Thursday, September 30, 2010

Step Up 3D

On Saturday I went to St Luke's and me and my brother and friend went to go and see Step up 3d.
We were 1 hour early so we played and kept going outside.
15 min later people started to come in and then the movie started.
The coolest person that danced I think was Moose and Robot.
At the end there was the final dance and it was the pirates vs samurai.
There were all about grown ups and there were also little kids that new how to do cool as tricks.
The pirates won $10000 so their home was not going to bust because they had $10000.
By Te Ua

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Bunny

When I was turning 5 my dad said I could get a rabbit so I went crazy!. I first said where is it!  He said that I have to go and get the rabbit. I thought that I was getting him from the pet shop but I was getting him from the country. It took a while to get there but we made it. I thought it was rabbit heaven. I wanted a girl rabbit but they were too young to go home were so I had to pick a boy. I picked the one that I liked the most and took it home. When we got home I forgot I even had to name it so I thought of a simple name -Max.
By Anisah

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nudge and Tweet

We have classroom pets. We have 5 fish and 2 birds. The fish are numbered as Andrea says their days are numbered with her as their caregiver ! haha !

We also got given two birds from Mike and Miri, parents at our school. We love the birds and think it is very brave of Andrea to have birds since flying birds are one of her fears.

We get to take the birds home every weekend and Andrea takes them home in the holidays. 

Here are some pictures of Nudge and Tweet - our birdies !

Monday, September 27, 2010

The 90s

We have been learning about the 90s as part of our school's 100 year birthday.

Right now it is our school's Term 3 holidays so we won't be actively blogging but our teacher will be publishing some of our art work every other day to keep our site active and our visitors happy.

Here is Emily's picture of Che Fu. He is a local rap, R&B musician and had his start in the 90s with the band Supergroove. He left the band and went solo and his music is very cool. You can listen to his music here and read all about him and his beliefs.

Che Fu


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Garage Sales

On Sunday me, my sister, my brothers and my mum and dad went to a garage sale.I bought a game and a dolphin ornament. The game is called splosh, splash go fish. After that we went for a walk to the cafes to get something too eat. I had a hot chocolate and a sandwich, then we went home. BY SYDNIE

Music lessons

Every Monday I have piano lessons . Well except for the holidays. My piano teacher is called Hillary. For me she is the best piano teacher in the world. Also, a long time ago I had my first piano teacher and her name was Jessica  - she was a very nice teacher. But she went to University so she didn't really come and that was a shame! So now Hillary is the best teacher in the world! Also I had a concert and I started on level 2! Hillary is great and I really like learning with her.


Friday, September 24, 2010

My Cousins Stay

A few weeks ago my cousins came to NZ for a Holiday .Our house was the last stop. They come from England and their names are Amalia, Cecliia and Isabella .We all slept in the same room. On the last night we stayed up really late telling stories. I wish they could have stayed longer. By Mia M

3 things that I like

Let me tell what 3 things i like. The 1st things are dinosaurs. I don't know why I like them so don't ask. My 2nd thing is a show. It is called Ben 10. I like this show because there is lots of good guys vs bad guys and lots of fighting . Last but not least a Nintendo game that is called transformers animated (tfa).There are lots of levels with a level that stress' the guts out of me. So now you know what three things that I like best.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Game 24

Andrea, our teacher, gives us a card with four random numbers on it. We are allowed to use all the maths signs +,-,x,/ and only allowed to use each number once. The total has to be 24.

There are three levels of difficulty. We used the 2nd level. Here is what we did.

Te Ua, Jaime and Jeru

Making 24

Here are Robbie, Otto and Max and how they made 24 using 4 numbers.

Enjoy !

Making 24

In Maths we have been trying to use our multiplicative thinking. The best way to show you our learning is through pictures and talking about it.

Check back for more Maths learning soon.

Here are Willow and Emily sharing their learning.

My Thumb

I was quietly eating then I went to go and put my lunch box away. I was looking at the budgies and then SLAM!!!!!. My thumb was in the door ! It cut my thumb right through. It was in the door until someone finally opened the door and I came out with a bleeding hand. I went to the sick bay and I got it all bandaged up then my mum came and she took me to white cross. by Olivia

Prize giving netball

On Thursday 21 September It was prize giving. Grey Lynn 4 is Our team. We came2nd.We got a certificate and a ribbon . We were there for a hour. There were shooting competition we did not win. We did not win but we had fun.

By Sophie

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The 90s

We have been learning about the 100 years of Grey Lynn School. Our decade was the 1990s. The students had to choose one things they learned from the 90s and use their thinking hats to showcase their learning. They got to choose how to share their learning.

