Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rio's Super Ship

Here is Rio's fantastic picture of a ship he drew. It took 2 days to drew. It has 200 engines . It has 12000 crew and passengers. by Rio

The 26 Story Treehouse

I brought this book because I really like adventures and this book is all about adventures. It's name is 'The 26 storey tree house'. My favourite part is when Captain Wooden Head and his bloodthirsty gang are in a song called 'ten unlucky pirates'. I think it's based on a song called 'Ten Green Bottles. The person who has written this book is called Andy Griffiths. And the person who has illustrated this book is called Terry Denton. My favourite storey on the fabulous treehouse is the anti-gravity chamber. It is in the Whitcoulls top five best books and I would recommend this book for people who like tree houses. 
By Noah

I drew my favourite scene using Kid Pix.

The Faraway Tree By Enid Blyton

I chose this book as my favourite one because I like fairy folk . It all so has a lad er that gos to a  cloud with a land . The faraway tree is in the Enchanted Wood. Joe , Beth , Frannie and Connie go up the Faraway tree to the land of treats for a treat for Connie. But the tree starts to die what can they do? The tree roots are being damaged by some trolls because they are looking for some jewels in the jewels caves. Moon face , Silky and the Saucepan Man and Mr Whatzhisname are my favourite fairy folk characters.  

By Aiko

This is the Faraway Tree and the slippery slip. I used Kid Pix. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wacky Wednesday by Dr Seuss

I love this book because it's very funny and my dad read it to me when I was very little and it reminds me of those times. It is a "spot the picture book" because each page has something wacky on it. .My favourite picture is a table with a hole in it and a mouse chasing a cat. Pretty funny. My favourite character is the Patrolman.

My favourite scene of the mouse chasing the cat. 

By Ruth

Princess Evie's Ponies - Neptune the Sea Pony

I like this book because I like the cover. It has sparkles on it. We had it for a long time. I read it a lot. We have Silver the Magic Snow Pony too.  My favourite people in the book are princess Evie and her ponies. 

By Alexandra

Here is my favourite page. I drew it on Kid Pix. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas

I   had   this  book  when  I  was  three. I've  got  seven  more   of  these  at  my  house. This  is  my  favorite  book  because  my  mum   read  it  to  me  when  I  was  little. There  are  27  pages  in  the  book. There  is  a  dog  called  Frenchy. Their Christmas  tree  toper  smashed  into  pieces. If  you  want  to  find  out  more  get
it  out  at  the  Cherry

And kangaroo played his Didgeridoo

I like this book because of the cool detailed pictures and the made up word hullabaloo.There are 30 pages in the book.  My nanny gave it to me when I was about 2 and a half years old.  She is Australian so that's why the book is about a kangaroo. The book is about a big party called the once in a life time great Aussie do. My nanny got this book in Australia. by Zylah. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013


On Wednesday, March 20th I was at a special school called One Day School. I made  a weaving that looks like a diamond. I made it because I wanted a wall hanging. It taught me how to weave.

By Noah

Way of the Ninja

I am learning to give my own opinion and answers about a text.

Why did you choose this book?
I liked it because I like Ninjas and I want to do karate.

What is your favourite part?
When the Golden tornado appears and when Kai and Nya were surrounded.   

If you were a Ninjago character, who would you be?
I would be Jay because he is master of Lighting.

By Walter

This is the ninja's surrounded by skeletons. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Great whites are very fierce. They eat big seals from the South Island, like in Milford Sound. They also
can be found in South Africa. There are heaps of great whits at Cape Town beach.

I wanted to share this book because I thought some of my friends would like this book because at lunchtime we play a game called Sharks.

By Lucian

A Great White and a Kingfish

Monday, March 18, 2013


I like this book because it tells you about earth and it is a 3D book. It's got three instructions to be able to see the book in 3D. It tells you lots of things and it is really interesting. There is a rock with little bones inside it called fossils. by Red

The sun getting hit by big boulders.

Friday, March 15, 2013

My Healthy Lunch Box

Oranges will help you grow because it has some good vitamins in it. I eat bread because it has fiber in it. I like eating coconut because it has juicy milk in it. I like pineapple because I like tropical food and I like berries because they are very sweet. I like carrot because it has good things in it.

Check out my healthy lunch box. 
By Lucian

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Love Splat

It's valentines day and Splat has a special card for a certain someone in his class.Her name is Kitten. He likes her so much but Kitten doesn't seem to like him at all,because every time Splat sees Kitten she pulled his ears and poked his belly,tied his tail and called him smelly.Then she'd run away.

This is my favourite book because mum and dad gave it to me for Valentine's Day.

By Kassidy

We're Going on Croc Hunt

Its my favourite book because it was colourful and because it was  funny. My favourite part is when the  turtle got stuck between two rocks and the crocodile  was catching up to him to eat him. By Elizabeth

We're Going on Croc Hunt, by Laine Mitchell and Louis Shea

This is the turtle stuck between the rocks.

Princess Evie's Ponies

I like this story because all the princesses have a fun time in the story. 
This is my favourite part.

The princess were having a great time but then there was a scream  and they saw Maia crying ''a monster with claws Maia cried '' ''There's no such thing as monsters but there was a scratching noise. Aaaaargh! Evie got a torch and there was Sparkles,  Evie's kitten!   

                    Princess Evie's Ponies by Sarah Kilbride

By Jolie        

Monday, March 11, 2013

Brainstorming on a Monday Morning

WALT create an original song that shows us what the Grey Lynn High Five means. Here is our brainstorm,

First we had to brainstorm what we thought a song is? Then we highlighted the thinking points we will need when we worked in our writing groups. 

