was doing that, another group was melting the butter and filling a jug with hot water. Once the group heating the butter had finished, they poured some golden syrup into the melted butter.    

After they had done that, Lucy poured 1/4 of baking soda into a small bowl and added the hot water to it and mixed. Then a parent helper poured the melted butter into the big bowl and we all mixed together.  After we mixed the big bowl we put the the little bowls mixture into the big bowl. Then Cassius mixed it all together.

Finally we took big chunks of the mixture and rolled it, then placed it on a tray and then a parent helper put them in a oven and let them cook.   

After they had cooked, they smelled scrumptious!
By Zoe

Anzac Biscuits by Jed

This is the poppy I made to bring tothe museum.
Yesterday at school, I made Anzac biscuits and they were yummy.  I gave  my dad one and he said it was yummy.   I liked them too! I also made a poppy out of coloured paper and it was fun.  It was a great day and I liked it. By Jed.

Some yummy Anzac biscuits coming out of the oven. 

Anzac Cookies

Reuben's Blog
Today we are going to make Anzac biscuits for the class and they are going to be really fantastic. My mum came in to help . I measured the butter and I mixed the golden syrup and then we rolled the Anzac batter. Then we put them on the tray to cook. The smelled really amazing and tasted scrumptious! 
By Reuben

This is the batter that my group mixed.

This is how they are cooking.
This is how they looked when done.  YUM!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Anzac Day

I think Anzac Day is a very sad day. Every time I think about Anzac Day I feel guilty.The reason I feel guilty  is because people helped me and I can't help them.My great grandfather went to war and got shot in the eye twice, luckily he  survived. I wish there was peace throughout  the world. By Noah

Anzac day

Anzac day is people who are remembering ancestors that went to war. People who went to war  had to sacrifice for you. If your uncles survived they're very lucky. Did you know that my great uncle went to war?  He lived. 
Anzac Day is special. 
By Kiedis
Anzac poppies in the school library

Sting the Bee

Once upon a time there was a bee, Her name was Sting. Everyone was scared of her just because of her name but she was a nice bee. One day a kid came and said, " Are you alone? Do you want me to play with you?" Sting felt very joyful! " Thanks you doe playing with me." said Sting. Once people saw the little girl playing with Sting, they thought that they shouldn't be scared of her anymore. By Emily

Sting the bee,

Sting the bee in 3D

Snowman Story

Once upon a time there  was a  snowman. He  was
scared of snow. He  had  big  long  arms. He  had a big  brown  scarf.  There  were  sticks  on  the ground.  The  snow  was  falling  from  the  sky. It was  amazing buy not for the snowman. He would run and hide. He asked a friend if he could take him away from the snow and so he lived inside his friend's freezer and was happy. 

Sofia B

Thursday, April 7, 2016


Minecraft  is a cool game to play because you can play it on xbox computer, tablet and phone. You can play it on Survival mode or Creative mode. Creative mode is when you can create anything. In Survival mode you cannot fly.   You have to build a house in survival mode to live through the night because there are creepers who can come out a night. 

By Cassius

Refreshing Rarotonga

In the term holidays I am going to go to Rarotonga! 
I am really excited because last time, the people that lived there cleared out the rocks so there is a little swimming pool in the sea and my back garden was is the beach! Did you know that in Rarotonga it's always hot, even when it's raining!   By Sofia E
This Kid Pix picture is  in 3D

This Kid Pix picture is NOT in 3D

Red Pandas

Red pandas are also  named fire foxes.  A red panda is not part of the panda family. They now have their own family name: the Ailuridae  Sometimes at the zoo I see red pandas coming up to the glass.  
Red pandas are very cute.  They love bamboo and they also like fruit.  Red pandas are my favourite animals and I love them very much.  

By Monique

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Going horseriding

In the last week of the holidays me and Lily are going horse riding. There is Casper, Wings and Cheyenne. Lily said that I will probably be riding Casper, but want to ride Cheyenne.Wings is a skewbald, Cheyenne is a bay and Casper is a piebald. I can't wait!


The Garden

Last year all the Kowhai made a big garden where the old class was. First we dug up some holes to put the soil and the next day we put the soil in the holes.All of the Kowhai team got plants to put into     
The holes that have soil in them.The plants we did plant were...   Poppies and swan plants and some purple flowers for the bees. My favourite thing about it was when I got to have a great turn on putting the finishing touches on the garden .We worked hard on the garden that year. by Ruby.