Mia chose to make a slideshow using Kid Pix, Garageband for the voice over and iMovie as the editing tool.

Enjoy Mia's show and keep checking back to see what others have learned.

Room 13 Teacher

Why should you visit our blog?

Here are some of Room 13 students telling you why you should visit our blog !(besides the fact that our blog is so cool, we get to write freely and we are getting pretty amazing at our graphics....)

Here are some more reasons....

My Futsal game

On Monday I had my futsul game.It was The final! I was sure we were going to lose but the other team had too many players so one of them came onto our team.At half time we were 5-0 down. The next half I scored 3 goals but the end score was 7-6 to them.

By Robbie

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On Sunday me and my family went to Westwave for my brother's birthday !

On Sunday me and my family went to west wave for my brother's birthday . My favourite part of the west wave was the the dark slide and the diving . After that we had kfc for dinner because there was a kfc shop just across the road and there was a place with fish an chips but when we saw how much it was, it was too much money so we had KFC instead. by Willie

The tornado

On Friday the 17Th my brothers friend came around and I went on the computer then it started pouring down with rain and the wind was really strong so I went to my mum and talked to her for a while then I looked outside and I asked my mum where the trampoline was. She said it should be there and she came and looked and then she saw it on the 7 foot fence. Then I went to get Jonathan my brother and his friends. Then we all started laughing because it landed on the neighbors garage. So in the weekend my dad said he would get it down but he didn't so now our trampoline is still sitting on my neighbours garage.

by Isla

Monday, September 20, 2010

We ask you....what would you like to see on our blog?

Today we had a 10:00 start which meant one hour to morning tea...according to the kiddies anyway. We are in our last week of Term 3 and are heading into our last term of Year 4 and the topic change so we thought we'd ask you a question.

What would you like to see on our blog?

Since we are learning about change we are willing to change things and see what our reader's/audience want.

We look forward to your answers.

Much aroha, Room 13

Friday, September 17, 2010

Kotahi Rau

Whew ! It's over...but is it? The learning continues from our 2010 production. Room 13 knows all about the 1990s now which is great. Through our production we have learned about the Y2K bug and how big the internet became.

Now that the shows have been seen we can share some of our learning with you. Thanks to Che Fu for letting us use his song, Chains, which was also a hit of the 1990s.

Our Production

Yesterday we [Grey Lynn school] finished our 2 productions! I had butterflies in my tummy [at first] but I got over it. When it was my turn I was shaking like crazy! But I still had a great time.P.S everyone had their hair done and make up!


My narrative the rest of chapter 3 and some of 4.

Back at Buddie head courtiers the buddies were still making things like cyborgs and planes just then a cube ninja looking guy ..... CHAPTER 4.Fell from the sky. some of the buddies remembered some more cube guys took there gnarl. the said they will free him if he answered there question.he did now the team buddies had more information. By Jeru.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The evening Production

To night is the evening production. The production is about 100 years of Grey Lynn school . The 1990s to1999 is the scene that I am in and the character that I am is Ginger Spice and the ather spice girls are Jennifer,Celia,Caitlin and Anisah.It is going to be nerve bracking for me and please be there because its going to be great. by Acacia

Prize Giving

On Saturday the 11Th i had my prize giving . My prize giving was at west wave at Henderson it was a half and hour drive there on the way to prize giving we brought some food to take to prize giving we got fish and prize giving there were basketball hopes to play basketball with.finally it was time to give out the trophies for the under /8/s first trophies went to the smallest boy in our rugby team his name was called Nathan he got best runner next person the best attacker do you now who it is IT ME i was so nerves that i wont get one but i did after that me and my Friend Jeru went to the pool with him and we found a turtle flutter board we both jumped on it we were in the pool for half and hour then we left by Ethan

Men in Black

Yesterday I was a men in black for the play.

by Elijah.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Production

Today it is 16Th of September 2010 that's Grey Lynn schools production.My class is doing the 1990s. in the 1990s there were MC hammers, spice girls, men in black, millennium bugs. In the production I am a hammerrett. One of the moves of the hammers was from zumba. The boy millennium bugs spay silly sting on the computers that we made and the girls have pompoms. The production is tonight and I can't wait its going to be so fun and exciting. By Phoenix

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My weekend on Sunday

On Sunday I went to my friends place Millie. First we played a game on the computers we went on fr iv . Fr iv is a game with lots of games like you can build roller coaster or you can have fitting games.After that we went into Millie's back yard and got the scooters out and asked Millie's dad if we could go down to the dairy he said yes and we went down there and got heaps of lollies like an ice-cream+a bag of gum and a coke.After that we felt really sick so we thought if we eat more lollies it would make us feel more better but it didn't awhile later I went home and watched TV but never told how much lollies I had.