What is a song?
They have rhythmn
Some are long and some are short
Some sort of beat
Songs have low voices and high voices
Some songs are raps
Sometimes they are fun and sometimes they are sad.
Some songs don’t have any words.
Some songs are in different languages
Some songs can tell stories.
Some songs can repeat and repeat.
Some songs have two songs in it.
Songs can be made into videos.
Piano can be heard in sad songs.
Songs you like sometimes paint pictures in your head.
Happy music
Some songs sound angry like heavy metal music.

Some songs have certain actions that go with it.
Some songs can be made into mimes.
There are old songs.
Songs are for different reasons like for sports and for dance.
Songs can be at parties.
Songs can make you feel good.
Songs can be slow.
Drums are in heavy metal music,
Songs can be made into an album.
Songs can make you cry sometimes.

Tomorrow we are going to work on putting our ideas into sentences that rhyme. Check back soon!

Room 16


I   love  this  book   because  I   like the  pictures  and  it is funny.  My  favourite part is when the little boy, Mickey said quiet down there because he has a funny look on his face when he says it. This book was written by Maurice Sendack and he also wrote, Where the Wild Things are. 

 by Rio

Sunday, March 10, 2013


I wish I had a pet.
I like mum and dad.
I dream of being a fairy.
I am cool.
I used to be silly, but now I am good at the ABC's.
I seem to be 7 now,
and I am really shy.

I am Alexandra. 

Grey Lynn High Five

Grey Lynn High Five

We all brainstormed what the Grey Lynn High Five looks like. Mr Barker challenges us to be able to "knock them off," so we knew we had to be ready. We talked in buddy groups to really understand what each finger and thumb means. 
Andrea said we all came up with really good answers. Our next step is to try to make a song or jingle to go with the Grey Lynn High Five.

Check back soon to see how we're going and leave us a comment. We love comments. 

Room 16


I   Wish   I   Had   $ 100
I    Like   Mum  and  Dad.
I   dream   to   get an ipad.
I   am  cool.
I  used  live  in  Helensville and now I live in Auckland.

I am Ruby. 

Magic seeds

WALT predict. We brainstormed and discovered that prediction is making really good guesses using stuff(knowledge) we already know.  We are using prediction in our reading and now we are using prediction when we planted the magic seeds.

Check back soon to see if any of our predictions were correct!

Room 16

Prediciting from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


This is Weston's first time blogging in Year 3. He spent a long time typing out the sentences himself and only had to fix up one word. He also drew the red car using Kid Pix. Way to persevere Weston!

I got to share parts of my favourite book today for Book Month. It is called, My First Car was Red by Peter Schössow.
I liked this book because of the colour red and the car. 


Weston reading his favourite page to the class.

A picture of the front cover.

The Witch in the Cherry Tree


I like this book because it has muffins and I am always hungry and also because there is a witch in it, and I am totally into scary stuff. BY ELLIE.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our First Buddy Class Visit

Here is a short slideshow of our class visit with our Room 5 buddies. We read to them and listened to them read as well. Another great way to celebrate New Zealand Book Month!

Buddy Class Visit -Medium from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.

Squiggy Balloons

Yesterday I made a squiggy balloon with some balloons and some flour . You can use any colour balloon you like. 

This is how to make a squiggy balloon. 

First you get a balloon and then you get some flour . Next you pour the flour into the balloon and then you tie the top tight. 
Then it is done.

I made them because they are fun to play with and they feel like they are filled with goo.  

By Aiko

The Giant Jam Sandwich

I got to share my favourite book with the class today. It is called The Giant Jam Sandwich by John Vernon Lord and Janet Burroway.

My favourite part was when they trap the wasps. There were four million wasps that flew into town, so they made a giant sandwich that took the whole oven. 

"They made it on the hill with fifty cookers in an old brick mill . The loaf was left to cool and then the people watched while six strong men took a great big saw and sliced right through everybody clapped and they cut slice two.

A truck drew up and they spread it out with a flap and a flutter spoons and spades ! slap and slam ! . and there were 6 flying machines in the air but now there was nothing to do but wait wasps have the bait drop ! The bread slam it's gone slap it goes but only three escaped they danced and played that day it not a wasps town."

By Jonty

Meeting Nami

Last    year  I  went  to  Bali.  I  hugged  a  Orangutan   well  my  mum  took  a  photo. My  sister  didn't want  to  hug  the  Orangutan. At  the  end  we  went  on  a  ride  and   I  got  a  toy   Orangutan.  I  felt
happy  because  I  was  with  my  family.
By  Cherry

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Zealand Book Month

We are reading and sharing our favourite books in Room 16 as a way of celebrating New Zealand Book Month. We have to bring in a favourite book every day to share. Andrea has made a calendar of when we get to share our favourite book. 

Here is Andrea's favourite, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. 
She likes it because it teaches us a lesson on what kind of friend we should be. 

Share your favourite book with us by leaving us a comment. 

Click here to listen to Shel Silverstein read his book.


I  Like  it  because  it   is  funny.
My  favourite  page   is page13.

" The   next    morning    when
I   woke  up   I  was
PINK. My   face  was  pink,  my  hands
were  pink  and  my  belly was   the  
color  of   a    sunset."    

By Ruby                                

Monday, March 4, 2013

My Wizard House

I    made   a    house     with     Catherine. We  called    it   the
Wizard's Place.   We     made     it   one     year     ago. Now  she  
lives  in   Germany.

By Hollie       

Friday, March 1, 2013

Cherry's Kid Pix

I am learning to draw bigger pictures and using the correct pencil size.

How do you like my picture?

By Cherry

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