Room 10

Room 10
“It's not about what it is, it's about what it can become.” ― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Tree Scarf

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When we move to our new classrooms, I hope we can take our plants with us and when we do move I hope the plants will be safe. 
 When I go to school everyday I see the tree with no leaves and one day, I went to school and I saw a magnificent tree with different colourful ribbons on it! Now the tree isn't naked. It has a warm scarf wrapped on it! Reuben

A long Holiday

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Two days ago it was the holidays this is what I did: First we went up to our grandparents house we stayed there for one night and then took a ferry to Auckland and then drove a motor home all the way to Waitomo. The next day we waited around until it was time for our glow worm and Rurikuri cave tours. The next day we went all the way to Matamata we stayed the night and then went to Hobbiton movie set and had a long tour. Then we went back into the motorhome and drove home.
By Enzo

The chase from Darth Vader chapter4

 Previously on The chase from Darth Vader '' Lock all the windows and doors so he can't get in.You're all in big trouble!''  

''King Louie what happens if Darth Vader gets our power'' asked Rose ''He will rule the GALAXY'' King Louie said in quiet voice ''So I can't let any one see you. All of you should go to bed now, you've all had a big trip,'' said King Louie. ''Burtram, my butler, will escort you to your room. Good night.''

Quickly Burtram lead them to a dark and spooky room. ''Umm, are you sure this is our room?'' asked Princess Lila, a little disgusted. ''Yes I'm sure... TBC By Zoe

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Jed 's Post on Tuesday, 23 August 2016

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Last year in room two I did a mural with Margret. Now she is going away from the school for a year. It is really sad that she is going for a year because she is a wonderful art teacher and I love her art. She is fun at art because she makes art and then makes us do it. By Jed

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

SPCA cupcake day

On Monday Room Ten are going to sell cupcakes to save animals that haven't been treated well. SPCA have been finding untreated animals that are sick cold and not very good shelter and lost which is very sad. We are doing a cake shop and it is just outside of room ten on the deck under the shelter. The SPCA is made to help save animals. Also room 10 are making footsteps to our  cake shop. It's like a dog is sniffing the cupcakes.The prices are 50  cents  to 3 dollars  .And we are making posters make others come to our cake shop.By Ben.

School Rules

Me and my brother made a movie called School Rules. We made the movie on imovie. We made the movie because we wanted to make it so people would follow the rules. We put the three R's in the movie the three R's are respect, responsibility and resilience. By Torin.

P.S. Turn your volume down a bit as the video has some loud sound effects!

Untitled from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.

Monday, August 15, 2016

SPCA Cupcake Critters Rule

Room 10 had a problem. They had a problem with people being cruel to animals. Room 10 is a class full of animal lovers.

We know we cannot solve all the world's problems, yet, but our goal is to make them better than before.

Olive found a newspaper article about hosting a cupcake day to help fight animal cruelty. It's called, SPCA Cupcake Day!

We talked about it as a class and we had 100% buy in! Our cupcake mission was on! We asked that each of us commit to baking at least 6 cupcakes, slices or fruit kebabs. And we did. We did a lot more than that! 
We advertised and made posters. Our parents all helped us. It was a team effort. Andrea also baked a lot of mini cupcakes! 

Our day was a success. The students of Grey Lynn school all remembered their gold coins and some even gave us extra donations. 

We were able to raise $460.00 to help fight animal cruelty. We know there will be a lot of happier and more loved animals now that they have our money too. 

This shows us that we can make a difference. Every little action helps. Every voice needs to be heard. Today, we spoke for the animals. 

SPCA CUPACKE DAY-SD (480p) from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Evil Squirrel Chapter 2

It was eight o'clock in the morning on Rubbish Bin RD and Norbert was in his Rubbish Bin finding rotten tomatoes to throw at Evil squirrel and his "Squirrel squad." Evil squirrel was sitting in his squirrel hole thinking of a plan of action! First they would find rocks and pebbles to block up the entrance to the hole. Then he would order his best archers to take up positions on and inside of the tree branches and wait for the signal that he would give! If you want to hear about the battle you will have to wait until Chapter 3! By Pace!

Room 10 Cupcake Day

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On Monday the 15th of August, room 10 are doing a cupcake day. Do you want to know why? Well, it all started when we brainstormed problems in the world and one of them was animal cruelty. Then one day Olive bought in a newspaper about a cupcake day for raising money for the spca. We are raising money to save animals lives. Room 10 have started making posters to advertise it so that people will know to bring money on Monday and know where it is when it is and what it is. I think it's a very good idea to do a cupcake day and I am also really excited about cupcake day too!By Lola

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Chase from Darth Vader Chapter 3

So on previously on The Chase from Darth Vader Princess Lila, Rose, Charlie and Kate were on there way to Kiation to meet King Louie. They needed to tell him about Darth Vader coming to take their power...

'' Ok miss know it all Kate. When are we going to get there?'' asked Rose '' In about two years.'' said Kate.

Two years later...

'' We're here everyone'' said Kate with a big smile on her face. '' We're finally here'' There was a big celebration for their arrival. '' So I hear there is a big problem''. said King Louie '' Yes'' said Kate ''You know who wants our power'' ''Then lock all the doors and windows so he can't get in. You're in big trouble''... TBC    
By Zoe

Monday, August 8, 2016

Charlie 's Post on Friday, 5 August 2016

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The platform In the summer holidays most of are school is getting knocked down. I want to remember this platform because in year one me and my bestie used this platform as a stage.We did plays dances and all other things we would spend our lunch time playing on it. I really want to remember this for all my school years . By Charlie.



Long,long,long time ago... ah more like yesterday,
a little 6 year old named Lucy was asleep in a really uncomfortable bed.''WAKE UP SLAVE''said the evil lady. "Oh did I forget to tell you, Lucy is in a beautiful orphanage but actually it was cruel ''Yes pretty master'' whispered Lucy. ''We have 4 visitors from different families ''Okay. I will try to make them go to this cruel place...I mean beautiful place!''  
''That's better." said the evil lady. So Lucy got into her best dress and walked down the stairs and opened the door....

By Lucy

Rock Ninja vs Earth Ninja

Once there was an army of evil rock ninja. Once there was an army of good Earth ninja. Once the two armies met and started a huge war. The evil master Sensai Wu sent all of his troops to help the evil Rock Ninja. The troops were Fire Ninja, Ice Ninja, Lighting Ninja and the Golden Ninja. The great battle went for years and finally the evil won. By Tuscan

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