Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Anthony's Weekend

On the weekend I went on the computer and I played games. The games were Roblox, fortnight but we had to go to the tuckshop. We had lots and lots of people ordering chips, lollies and hotdogs. After we went to Genjis Khan. CJ was there for his Grandma's retirement. We went because we had to go for my mums weight losing challenge.The stuff was for free but you had to pay for the family. There was sushi, broccoli, chips, ice cream, pancakes and other stuff. The next day I went on the computer and we went to Pasa. Denzel was chasing me on a bike with a bat. We played softball and I only got one home run. We got Mc Donalds and I got a frozen coke. My sister got a choctop.
By Anthony

Anzac Day Facts

Anzac day facts
1. How did the war begin? On June 28 a Serbian nationalist called Gavrilo Princip killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
2. Where was the war?The war was in Gallipoli.
3. Why was the poppy the main flower on Anzac day? The poppy has being linked with battlefield death since World War 1.It is a symbol of war remembrance.
4. When did the war start and when did it end? The war started in 1914 and ended in 1918.
5. Were woman in the war? Woman were in the war. They were nurses and spies.
6. How many people died? Over 16 million died.
7. Were animals in the war? There were animals in the war.The animals were dogs and almost a million horses.
8. Were there kids in the war? There were kids in the war. They were boy scouts and girl guides.
9. What did they eat in the war? They ate cake,chocolate, tobacco and tinned food.
10. What does Anzac stand for? Anzac stands for Australia and New Zealand army corps.

Annabelle and Sofija.

World War 1

Have fun watching our presentation. We also created Anzac Cove using lego. Pop into Room 10 and we will explain the story to you. 
Zara and India

Anzac Facts

Please watch our Google slideshow on Anzac facts.
Sam and CJ.

Self Directed Learning

Today Room 10 went on an Anzac web quest. On Monday we talked in groups and recorded what we already knew about Anzac day.

Then we shared our facts. 

We talked about how can we learn more about Anzac Day but make it all about what we want to learn and Andrea said we should go home and think about the W from KWL. 

Once we had our W, Andrea said we could work in pairs or on our own and decide how to share our learning. 

Today was great. We were in charge of our learning and we chose how to present our learning. We also shared our learning with the class and got valuable feedback and feedforward. 

Please take a look at all our work or pop into Room 10 and see our posters on the walls. 

Andrea said Term 2 will be a lot more like today and when we voted who loved it, everyone had their hand up!

Room 10 

Monday, April 9, 2018


Hi I am Erika and I did a story called Flashemon. It is about a  DETERMINED dog that was different and he was on a quest to find people. His friend's name was Pan-cake lover and later on Pan-cake lover and his friend  find... a king cobra - the size of 2 sky tower's ! Flashemon will uncover his greatest fear. Flashemon's friend Pan-cake lover plays an important role in the story by going through traps and puzzles. Flashemon likes to really think about it before doing it.

by Erika

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The GLS Playground

The GLS playground has had some replacements put in but we are very proud because it has been here for since 1988 and is sill in Grey Lynn school after for all these years. We are very lucky to have the playground with us because it is very old, 
and our favourite part of it is the red round swings. We play on it at morning tea and lunch. 
By Cassie and Lilly 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Our new school

Grey Lynn School has been turned into a construction sight and the builders that are working here have done a brilliant job so far. They are building the gymnasium and the music room. Our library has been turned into a office because our old office got crushed down. We have Portacom classrooms to replace the ones that got destroyed. The walls of the three story buildings tower over the school like mountains towering over a lake. Everyone is really excited about the new build, but it's extremely noisy to listen to the builders work. There are trucks driving in and out of our school witch is very annoying, but it will be worth when the buildings are done.                          

By Phoebe and Beata.    

