Monday, September 10, 2018

Te Wiki o te re Maori

This week, Room 10 will be completing one challenge per day to help them learn more about the Maori language and culture.

Today we made boxes about ourselves. Here is Poppy's video where she practises her best Maori pronunciation.

Friday, September 7, 2018

The Last bit of Money - Poppy's first chapter book - Preview

As Sienna and Gabriella lied on there cozy bed gazing at there crisp roof thinking of the next time they will have a trip.Even tho they had many trips going to Africa, Paris, the USA and many other places. As Sienna got up saying " lets go to the big apple!" " no we have already gone there" " but what if we go again?" " no! to boring we will see everything again!" Sienna sighed.
The girls had no place to go. Sienna turned on the T.V then came appearing on the screen " come to Cowaka island a brand new island that appeared last month!" " OMG" Sienna screamed " lets go to Cowaka island!" " you think you can Sienna" when Sienna's dad appeared at the door step of there bedroom. " I'm sorry but where running out of money so we cant afford another trip"
" ever since we went to Africa and went to see the real dinosaurs at a dinosaur park that cost ed us a fortune but luckily we have one month to work to pay them so unfortunately we cant afford gong to Cowaka island" " what if we sell our old toys" said Grabriella. The girls had many toys they where like rich with toys! well they had three automatic robots to follow there leads and one hundred and thirty four fidget spinners. well that's what they where gonna sell. fidget spinners where $10 each and the robots where $150.
well that's all in the end they had $1336.
'' ok lets have a check on the Cowaka island website and see how much the flights are"
the tickets were $500 each so that means there dad couldn't come!
" well its ether we don't go or we go without dad"
the girls where desperate to go so they chose...
go without dad. there dad was single and had no mother there mother died ten years ago.
at the same time they had the website still on a tab on Gabriellas computer the description said that there where deadly animals there like  the end dragon's where they end your life.
but also sweet animals like water dragons, lava dragons, and air dragons and cloud dragons but also there was Zara the coconut. then a few days later they decided to book the flight they where gonna go to Cowaka island.
the rest of the money went towards the motel and other things they want to buy.
well it came to the day they had to go but there was one problem they had to get out of the house without there dad which was going to be hard. well they packed there bags with 6 Samoan dresses and 1 bikini and there phone in case they actually needed dad.
they ordered a taxi with checkers and yellow but at the same time had the advertise "Cowaka island" on it.
" dad where gonna go to Chloe's sleep over bye!"
" ok?"
They rushed out the door cramped all over the taxi because the taxi man was eating subway and listening to music!
" let us in we are in a hurry!"
" ? ok ?"
the taxi door automatically opened " welcome '' a voice from somewhere said. they took a ride and where they rushed in looking at the time they had boarding now! " Cowaka island" a Lady's voice came out of a speaker.
the rushed as a spark  of lightning flashed to the roof.
that was nothing they wanted for a flight to happen.
as the lightning flashed they where walking down the tunnel to the plane as they got there a lady greeted them with a welcome.
'' welcome a board on American air lines'' Gabriella held out their tickets pluck went the lady as she clicked the two tickets.
as they strolled down the aisle  glaring at all the people on the plane as they realized they where in first class!

as the girls got comfortable the same lady came around asking do you want any drinks?
'' yes please '' said the girls at  the aghast same time. '' ok'' as the lady got inside her tray looking for a coke and lemonade " ahh".

Dear reader these two girls are very spoil ed so don't expect there will be anything plane.
" first class baby" they both said.
as they glared around them they saw a pop up bar as they went over they realized we cant drink alcohol so... 
WHAT DO WE " orange juice"
to be continued.... 

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