Playing Club Rugby

Last Saturday I played rugby at New Lynn. I played against New Lynn Stags. For our warm up we did lunges, side swipes, bum kicks, a lap around the fieldpasses and passes with the rugby ball. When the game started I scored the first because Ricky of loaded the ball to me then got a runaway try. When New Lynn got their first try we got two more tries. At half time our coach Kevin told us to keep the tactics up. At full time the score was 9 to 5 to us! 
the End.

By Jozier

Here is a video of me practising my kicks at school. 

Friends Forever

Friends  forever.

Sizzle,sizzle goes a boiling pot.''Yum, that smells yummy mum, '' said Zoe. ''Thanks Zoe,'' said Lily Zoe's mum.Rumble,rumble goes the ground like deadly tiger!!'' What was that?!!!" yelled Zoe ''I don't know,'' said Lily. Suddenly there was a flash of light.
''What was that? " said Zoe ''I don't..." but before Lily could say anything else a portal, appeared and pulled Zoe into it...

If you want to hear more go to my independent writing book in class!
By Lucy

Creating in Minecraft


In Minecraft I built a big castle. Me and my step brother built it together. We are going to build a movie theatre. I really like Minecraft. Me and my brother have built a disco before. We might build a roller coaster next week. If we build a roller coaster it will be a Creeper coaster. We have built really good things before. All my brothers play Minecraft with me. By Torin  

This Kid Pix was drawn in 3D so if you have some glasses, put them on to see the cool effects. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Horse Riding Camp

In the holidays me and Olive are going horse back riding together. We are doing a pony day and it will be really fun. At a pony day you plait and decorate your pony.You also do a couple of riding lessons through out the day. Me and Olive will have so much fun. I think I will ride Wings because I love her to infinity and back again. I think Olive will be riding Casper. The last time I went horse back riding there I rode with two other girls called Eliza and Chloe. Chloe was riding Casper and Eliza was riding Cheyenne.We did a three hour lesson. It was really fun. At the riding school when you do well you get a ribbon. It is cool. Right now I have three ribbons.This is Olives first horseback riding lesson.We are both super duper excited and can hardly wait to go horseback riding.Wings is a skewbald in her twenties but she acts like she is four. Cheyenne is a bay with no markings. Casper is a piebald in his twenties but acts like he is nine. I hope that on the way there or on the way back we get to stop at saddlery warehouse for a look.It is really cool there. I really like it there. the end.

By Lily

Monday, April 4, 2016

The weetbix Tryathalon

On the weekend, we went to the Weetbix tryathlon.  In the tryathlon you swim, bike and run. At the end you run past the finish line. When you passed the finish line you get an apple and a medal. You get a picture with your friends. Then you can play with your friends if you have any there, so Oscar and I had a playdate. 
Written by Oscar and Ben

Here are Ben, Charlie, Zoe and Oscar who all participated in the tryathalon. 

The Whale Rider by Lola and Enzo.

In class we read a book called The Whale Rider.

Q:What was the setting of the story?

A:In Whangara in New Zealand. The people are Kahu, Nanny Flowers, Koro,Paikea.

Q:Which character would you like to be friends with?

A:I would like to be friends with Kahu.

Q:What was the problem in the story?

A:That Koro is disappointed  that Kahu is a girl.

Q:How was the problem solved?

A: Kahu rode away on a whale and became the chief.

Q:If i could change one thing about the story I would...

A:Change that Koro would be nice to Kahu.

Q:How would I describe the main character?

A:Kind, thoughtful, loving and brave.

Friday, April 1, 2016

The Whale Rider

The Whale Rider                                                                                                                                     My  favourite  part  was  when  the  girl  dived  down  in  the  sea and got the whale tooth so she could be the chief.  By Jed       

The Whale Rider

                 THE   WHALE   RIDER

We read Whale Rider in class, It was an amazing and sensational of the best I had ever read. I really liked the parts when she rides the Whale, beats the boy in combat, when she found the whale tooth pendant and when Paikea threw his magical spears and turned them into the Animals and Plants of earth.I also like how it was written in parts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       BY PACE

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