Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Geometry Hunters

One of our Maths Strands this term is Geometry. Shapes are shapes. A square has four sides, a circle is round, and a triangle has three sides...

We wanted to take a new approach to shapes...get excited about shapes...know that there are not just straight squares in this world !

We looked through the playground and the fields to find how shapes occur naturally.

Have a wee look at our Keynote and see if you can find shapes in nature!

Ka Kite.

A virtual tour of our classroom.

We were just can the world see the great work we are doing when it is gun stapled to the wall - or hung on curtain wire, or cello-taped to the windows, or stuck in our books?

Then Mrs Fale taught us about Bubbleshare and how we can upload lots of pictures around the classroom to give you all a virtual tour.

Enjoy the tour.

All photos were taken by students in room 8.

Ka Kite.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Our soccer Loss.

Kick,header,tackle,GOAL!I played defend soccer on the weekend .The positions we played were: defender ,me and Daniel. Liam was in goal and Zac and Faye were midfielders while Raiden and Max were strikers . Our team name is Mars and the other team are the Eagles . We started off with the ball and boom off we went to tackle. The Eagles had the ball and they passed and ran and ran. I came up and tackled him. Yes .Boom! I kicked the ball up the field . At the end of the first half it was 0 to 0.During the half we ate oranges and bananas . Then the game began. During the second half the Eagles scored from quarter line. It was 1 to 0 but there was still a lot of time left. We did not score. The Eagles had won. We all shook hands and Raiden got the player of the day and Max got skill of the day. I had a great time at soccer.

Soccer on Saturday

Green boots. Check. Water bottle. Check. Manager, photograher and sister. CHECK!!!!. Jackets. check. Ready to go to soccer. “Raiden you will play defence first half” Groan. I HATE defence. No, wait Jake isn’t here. I play attack! YAY!!. Kick,run,header. Will I EVER get the ball?. Raiden wake up! shouts a teammate. The ball is at my feet. Running and sidesteping defenders are easy. Take a crack......... into the keepers hands. The rest of the first spell is one way to another. Half time. In the second spell I am on defence. YEAH! GOAL! WHAT?. It went over the crossbar I whispered. I take a shot. I miss. DARN!.I missed it by THIS much. Peep peep PEEP! Full time. Darn. We lost. Skill of the day goes to Max and player of the day goes to me. The Eagles were hard but they were better in the end. The Eagles had a narrow victory. Season objective - failed. Soccer was a great way to wear me out. Better luck next time.

By the fantastic Raiden James Frederiksens.

Saturday Rugby

Tackle - tackle - pass - the players got a try ! On Saturday I played rugby for my team Ponsonby Under 9’s. I scored the first two tries. We were winning but we lost. at the end. The score was 5-7. The winning team was Marist. We did player of the day and had chocolate. I had a good game. By Kiamana

Friday, May 22, 2009

Stt Josephs VS Grey lynn

Today St Josephs came to our school to do touch and netball. It started at one thirty. We won . We had three and they had one in touch and in the netball we got twenty three, and they got eleven. It stared raining then stopped then started then stopped again.
It was a great Friday and a great way to end the week,

Sam and Emma

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cross Country Goals

We wrote persuasive letters to ourselves to motivate and persuade ourselves to do our best at cross country next Friday. We talked with Mrs Fale about the power of self talk and how we need to tell ourselves we can do well and we will do well.

