Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Mystery Challenges in Literacy

CJ and I chose Challenge card #2 about our book, One dog and his Boy. We had to build a dog kennel that would fit Hal and Fleck. By Anthony and CJ

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

FIsher Dad

Fisher Dad

In the morning, getting ready to go fishing.
He is in warm clothes making sandwiches ready
for the boat, filling up drink bottles for the boat, putting
ice in the chilly bin and getting the gross stinky bait out
of the freezer. Setting up the boat he’s putting the fishing
rods in the boat and other stuff. Then jumping out
and driving to the wharf. After he has gotten the boat on
the water and has his life jacket on and is in the boat, he starts.
The boat goes slow in the channel but when he can go fast,
he is zooming off. When he finds a good fishing spot he
stops and parks up and starts to put the anchor down. Once
he is done he gets out the stinky gross bait and a fishing rod,  
baits his hooks and puts them out. He gets out the burley
pot and when he has a fish he winds it in and goes again
and has a great time.

 By Ruby

Sharing our Learning in Room 10

On the last week of Term 2, the whole school shared their learning with their families. The children did the sharing and the parents did the listening and asking questions. 
The teachers were there to help out anyone if they needed it. 

Cassie - "I liked it because I got to share my learning my dad."

Oscar - "I liked it because my mum and dad gave me some feedback and feedforward of what I needed to do and so did Andrea."

CJ - " They were good because I got share my learning with my mum and dad and spend more time with them in the classroom. " 

Andrea (teacher) - "I enjoyed them as I got to watch my students proudly share their learning, spend quality time with their parents and family and show off their achievements. "

Friday, July 27, 2018

Google Slideshows about Dogs

Here is our slideshow on a dog breed we love. This was part of our Chapter Chat work this week.

Erika and Annabelle

Chapter Chat Term 3

This term the Kowhai team are doing their own Chapter Chat since the official Year 3/4 Chapter Chat has stopped.

Our book this term is One dog and His boy, Eva Ibbotson. 

Please feel free to comment on our blog or our Twitter account. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Facts about Horses

During the Daily 5, Lilly and India worked together to create a slideshow about horses.

We hope you enjoy our learning.

Lilly and India

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Finland - My Special Country

Enjoy Erika's presentation about Finland.

Matariki Facts and Songs

We worked together as a group of 3 on presenting different facts about Matariki.

We also learned how to embed songs into our slideshows. 

We hope you enjoy our learning. 
Nikhil, Erika and Amelia

Online Gaming Debate

We decided to start a debate about playing online games after a lot of our class said they are playing some of these games.  Some people shouldn't even be playing these games because they are for 13 years of age and over.  What's your opinion? 

Poppy, Annabelle and Immy

Our Matariki Learning

Please enjoy our slideshow about Matariki. We did this during our Inquiry week leading up to Matariki. 

Oscar, Wahaj, Kreschard and Archie

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