BY Caitlin

Monday, September 13, 2010

Paige's 1st birthday

On Saturday me and my dad went to my little second cousin birthday. When we got there Paige was asleep and I only knew a tiny amount of people that I knew so a girl named Alex showed me around .After that we had something to eat. Then we played a game -it was pas the parcel. A girl named Jay won the prize.Next most of the little girls attacked Alex there was only three 8 and 9 year old so the two of us tried to get Alex out from under the little kids.After that Paige wok up so we played the next game it was pin the nose on the clown I was so close to winning but instead I came second. After that Alex had to hide in her room because all of the others were chasing her. When the party was over I said bye to Paige and went home. By Emily.

My Last Day

The last day at my old school was a really exiting time for me because I had
a big PARTY! I got to take my camera and I took about 1000,000,000,000 PHOTOS!
Room7 [my old class] gave me a spectacular card with all my adventures. I had a wonderful
time.BUT i am at a wonderful school now is well !

By Ruby

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Japanese party

On Sunday 5th September we went to a Japanese party.I was dressed in a kimono-dress.Obi is a bow that gos on the dress Before we went to the party we went to a Japanese shop. we got Japanese lollies and sandals.I had pom poms in my hair when we went I said sayonara-goodbye and goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Sophie

My cousins new rabbits

A few weeks ago my cousins got 2 rabbits.There names are Lisa and Lucy.They are so CUTE but they can be cheeky [sometimes.]But they're rabbits [they are rabbits - they do that stuff].The drawing that I drew is of Lucy.

By Celia.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Choir Competition

On Oct the 20 Grey Lynn school choir is going to practise at the place that the choir competition is. Because we are going to be in it.It is a great opportunity because we have been practicing very hard songs and fast songs to.These are my favorite songs.Beat it Bad Jai -ho and Sweet bare-footed dreamers. by Acacia.

Our last game.

On a rainy Monday our last Netball game begun. It started at 5.00. Heaps of parents came to watch how we played. Most of the parents don't really come on Mondays. The game started and I was off for the 1st and 2nd quarter. After the those quarters I was on. First I was Center and after Wing Defense. When I was center I wasn't allowed to step into the circle until my bib was on. I was shaking and not knowing who to throw to, when Emily said "pass it to me Jennifer" so I nodded back. When I was center the bell rang to change positions. So I did. Finally it was finished and we had hot chips as a team. Our Netball game delivered a very good message.
By Jennifer.

Monday, September 6, 2010

My Team's Prizegiving - Ponsonby U8

on Saturday my team had team prizes at the Speight's House. My coach Nick said the certificates were not in alphabetical order. When I was up I was named Max the unstopable and these are my players in my team .Max H Max D[whose me] Jett, Ben, Lucas, Oscar, 2x Gabe, Jack, Joe ,Sam, Brooke and Ollie.

By Max

Saturday sleep over

On Saturday my sister Savannah had a friend over. Her name is Nadia. She has a small dog called Rubio. He slept on the side of Savannah and Nadia's bed on the ground. I slept in Savannah' big bed. In the morning I woke up and Rubio was walking around my bedroom like a little fluffy ball. In the afternoon Nadia's mum went home with Rubio and left Nadia with us. We made cupcakes but I didn't like them. It was a fun Saturday night. by Phoenix

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My cat Ike

My cat is old he 16 years old. his name is Ike.He is so so so so annoying. When I want him on the couch he does not come and when I do want him to come he does not come. He is so old that he does not play. he does not like going around the neighborhood. He hangs out at home and watches other cats steal his food. the end.

by Milla

My dog Corby

My dog Corby. He 11 years old.The really annoying thing is that when we're away he gets all the food. He is a boy dog. We got him for Issey's 2 birthday. He loves our attention . He a greedy dog.Even when he eats our food I still really love him.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our production!

Soon we are going to do production! I am so exited.I mean I can't wait!
I am wearing hammer pants.Like my Friend Jack.
Spice girls are Celia + Jenifer + Catlin + Anisah + Acacia.
Millenium bugs are Robbie + Matt + Emily + Isla + Hugo + Milla.
The rest are MIB!

By Jamie

The big move

At the end of the year I'm moving to Queensland because my dad got a job at Bond university. I'm going to miss all my friends and my fish because I can't take them to Australia so either I'm giving them to a friend or making a pond in the backyard and sell them with the house. My cats are going to be looked after by my dads friends and when move into the big house they will send them over. When we leave we are going to stop at Canberra to have Christmas with my Nana and Grandad. I will miss all my friends but I have to move on.

By Isla

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