Friday, July 29, 2016

Star Wars

Star Wars is about fighting Darth Maul's team... even him. When Darth Vader gets out his lightsaber he was fighting Darth Maul and Darth Maul was fighting Darth Vader. The character's are called R2D2 and Chewbacca. When Chewbacca talks, he sounds like this, "waaaahhh." R2D2 is a blue, silver and white robot. Darth Vader's friends are the Stormtroopers.                                                            

                     By Angus!

Billy's started School!

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This is My little brother Billy. He started school five days ago and he is in room 8. He is a year 0 and he is little. He shares his class with room 7. I love my little brother and I hope he has a great time at school. By Sofia

Learning Te Reo

In Term two, the whole school sang Maori songs and we got video'd and put on TV. It was on channel one but also on TVNZ on demand. When we got home we didn't  get on time so we probably have to watch it on TVNZ on demand. So we did but when we just turned on the TV, it was dinner time. After dinner we watched it.The one song that we just finished but it got it stuck in my head...even right now. Ani showed us the song that we are going to do next term all the kids in the Kauri team thought it sounded hard to sing, but I think that we are going to get on well. Ani is a good Maori teacher so we could  sing it really good. Ani must of had a really good Maori teacher when she was in school .By Ben.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The great war!

Once there was a great war! Two Kingdoms were fighting over the great sword. The Great Sword is the most powerful relic in the Multiverse! Anyway, back to the story. The first Kingdom's name was Avantia, the second's name was Gorgoria. The battle went on for years and years. Gorgoria's Boss's name was Horon, and Avantia's was Shan.  Horon's army was winning but Shan had a secret weapon! When the time was right he used the belt of Avantia to vanquish Horon's Shadow army and won!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
 By Pace! 

A whale falling from the sky

One day a cat named Ginger Puff was walking along the street and saw a whale falling down from the sky and it said, ''oooo what is this? I am going to call it... Aaaa tail mmm what is this?I am going to call it...wind.Oooo ooo how about this? Ground. Yes, that's a good name and maybe Ground will be friends with me. "hello Ground!'' (plok) '' oohh. Ground does not want to be friends with me.  "Of course it doesn't want to be friends with you. It's not a living thing you dumb whale!''Ginger Puff said

By Sofia E

Reuben's Party

This Saturday I am going to Reubens Birthday.His birthday party is in four days!!!I can't wait to go because it is at Inflatable World.He is turning nine years old.He says his cake is going to be a chocolate cake.I like chocolate cakes. I also like birthday parties because they are so fun! I don't know what I'm going to get him. I could get him a lego set.I have only gone to Inflatable World once so I am very exited to go again.By Torin

Playing Netball

At netball I shot my first goal .My team got 15 points the other team got 3 points . My positions were, centre and goal attack. Netball is great fun.                
by Emily 


Riding Lessons

This morning my mum told me the good news. The good news was that I got into weekly lessons at my riding school,yay!!! The even better news is that one of the people in my group is younger than me and one is older than me which means ...

I get to ride my favourite pony at the riding school... Wings!!! She is the best pony in the world. I love her to infinity and back again. I love her because she is cute,furry and she makes me laugh.

by Lily

The adventure's of Stink Man Chapter 1

Once on a planet called Earth,  lived the ultimate Super Hero. His name was Stink Man.  For some reason everyone knew when he was in the building.  But there were also Super Villains. The Boss's name is Epos, the evil flame bird. Stink man had two blue light sabers and he could shape shift.   Coming soon...Chapter Two!                                                                                                                                                                                 By Tuscan    

Best Class Ever Yay!

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This is my favourite place because it has all the work books and the daily five activities. We also go there to read our library books . On our way to school we can always pick up some nature to put on to our nature table. I'm so sad that the building is going to be knocked down! But I will always remember this part of the school! By Lucy

The Big Catch

The sea was glistening as the boat sped across the water to find the perfect fishing spot. Maybe I would get a big catch today, Max dreamed. Max imagined the fish was a big Grandpa   Snapper. ''Wake up sleepy head, we're here." Max jumped with a start. ''Ok, ok. I'm ready Emma''. Max let down his line he waited and waited and waited. After an hour the fish started nibbling like mad and then Max's dad's rod started to bend. Paul, Max's dad, whined his rod up slowly. It was a middle size snapper and it flipped around the boat madly. Emma screamed and Max just laughed and helped his mum and dad put the fish in the chilly bin. Emma came out of her hiding spot. As soon as Max put his line down his rod started bending. ''Help dad, help! I can't pull my line up!" Paul helped pull the line up and when the line was up the fish flipped around and guess what... it was... it was a grandpa snapper and Max's dream had come true. By Charlie


In the holidays we went to Wanaka.  We also went in an Air New Zealand plane and it was a very big one.  It could fit lots of people in it.  My dad said that after we have taken of I can play on his ipad. I played angry birds for nearly the whole ride. When I looked back at my dad, he was playing angry birds too which I haven't seen him do it before, but he was playing on his phone.   The angry birds were different levels. The ipad's one was seasons and dad's phone was normal levels, a very easy one.  When we landed in Queenstown, we drove to Wanaka and I was excited to ski. 
By Ben

My otter necklace

Tuesday 26th of July was the day I got my special otter necklace. My necklace came all the way from Canada.My necklace was given to me by my BFF (best friends forever)Sienna McMillan.

My necklace's colour is silver with a little bit of black.The otter reminds me of the Australian zoo where I saw an adorable otter named Lucy.