My creepy little brother

Another typical day at school. Mum and I walk down the hill. ‘’Mum Alex had another accident.’’ ‘’Change him then.’’ We're back home, happy for some reason. ''Maddie you have to change the baby.’’ ‘’I thought I heard mum say you have to.’’ ‘’Nope. Liar, liar pants on fire.’’ ‘’This is how my sister's fight- it’s a nightmare. The fact that I have to live in this family drives me crazy. They always blame everything on me cause I’m the the second youngest in the family. Second youngest means the most mischievous. Everything Alex does makes them say “Aww’’ And no offence to Alex, but he sometimes freaks me out. There was a time that Alex came in my room and he was talking. I have never met a baby at 2 years old talk so fluently. I ran to tell mum and dad but they just said it was normal old 2 year old stuff. I was actually scared of a little baby for 1 whole year. One day we went to go see the movie Trolls. When it was the sad part, you know when they almost get eaten, Alex started grinning so hard the whole theatre heard it. Also at the end of the movie when all the trolls were happy, he felt so depressed. My little brother might be a little creepy, but I love him no matter what.
By Aniva

The gold dragon who ate gold

Once in a dark cave there was a light but it was  yellow. It was a dragon and it ate gold - it only ate gold it never ate fruit, vegetables and meat.Then one day the dragon smelled gold and the gold was in a village, but I don’t mean an ordinary village. It had boys who stole bread and there were broken lamps, fire engines and cars.Then the dragon flew out of the cave and headed to the village. Then one man said "there's a dragon in the sky," and the dragon landed.Then the dragon saw the gold - it was in a shop.Then that man got a net and threw it on the dragon but the net was too small. But the dragon did not CARE. The dragon reached in and grabbed the gold and flew away.The people ran and followed the dragon until they got to the cave. Some people started to climb but it was too steep. Also they switched to plan B but only one man knew plan B. So he raced and got a helicopter. One second he blew the cave up with the dragon inside. After they had a celebration because they blocked the way the dragon would come out. Now the village was safe. By Nikhil

Thursday, March 8, 2018


I went to Queenstown, Te Anau and Milford Sound.
Me,Mum and dad did a boat trip down Milford Sound and some people say it is the 8th wonder of the world.
It is a Fiord surrounded by really high peaks which have trees going out of rock.We went through the Homer Tunnel to get to Milford sound.Milford Sound is one of the wettest places in the world and the rain creates hundreds of waterfalls along every peek.The big cliffs and valleys were formed by ancient glaciers over hundreds of thousands of years.We saw seals and dolphins!
When we were on the boat the wind nearly blew us off our feet.
We went for a awesome bike ride it was the best bike ride I ever had.On our way to Te Anau there were these people from overseas who nearly had three crashes. We called star 555 and the cop came to tell them off.

This is a rock I found on lake Te Anau.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Welcome To 2018

Room 10 is back for another year of blogging and sharing their learning with the world! 

We love comments so please leave us a comment on our learning. 

Room 10 have 26 shining stars this year so expect to read something exciting from every student in Room 10. 

We hope you all have a fabulous year as well.

Room 10

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Interesting facts about cows

Hi I am Erika and I did 5 facts about cows for Chapter Chat for the book we're reading called, The Terrible Two. 

The first one is that cows are social animals and also they are form large herds.
I was really proud of that first line because I had to put two facts together and made one.

Now the 2nd, well cows are actually colourblind to red and green. I know right, crazy! I wonder if they know grass isn't black? 
I was really surprised about that when I read that.

Number 3 is just amazing: a cows heart beats 60 - 70 beats per minute.
It is nuts! A person's heart only beats 40 -45, sometimes 55 for athletes.

Number 4 is a wow. An average cow can hear lower & higher noises better than people.
I had no idea that cows can hear better than people!

Now for the big one ...5! An average dairy cow weighs about 1,200 pounds!
I had no idea that an average cow weighs about 1,200 pounds until I read about it on the chrome book!

Which fact did you find surprising?
By Erika

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