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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Kelly Sports

I play Kelly Sports.
By Vincent

Chilly the Penguin

 On Saturday I got a penguin from the shop but I didn't  know what shop it was. I always sleep with it all day long. It is puffed up and feels soft and cuddly like a real penguin. 
By Loma

Dog Disco

For days ago I got a new puppy sketching book and I have done some drawings in it. In the front there are two sticker pages in the front of it. There are two different kinds of stickers. There are sparkly ones and shiny ones.The puppy's names are Misty, Sparkles, Lola, Magic Spot, Vanilla Misty(Mistys twin sister) Browny and Snow.
By Lily

The Fish Bowl

On the weekend me and Ila made a Fish box. I made a fish feeder. We painted sparkles on the fishbowl. It was fun for me. The fishies names were Flounder and Ruby and Goldie and Flash. The fishies eat water weed and shrimps. The weeds are flappy to me. by Jaya

My Feather

I found a white feather in my Grandma's garden when I was walking down on the footpath. I think it is from a white eagle. When he flew by the feather flew off his wings. My feather feels smooth and fluffy. 
By Mere (typed by Andrea)

Friday, March 27, 2015

My Grandad

My grandad is coming for 5 days .I am so excited. I love him so much.  He is from Hawkes Bay. 
By Ava

My Grandfather and his Medals

This  is  my  Grandfather in  Italy  in  the second world  war. His  job   is  a tank  driver  and  shooting tanks.  Two  of  my  great, great  Grandfathers fought
in  the  war. By Toby  

My Cute Dog

My friend was giving me a cute toy because she was going away for Easter. So we went to the Grey Lynn park and played on the playground and play in the pool. By Elsie


On my birthday I got a game called charades and I love  it.I have played it twice and it is fun.the funniest card that my friend got was a flower the funniest card that I got was a tree. All the cards you get are objects , actions and animals.by Jake

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Minion

I got   a   minion  from  my  cousin   and  my  brother  got  a  big  minion  and   my   baby   brother  got  a  little   minion  like  me. My  minion  is  very  soft   and   it  is  wearing  a  blue t shirt   and  it  has brown eyes.                                                                                          
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   biy  Tnias

Making 10

Today, some of the Pink Diamonds maths group were learning how to make 10. First they used the beans and made 10 on the mat. Then they tried to find the missing number to make 10. Lastly they drew two different ways to make 10 using Kid Pix. 
Well done Ila,Jaya and Elsie. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lego Transformers.

 On aloha night I went to toss the bean bag I won a prize the lego dinosaurs.The dinosaurs head connects to metal.It is a lego set. 
By Vance.

Darth Vader

This  morning I was looking for my toy Darth Vader. I could not find so I could not show it to the class. It was a present for my 5th birthday. If I find it, my mum will email a photo to my teacher. 

By Francis

Friday, March 20, 2015


Sylvanians are soft and you can take the  clothes of and you can move its tail and hands. The baby can move its head and I have a car and I have some food. They are  tiny. By Lucille

Atticus Claw.

At the library I got five Atticus Claw books. I've finished Atticus Claw Breaks the Law. I haven't finished Atticus Claw Settles a Score. I like Atticus Claw. By Stanley

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mermaid book

This    is    my     book. They have  178  pages         in   the  book.   by  Stella

My dad at Cambodia

My dad    went to   Cambodia    and   got   me  a        
 box. The  box  is metal. by   Ila

I am collecting stones.

I am collecting these stones. I have a favourite                                                 stone and it can glow in the dark. My stones are smooth. By Jaya

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Room 2's Pet Kereru


In Room 2 we have a forest outside our window and sometimes, when we are busy doing our work, a kereru comes and sits on a branch. We are supposed to be doing our work but he is so interesting to look at. 

Sometimes we get out the binoculars and look at him. 

Listen to our writing about our pet kereru! 


Rugby, Rugby, Rugby!

On  Sunday  I  went  to  my  rugby registration. At my rugby  registration, I   got  a  book   about  the 
Ponsonby  rugby  pride  and  I  got  a  Blues poster. In  the  Blues  there  is  Kevin Mealamu and  he has  played  the  most  super-rugby-games. 

By Toby

Littlest Pet Shop Pets

I got 13 Littlest Pet shop pets. I got 4 baby littlest pet shop pets and 9 adult pets.There called Zoe, Minka, Splash, Pepper, Sugar Sprinkles, Kitery Banter, Saskaya, Bensen, Osey, Feliz, Lavinda Cherry and Ripley.
By Lily.

Snow Globe

I got a snow globe and it  is made out  of  glass. It has Venice in it. I bought it at the airport.
By Dylan

Walking with Dinosaurs

I went to to Walking with the Dinosaurs and it was really fun. I got a toy that goes round and round I love it. I got candyfloss too. The colours were blue and pink.

By Jake

Tiger Moth

I    built a tiger moth  with     my   mum   and   it is   so   fragile   that    if   you  drop  it  could smash into million pieces.Yesterday I brought it to school and when mum took it home the hole thing broke into pieces. By Jojo

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