Dear Maya,
My goal is to avoid all the people talking to me and just run.
From Maya

Dear Alice,
Try your hardest at cross country. Don't come 50th in cross country because I was not trying ! Make sure you don't talk to anybody while doing cross country.
From Alice

Dear Tom,
To achieve your goal you have to try your hardest and fastest and don't stop running.
From Tom

Dear Julius,
Try your hardest. Don't stop. Run without stopping. Do some training and you will get really fit.
From Julius

Dear Frederica,
I hope you do improve your goal that you set for yourself and you try your hardest and put all of your effort into it.
From Frederica

Dear Malachi,
I know you can reach your goal to avoid being last and keep on going.
From Malachi

Dear Jasper,
Keep running and don't stop. Try to run the whole way. Keep going to the end. Come on! I know you can do it. Run a long way and try to overtake people.
From Jasper

Dear Georgia,
This is the goal I have chosen for you. I expect you to achieve this goal. Here it is - your goal. TO TRY YOUR BEST! You can achieve this goal if you try and run most of the way.
From Georgia

Dear Alyssa,
I am not going to stop and always try my hardest. I will keep going and if I get a bit tired I will power walk quite fast. When I want to walk slowly I will make myself do a fast power walk. I won't walk slowly.
From Alyssa

Using the Commonality Thinkers Key

Tired children and television

Rots your brain .



They both start with T.

Does not do sport

Both persuade people.

By Emma,Matthew,Mahele,Alyssa,Charlotte

Commonality key

We had to write all the ways mud and rain are similar.

Mud and rain both are wet.

Happens in winter..

Fun to play in.

Both make trees grow.

by Georgia,Ariana,Bryn.Cole.

Commonality key

We had to brainstorm all the different way speeding drivers and bicycles are similar.

*both have wheels.
*control easily.
*both move.
*both made out of metal.
*both have gears.
*both have seats.
*have light sometimes.
*both have crashs.
*both speed.
*both use roads.
*both race.
*both go fast.
By Frederica, Jasper, Sam, Raiden and Tavita

Using the Commonality Key

We had to write a list of ways ice cubes and milk have in common.

They're both cold.

They are both a liquid.

You can make milk shake.

You can make ice cream.

By Tom , kavela , Malachi , Alice , and Alex.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Persuasive Writing

Room 8 has been writing using persuasion. This week we are writing persuasive letters. Today we did our cross country training and when we am back in Mrs Fale talked to us about self talk - and how positive self talk can help us achieve our goals. We started this process by writing to ourselves. We had to persuade ourselves to do well in the cross country run in two weeks time. This was not an easy thing to do because we had to think of a way to make cross country sound exciting enough to get ourselves pumped up to do well.

Let's see how we did!

Dear Bryn,
This year you are going to come in the top ten - maybe even the top five. I know you can do good with your goal.
From Bryn.

Dear Charlotte,
This years cross country is going to be harder than last years because of the length. You will need lots of strength and power so you can push yourself further and harder. So my goal is to try my hardest and be the best I can be.
From Charlotte

Dear Kiamana,
For cross country I think you should not stop and try your hardest.
From Kiamana

Dear Matthew,
For cross country you need to breathe through your nose and try to breathe really slowly so you have heaps of oxygen left so that you can sprint all of the last part. My goal then is to train and build up my muscles.
From Matthew

Dear Raiden,
You are going to come first because you never stop to chat, catch your breaty, or do up your shoelace. You have the stamina, strength, speed and confidence to come first. you are a champion runner. You will reach goals you set because of confidence.
From Raiden

Dear Floyd,
Try your hardest and keep going and do not stop. I believe in you and I know you can do it.
From Floyd

Dear Emma,
For cross country you have to get out there and try your hardest. Even if you do stop running before you see the stairs, you're still a winner.
From Emma

This letter should only be opened by Miss Alex.
Dear Alex,
Keep running and you will be a superstar at cross country. Keep running and don't stop ! Keep running up the hill and around the corner and you will win.
From Alex

Dear Ariana,
I hope you beat last year's time and place - 11Th. I hope you come under 11Th place - even 10Th would be good.
From Ariana

Dear Kavela,
Your cross country goal is to keep going and to not stop and not to talk along the way to the finish.
From Kavela

Dear Cole,
It is sore and tough out there but you are a superstar and you can do it.
From Cole

Just a snippet of the positive self talk we are trying to learn. Let's hope it persuades us to reach for our goals.

