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Room 2
“It's not about what it is, it's about what it can become.” ― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Beanie boos by Charlie

Beanie boos  area type of soft toy.They have big eyes with a round black dot with a collar that is sparkley .You can get them in different sizes: little ones that hang on your bag, then small ones that are the usual size. Ater that it goes on to medium and next are the really big ones.If you put the usual size Beanie boo on the big Beanie boo, the usual size Beanie boo looks like the Beanie boo that hangs on your bag. Beanie boos come in all different animals including unicorns and other made up thing. Beanie boos have such soft fluff and they all look really adorable.The animals come in all different colours, like there's a elephant called Ellie She's pink with little blue spots and I think she's adorable.Beanie boos are very popular and I have eight of them and my brother's got five boy Beanie boos. The Beanie boos come with a tag and the tag says its birthday and name so it gives you a lot of information. It also says a little poem like my monkey's poem: it says,I swing in the trees as much as I please. Beanie boos are great toys to collect. You should get them too.By Charlie

The chase from Darth Vader by Zoe

Long,long ago in a galaxy far,far away Darth Vader was up to no good.

On the land of Leamana three children were playing in the beautiful beach of Bozzar. Unfortunately that was right under death star.

''We need more power''shouted Darth Vader to one of the storm trooper captain.''But where are we going to find more power and what power do you want?''asked the storm trooper captain. ''I WANT THE FORCE'' shouted Darth Vader really, really loudly.''But where are we going to find that?'' the captain asked again. Darth Vader had a think and then spoke. ''There are three children down on plant Leamana. They will have to do.We'll turn them into Stormtroopers.''

 So Darth Vader headed out to find the  three children.

''Do you hear that'' asked Rose to Kate and Charlie. ''Hear what'' asked Charlie ''Hear that'' said Kate as she pointed her finger into the air.''Is that the death Star? '' asked Rose in shock, as well as shivering.'' I think that is!'' replied Kate shivering as much as Rose.''What do you think they want from us?'' asked Charlie ''And why us?'' ''Well probably because we are the only ones on this island'' replied Rose with a dark voice.

''Get them!'' Darth Vader ordered ''Exterminate, exterminate'' went his robots ''We better run,'' shouted Rose 

''Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah'' shouted all the girls loudly ''Where should we go?''asked Charlie '' We'll go to hut number 1'' said Kate '' And we'll pick up princess Lila on the way" 

So they set off to find hut number 1...

Stay tuned for Chapter 2.

Amazing Maori Performance

       Amazing Maori Performance!!

Today the whole School saw a Maori performance and it was BRILLIANT!!! First the actors told the story of the Earth (Papa or Papatuanuku) and the Sky (Rangi) being pushed apart by their children, the Maori Gods, Tangaroa, Tumatauenga, Tawhirimatea, 
Tane-Mahuta, Rongo, Ruaumoko and Haumia-tiketike. The second part was about the maori people sailing from Hawiki-nui to Aotearoa. The third part was about the Maori People learning how to Hunt and cook food on their own for themselvs. The last part was about the celebrations had and the games that they played while the celebration was on. The hand games they played included Te-Rakau and Paper-Scissors-Rock. My favorite culture is Maori so I really enjoyed this and if you ever see a Maori perfomance I hope you enjoy it too!

By Pace

Te Ropu Haka Tapere

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A matariki performance

Today we saw dance about Matariki. I liked it but in the 3rd performance I got a bit scared because I was in the front row and they were very loud. I and a few other people got to play paper- scissors -rock with the performers and I won! The performances were about growing crops, gods, celebration and navigation.After we got to shake hands with the Gus

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Four Interesting Facts About Common Skinks.

Four Interesting  Facts  About Common Skinks.

A Common Skink has a body that is eight cm long and its patterning and colours are variable; as some are very bold and some are so faint that you can hardly see them! Common Skinks reach mating age at four years and have five to six young each year. The predators of  a Common Skink in someone's garden could be one of these: rats, mice, dogs or cats. Predators in the wild would probably be rats, mice, hedgehogs, cats, stoats, ferrets and kingfishers. Many species of skinks are endangered and that is why everyone needs to help and make an impact so we can save the Skink species!

By Pace

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Introducing Ourselves in Maori

WALT say our Mihi with a strong and confident voice.

Celebrating Samoan Language Week, May 30th - June 3rd

In Room 10 we are celebrating Samoan language week by doing some art, learning some basic words and reading stories about Samoa. 

Click on this link to learn about the country Samoa too!

Watch this space for our upcoming work! 


Andrea and Room 10

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Torin's Birthday Party

My birthday is coming soon.I am very exited I am going to Megazone and bowling.I might go to the arcade I like Megazone.  I will invite Luca, Rhys, Noah, Jayden and more.My birthday is on the first of June but my birthday party is on the 12th. I want a surprise cake because I always know what I am getting for my cake. Birthdays are so fun because I get so much cool stuff. I can't wait till my birthday.By Torin.

Monday, May 16, 2016

May the Fourth

There is one day a year that Star Wars fans love...May the Fourth! Room 10 are huge fans and asked if they could celebrate it!

Here is a movie all about the day! Enjoy! 

Andrea and Room 10

Monday, May 2, 2016


Once in South America there was a military base and a plane attacked the base. One of the Jedi jumped onto the plane and stabbed the planes motor. Two people were shouting at the plane. In the end the plane crash landed. They had almost all the soldiers out around the plane. Suddenly the plane started to transform. "Oh no! It's a Decepticon." Everyone was shouting at it but it was no use. It is transforming its arms into guns. "Quick! Shoot at it's heart. That will make it struggle! the aircraft people shouted. "Shoot at its eyes then it will fall over for ten seconds...but do it fast...because the guns are nuclear missiles." 

Then Prime saw the Decepticon and stabbed him through the back and the Decepticon was dead and the fight was over. Once the army decided to move base. They found one in the forest. They made two fake trees that had buttons on them. One was for the elevator and the other one is four the aircrafts to fly out. They moved because the deception found the other base. 

Chapter Two coming soon...
By Tuscan                          

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