Thursday, July 28, 2011

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Totara Stars by teacher

Click above to add your thought, facts, what you wondered, about water and we'll find the answers over the next term when we study WATER and OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH IT !

Term 3 Homework

This term we are trialling viewing and completing our homework online via our blog. 

We will be able to view our worksheet and won't have to worry about losing our books, losing the paper, or having the dog eat it ! 

This term we will hand in homework every fortnight so this homework is due August 12th.

There is also paper copies available for students without internet access but remember the classroom is open every morning at 8:00 so you can always come in and catch up then.

Email me any questions and good luck and have fun!


Click here to view the homework sheet.

Monday, July 25, 2011

School Holiday Edition of GLS Live

We are still learning how to use the green screen. Our goal this week was to have less camera movement which I think the students achieved.

Our next goal is to find a better place to film so we get all of the news readers body in the shot and that the shot makes visual sense.

We will tackle that in Term 3.

Enjoy and please leave us comments or if you are a green screen expert then please leave us some tips !

Room 13

Week 11 - School Holiday Edition from Room13 GLS on Vimeo.

Friday, July 8, 2011

GLS Live Week 10

This week in New Zealand is Maori Language Week so we decided to do the news show around that week as it ties in with our relationship theme and it is also part of who we are as New Zealanders.

It was also our first time using the green screen so we could have "real" pictures behind us. We are learning all the time and we learned that we have to stand still when filming. 

Untitled from Room13 GLS on Vimeo.

Please leave us comments as we love comments and can learn from them too !

Room 13

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nau Mai Haere Mai to Room 13s Art Gallery

Welcome to Maori Language week and also our 100 Days of Learning celebrations.

We have been using Te Reo Maori in our classroom more this week and have used Maori titles for our art gallery movie.
Our Maori teacher, Matua Emerson left us this term to move to Wellington and he used this quote to remind us of what is important. He changed tangata(people) to tamariki (children)
Our children are the most important thing in the world. 

He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tamariki! He tamariki! He tamariki!

What is the most important thing in the world? 
It is children! It is children! It is children.

Enjoy your children's work.
Leave us comments as we love, love, love comments.

Room 13 Art Show 2011 from Room13 GLS on Vimeo.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day - GLS Live Week 9

In honour of Canada Day, and because Andrea, our teacher, is Canadian, we focussed our news items on learning some facts about Canada.

We all reckon Andrea should make us Beaver Tails for morning tea next week too ! Yum yum !

Andrea also added some photos her brother had sent her of Vancouver.

Enjoy the show ! Make sure you leave us comments !

Room 13

Week 9 GLS Canada Day Version from Room13 GLS on Vimeo.

Toad Rage.

Toad Rage
The author is Morris Gleitzman.
The setting took place in a swamp near the highway in Australia.
The main characters are Goliath the toad, Limpy the toad, Charm the toad and the athlete.
Limpy goes on adventure to get humans to like cane toads but then from some other animals all he finds out is that that cane toads are really ugly but he does not believe them so he continues to go on through darkness or no darkness. After Limpy has all the information he needs. Then he went home and told everybody the news.

Want to find out what Limpy discovered? Then read the book Toad Rage.

By Rebeka

EOTC week

Hi!Yesterday on Monday 13th June we had EOTC week.We had to go to Room 11 to talk about
what groups we would be in.The groups have to have a name and a chant. It was a  great day.
 We also had to be split up with friends to know other people more.We got to do very fun activities. They were parachute, Futsal, Spider web, photography trust, lava leap, cooking smores, making sock puppets and tent and shelter building.

We are going on a trip tomorrow and cannot wait.

Room 13

Toad Rage

Book: Toad Rage
The author is named Morris Gleitzman.
The setting is at a swamp near a highway
The main characters are Limpy, Goliath, Charm, the cane toads and a triathlete.
Limpy goes on a adventure to stop humans from running cane toads over because some of is family have been run over. But no humans care because that the cane toads have to get food from the highway. Limpy sets off on an adventure to change the humans minds. 

So will Limpy stop the humans from running over cane toads?

Grab the book from your library and have fun reading. You will laugh out loud for sure.

By Elijah

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