Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Room 16's Got Talent

Here are 26 of the dearest students singing a farewell song to me as I leave for a year overseas. 
So clever. So wonderful. So thankful. 

Thanks for a fabulous year Room 16 !


Oh Andrea by Room 16 from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.

Monday, December 9, 2013


In room 16 zelfs are popular.
Pretty much all the girls have them.
I have three little ones and a medium one to.
Izzy has four little ones I gave her one. 
Izzys is blue and the hair is blue. 
If you look down the bottom you will see mine and one of  Izzys.
By Alexandra and Izzy

Geoffrey's christmas list

Hi my name is Geoffrey this is what I want for christmas...
A book of flags
A series of Harry potter
A mysteries of the world book
A sports card series
A book of wonders of the world
Well that's all folks
By Geoffrey

Friday, December 6, 2013

Octagonal prisms

Hello fellow people,
Me and Ruby were walking along and finally we found what we were looking for,an Octagonal prism! It looked a bit like a bolt with no screw. Do you know what an octagonal prism is? Well I can tell you that the one we found had 16 sides! They are also 3-dimensional that means they are solid. They are  in a group called polygons (po-le-gon). We found this on the flying fox  platform. By Ruby and Noah.

Our Pets

Today at lunch time we drew pictures of animals. Ruby's pet was a fish and she called it Bluebell. Kassidy's pets was a hamster and a guinea pig. The hamster was called Cutie-Pie and the guinea pig was called Mr Cuddles. This is a picture of our pets:
By Kassidy and Ruby

The cylinder trunk from the tree

On Monday the second of December we paired up to go find 3D shapes. Boys had to pair up with girls and girls had to pair up with boys. When we paired up we went outside with an iPad. All the pairs went outside and tried to find 3D shapes and we only had ten minutes. We found a sphere, cube, cylinder, and cone. Our favourite shape was the cylinder the trees trunk. It look like a cylinder because it was long and had a circle at the top and bottom and it was a long circle. But then it was time we went back to class and shared a shape. It was cool finding shapes. 
By Benjamin and Isabelle

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cloudy with a chance meat balls two

Meat balls two is a movie that is called cloudy with a chance. Cloudy is a inventor that really wants to make food rain from the sky and after that happens the rain makes food animals. There are the flamango, crab cake ,tacodile, and loads more and there is a movie that is coming out and I really think who ever is reading this should see it.

Christmas at my house.

Today I am very happy because when I get home I am going to make some Christmas  decorations
and Ruth is going to get help from her sister and she will make a advent calander for her dad to fill. Ruth will also get a chocolate advent calendar. On the day of Christmas she will go to her sisters room and she will open one of her presents and show her present to her Mum and Dad. Then she will open all of her presents in the stocking . She is going to Patawa so she will get lots of presents on Christmas Day. Today I am very excited because after school me ,my Mum and sister are going to make a Christmas Tree. We're going to Plant Barn to get long pieces of wood. Then we will try to find strong string to tie the wood together. Then we will put Christmasy things on it. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Shapes and Geomertry

This is the sun and we took a picture of it because we thought it looked like cylinder. We also took pictures of other things that are 3D. They are: Tree trunk that's a cylinder,slide(that's a cylinder again. we mostly took pictures of cylinders) But the picture of the sun is a sphere. It was really fun taking pictures of 3D shapes.
By Ruth and Weston

Aiko's and Rio's 3D shapes

We are learning about 3D shapes in room 16. Our shape is a sphere. We found our shape in room 16 on the ceiling. It was one of the planets.The other shapes were a heart, cone and a cube.We found the cube in the garden.We found the cone by the old room 7.We had so much fun!
By Aiko and Rio

The hunt for 3D shapes

Today we went out for 5 minutes to look for 3D shapes. We found a tree for a cylinder, bin for a 
Rectangular prism a ball for a sphere, pipe for a Cylinder  a cone for a cone and fake planets for spheres. It was great fun.

Jolie and Jonty

Monday, November 25, 2013


WALT embed a link to our posts. 

Today  I went on a green iPad  I went on dogo news there were six people were carving a pumpkin  into a zombie.  The zombies only have two teeth. They have to use a big pumpkin by Elizabeth .


The best day ever!

On Sunday the 24 of November 2013 it was the best day ever because me,my sister, mum and dad set out the paddling pool for me and Anya, my sister. Then we put some chairs and some benches out.
Next we got some towls out and put on our togs.  When we got in it was freezing. I had to jump in. Then it started to get warm and I had to go and get some ice and suck on it. When I got really cold I came out and got my sunglasses. I took one of the towels and put it on the grass. Then I sat down and started to read.By Aiko

Friday, November 22, 2013


I can't wait until Christmas. It's my favourite time of year apart from Easter and my birthday. Last Christmas Me and Tess got a trampoline.Santa air landed on it. This year I want to get a new spa. I think everyone in my family wants a new one. I also want quit a lot of pig stuff. Two more are a Furby and another smiggle gift card. I also want rolly sunblock which might sound weird but I like it and it's also good for summer and Christmas is in sun. I would like a pair of Heelys.
By Ruth


Hotels are buildings where people can stay over night in a room.Lots of hotels have pools and water slides.People only need to stay in a hotel if you are on holiday.one thing there expensive to stay in a hotel.A hotel is  not a motel, a motel is small and a hotel is big.that is all I know about hotels.by Rio

I drew this using an APP called Finger Sketch.

The beautiful night sky

Watching the beautiful Shining stars flying through the night sky, all the trees near by go woooooooooooosh and again, wooooooooooooooooooosh.
I see this out my window.
By Hollie

I am learning to draw using the APP Finger Sketch.

A poem

I am a shooting star shooting across the sky looking down at the houses as I go by .
I'm waiting until someone wishes on me. 
I can see the moon when I go past. 
The Sun is very hot when I go past.
By Isabelle

My Christmas list.

Today is Tuesday. When I get home I am going to make a Christmas list. I can't wait but I have too. This is what I want. I want a CD player, a pair of Heelys and a Furby. Happy Christmas everyone!

By Aiko.

Erin Hunter

My favourite author is Erin Hunter. She writes Warriors and Seekers books.The reason she's my favourite author is because the Warriors books are about warrior cats who fight other clans and my favourite animal is a cat so I immediately know what it's about when I start reading a new Warriors book. If you like aventures then you should read the Warriors and Seekers books by Erin Hunter.

Here is the website you can go on to see more books.

By Kassidy 


Flowers are part of what we are learning.
Have you had flowers in your house.
Did you know there are over 100 sorts of flowers in the world.
If you like flowers you should get some for your house.

The little butterfly poem

I'm a little butterfly.
See me flap my wings.
I'm so beautiful I could just be a model.
If I had a bow in my hair and a dress I would be the beauty Queen.
With make up I would look like a Barbie doll.
My wings are pink and black.
By Kassidy and Ellie

Here is a link if you want to read about butterflies.

The bad typhoon in the Philippines

In the Philippines there was a big typhoon.In our school we are having a coin trail on a heart down on the lower quad. Please bring a coin and take it down to the heart please.By Rio

Staying in a motel

I'm staying in a motel.  At the start I didn't want to stay there but then my mum said there was a  pool and spa I got a little excited.  When I got there I wanted to  go  for  a swim but the pool and spa were inside but I didn't  care.  That night after dinner I read and went straight to sleep.
By Cherry

What I do at my house

At my home I go on the iPad and play monster truck games and its lots of fun.  I ride on my mums bike in the garden and watch tv and I like watching Johnny Test and I do Kung Fu with my brother. I also  do my homework and we play with my dad,my brother and he and throws balls at us.

By Red

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