Room 8

Room 8's Cross Country Goals

Room 8 walked to Grey Lynn Park on Friday and walked the cross country track - then they ran it. After walking back to school, they sat down and talked about their goals and how they had to be positive and achievable.

This is their 1st iMovie.


Mrs Fale

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Name

Hello Blog followers,

Room 8 has changed their blog address but not the content of the blog.

We are now:

Please update your bookmarks so we don't lose you as a follower.

Thanks so much !

Room 8

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dogs are better than Cats.

Meow!!! oh no! Not that cat again. I think dogs are better than cats because... Dogs can guard things. They don't run away from new people. Dogs are more playful. You can train them more easily. Dogs have save people from bull dogs and last but not least, dogs come in all different sizes.

By Sofia

Friday, May 8, 2009

wheels day

Today  it is a wet wheels day.  It was raining hard like thunder so we had to go to Room sixteen and watch Cars. soon later in the movie mac went to sleep.  Now we are having wheels day after morning tea since the rain has stopped. I hope it will be a good wheels day. We will have to wait and see - it all depends on the weather now.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

1st Attempt at Printing

Room 8 had a go today at print making after a lesson from Mrs Fale. First we had to cover one side of the paper in chalk and then colour, very heavily, over the chalk using crayon. The we folded the paper over and drew our pictures using 2D shapes. We are learning about 2D shapes in Geometry. What do you think? 

Here is a sample of our work.

Room 8

BubbleShare: Share photos - Easy Photo Sharing

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Off to Kelly Tarlton's

Left -  right,    left -  right. Finally  we  are   at  the bus.  Stomp, stomp, stomp !  On   the   bus.
Off   we   go   on  the  bus.  We    get  to   Kelly   Tarltons.   I   see   a   ten   feet   penguin floating off  the ground. It was fun.

by Floyd

Firehouse !

Just then I heard a crackling sound.  What's that sound? Well it sure can't be my dad burning bay leaves. Then my sister screamed, " FIRE ! " After that everyone  got out of the house. My dad was in his shorts puting out the FIRE with the garden hose. 6 minutes later the I hear we oow we oow. Just then 3 fire trucks came.  One window was smashed and 4 chairs were broken because they were all charcoled.  Luckily everyone was okay.

By Cole

Spaghetti with Sauce

I don't like spaghetti because I don't like the feeling of it and I think it tastes yuck!!! It's sooooo bad. I think its bad for my health Dr Spag Spag told me, " it is bad for your health ! "
so believe me you should hate it too.
By Malachi


In my opinion spaghetti is a healthy dinner or lunch.It's healthy because it is in the middle of the food pyramid - in the bread and wheat part that should be eaten four times a day.So I believe that spaghetti is a healthy food.And don't you love the taste of spaghetti with sauce ? I talked to chef La La and he said that there is basically no fat in spaghetti, so no human being on earth should not like SPAGHETTI.
By Charlotte

Jasper's show and tell and do!

Before I played my piece I shared everything about mostly everything I have done in my keyboard class -  like the two big concerts I have done and how many people are in my class. Then I had to play two songs -  high tea and C Major scale. Hi tea was kinda hard but C major scale wasn't that hard. Soon I finished both songs and everyone clapped. by Jasper

Persuasive Writing

Hi World Wide Audience,

In room 8 we are learning about persuasive writing. We are also learning the difference between an opinion and a fact.

Keep watching and reading our blog for some of our persuasive pieces and see if you agree with us!

Ka Kite, 
Room 8

Friday, May 1, 2009

This is my ballet certificate from my ballet ikzam i came merit in my ikzam wosh means 2

Stingray Attack!

Splash!Brrr... I'm freezing. The stingray just splashed me.Did you see how big he was ? He' s a giant stingray.Oh look! Theres a turtle .Now it's time to go. Awww! To the tram ride . yay! I like the tram ride .It' s our turn. yay .
I feel a bit sick now. I need to go home.
I liked the trip a lot.
By Sofia

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