My necklace is very special to me because it reminds me of my BFF Sienna!!!

By Zoe      

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Favourite Place

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This is my favourite place because lots of things live there and I think it's very special , but you can hurt yourself on the prickles. I hope other people like this place too,do you? I love it. By Monique

Pokemon cards

Easy Blog PhotoHello everyone today I am writing about Pokemon cards.I love Pokemon cards.My favourite Pokemon in my deck is Hawluchu .It is a fighting type. A lot people at Grey Lynn school have Pokemon cards My friend Rory has ho -ho ex .I lost my ex hopefully I can find it. My friend Jozier hates dare he ? Who is your favourite Pokemon? By Noah.

Skiing In The Holidays

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On the 2nd week of the school holidays I did a skiing holiday programme so know when I go from the top I can go on the jump. I was in the dark blue team but it was to easy for me. On the last day we got chips and pizza for lunch. I told my dad I didn't get much even, though I did get a lot so after we got McDonald's. I had a amazing time so I hope we could do it again. By Gus

Memory garden

Easy Blog Photo This is the memory garden.I like the memory garden because it is where me and my friends play and relax in the quiet. I hide there if I'm playing hide and go seek.The thing I like about it is that nobody even looks there. I can also hear the birds doing singing and look at the butterflies and caterpillars on the swan plant. I really like the memory garden! By Lola

Memory garden

Easy Blog Photo This is the memory garden.I like the memory garden because it is where me and my friends play and relax in the quiet. I hide there if I'm playing hide and go seek.The thing I like about it is that nobody even looks there. I can also hear the birds doing singing and look at the butterflies and caterpillars on the swan plant. I really like the memory garden! By Lola

Monday, July 25, 2016

Luna's holiday at my house.

On Monday last week me my mum and my brother dog sat a dog called Luna. Here are a words I thought about Luna: sweet and playful. Luna is very playful because she likes to play fetch and go for walks up the mountain and to the park. Luna is a sweet dog because she doesn't bark at you unless she is hungry. Luna is about three years old. Luna was a bit sad the first time her mum left. Samara [my mum] and George [my brother] and me Ruby we all took luna up the mountain for the first time she was like, OH MY GOSH! I don't want to leave this place but when she pooped we left on the way back up we found some poke stops from the game pokemon go.      By Ruby

Star Wars

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away the rebels are trying escape a fleet of tie fighters. Han Solo, "We're gonna die if we don't use light speed! "Princess Leia, use the light speed then! Luke skywalker said,  "hide in the astroid field. Han solo said, "good thinking kid" Luke skywalker: "I'm not a kid-I'm a jedi, like my father before me.''

Back on the death star 2 
Emporor Palpitine and Lord Vader were talking. There is a great disturbance in the force. The child of Anikin Sky Walker. Darth vader, "what... I have a son?  No you a darth va- "I have a son?  I must tell everyone. Wait a minute. You said I killed Padme in my anger err yes then how did she manage to have 2 kids?. That dosent make sense. I'll kill you... come here!  the end.
by Jozier

Maori language week

This week it is Maori language week. Yesterday the whole school sang and got put on tv.We got put on Maori television. If you missed it and want to watch it it will be on tvnz ondemand.The name of the tv show is Te Karere.We sang a song called Tarakihi.We are learning to speak Maori. Ani is teaching us Maori so now I can speak Maori. I can do my mihi now. 
He tauira ahau ki te kura o Grey lynn means I am a student of Grey Lynn School. Kura means school, tauira means student and ahau means any of these sayings me myself and I.By Torin.



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All of the plants around the Kauri block are going to be moved and some may be destroyed if they are in the way. I love plants because they will grow strong and tall and provide shelter also if your lost in the Amazon you can hide under a tree. Everybody nows that we breathe out carbon dioxide and trees breathe in that and they breathe out oxygen. Trees also can can be for a treehouse.You can make swings on trees. I hope we bring these plants with us to our new building. By Kiedis

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Lola's Favourite Place

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My favourite place that is going to be knocked down is the target wall because my friends and I sometimes play there at morning tea. I am going to miss the target wall when it gets knocked down. I also sometimes bounce balls at it when I am at SKIDS. I am going to miss being able to do that at SKIDS,because it was really fun. Oh, and I used to sit there when I was eating my morning tea and lunch. When I bounced balls off it, it helped me pass better and catch as well.The target wall is one of my favourite places in the whole school.I will definitely remember the target wall and miss it as well. By Lola

Jed 's Post on Wednesday, 6 July 2016

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I will miss the target wall because the target wall is going to get smashed down and I won't get to play on it. The target wall is getting smashed down because we are going to have a new big school next year . I hope that the new school has a even better target wall. By Jed.🇳🇿 #RememberOurRoots

Monday, July 4, 2016

Ben 's Post on Monday, 4 July 2016

I want to remember the library!
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This is the library it's going to get demolished next year when our school starts the new building.  I want it to be remembered because it is fun and it has lots of cool books and I enjoy the Lego. Everyone has fun there. I hope the new library has space where you can be creative and a Lego Club! by Ben

Our School Trip

Last week room 11 and room 10 went to the

Corban art centre. We made our family in a jar.

First we drew our family and then we got a clear 

piece  of paper and then we got some tape and 

then put them together.

After we did dots on the clear piece of paper.

Then we got a silver peace of paper and went over

the dots again.

Finally we put the silver piece of paper and put it 

in a jar and put a light in. It was awesome!!!

By Jed

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