Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Jed 's Post on Wednesday, 21 September 2016

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Did you know that a shopping Mall in China is set up to open a huge slide to entertain the shoppers. I think that the slide 589 meters high. What if the slide gets so crowded that it falls.That will be sad. I want to go on it do you.By Jed.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Waterford riding centre

After school I am going to Waterford riding centre. My guess is that I will be riding Zoe, a tall chestnut mare(I always ride Zoe).On Monday, Week 7, Frodo the goat got into all the hard feed! Last week's drama was pretty exciting. The people were, me(obviously) my friends, Silvie and Sasha and a girl called Amanda. Anyway, when the horses were at a canter, Silve fell off! Waterford riding centre is the best! By Olive


On Friday I went to Fiji and I am going to tell you all about my trip.
"Beep, Beep" went the alarm clock and Me, Zylah and Mum all woke up and we all got ready and my mum's business partner, her kids and the taxi driver appeared. We all hopped in and drove to the airport. 

Bump, bump. We have arrived in Fiji! We hopped into another taxi and drove to The Raddison Blu. 15 swims later. "Bula, welcome to castaway!" We enjoyed our tour of The Castaway Resort and........ swam and ate and swam and ate and slept x5. Then we sadly left Castaway and stayed at The Raddison Blu for the last time that trip. The next morning we left back to New Zealand. 

By Enzo.

Friday, September 16, 2016

The Teenage Actress (Let's go to Hollywood) Chapter 1 The disapuntment By Zoe

Once there was a actress named Stella.

"Isaac go away I'm on the phone with the director," said Stella, half way in a conversation. "But your always on the phone, and you never play with me." sighed Isaac "I promise I'll play with you after this work call. Ok,"said Stella who was really nervous because she was about to get a starring role in the new movie. Surfs up people. 

" Sorry about that Jack." (the director) So what were you going to say?" "Oh nothing, it doesn't matter." " No really tell me," said Stella jumping with excitement." Ok but it doesn't  matter. I was going to put you as the lead role in Surf's Up People, but you're too busy with your brother that I'll put One One instead." " Noooo I'm not too busy, I promise...." but Jack had already rang up... TBC        

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Shape Shifter!!!!

Not a time ago long I learned to shape shift I pranked my brother into thinking that my dad had A snake that could talk. Then I turned into a beast with 20 arms 10 guns and 10 light savers. My brother's skin started to shrivel up and he turned into a man made out of rock and He flew out the roof and he crossed arms and they burst into flames. Meanwhile I was getting my new gloves on the gloves have the force in them and can lift anything up and my legs were magnetic so if got guns they would stick to my legs so he couldn't use them. As soon as I was finished he threw 4 fire balls at me and I dodged them all and I shot my guns and one bullet his arm and the flames went out and the the room went black and then I learned that my body could glow in the dark and in that time my brother had his arm back on fire and shot my guns again and this time it hit his arm and it actaved a butten on his arm that turned his fire into a gun and he stuck to me so I stabed him because I had the charns then Mum came in and we instley turned back nurmel and she niver knew. 

Mr Stranded

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be stranded?  Well this story I'm about to tell you will prove how bad being  stranded really is.
"Ben, why do we always have to go to the most dangerous beach in California?"asked a little girl called Lily "Stop being a baby, Lily. This is not even a tiny bit dangerous," teased Ben[Lily's brother] "BEN!" screamed Lily. "Run!"screamed Lily even louder. "Why Lily? Is a big wave going to take me out to sea?" Lily nodded fast and then she ran.
Lily survived but Ben was taken out to sea. He fell asleep and woke up on a strange island and beside him was a baby elephant and a baby peacock...TBC

Climbing High

On Saturday I had a climbing competition and I came 1st which means I am the best primary school climber in Auckland.The rules are that there's 15 climbs and each climb has a certain amount of points. The hardest climbs have more points than the easier climbs. I got 57 points. In the finals we did a grade 21 and it was quite hard. Next year I'm going to try get into nationals.

By Gus


Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Asthma is very dangerous and it can kill you by blocking up your throat so you can't breath. I have asthma and I am lucky that live near the hospital. I have now been in an ambulance 8 times now.
I am ok and go to school. I just need my inhaler everyday. By                                                                             Oscar

Chapter 2 RUN AWAY

Lucy walks up to the door and slowly opens it. "HURRY UP," yelled the evil lady. Lucy quickly opens the door. On the other side is 3 girls and 1 boy. "Hello, I'm Zoe" said 1 of the girls in a posh voice and threw her bags on Lucy. "I'm so sorry about her, here,I'm Lola " and she helped her up. Lucy takes them to their rooms. "We have to sleep in this? " Zoe says in a disgusted voice, pointing to the dirty bed. Lucy runs back down stairs and says, "Hello my name is Lucy, welcome." "Hi, I am Monique and this is my older brother Enzo." Monique says excitedly . The evil lady slams the door... TBC...

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Our Lego House

Two and a half weeks ago we, Reuben and Jed made a house out of Lego. The Lego house has windows that can open and a telescope and a door also a garden. It's built as a rainbow house and a chimney that is electric and you only need to tap a button, security cameras and when it sees robbers, it will shoot. By Reuben and Jed. 

Yummy Popcorn Recipes

Do you like popcorn and chocolate and cola?    Have you ever had all three together?       
Well now you can! Just follow this recipe! From the book, Popcorn. 100 Amazing Popcorn recipes to make at home.                                



.  1 1/3 Servings Poped Popcorn

.  120 g [ 4 oz ] butter ,plus extra for forming balls

.  85 g [ 3 oz ] bron sugar

.  120 ml [ 4 fl oz ] cola, left to stand until flat

.  1 teaspoon salt

.  About 50 g [1 3/4 oz ] plain chocolate, melted


Line 2 large baking trays with nonstick baking paper
Place the popcorn a large bowl.

In a medium pan, over a gentle heat, melt the 120 g [4 oz ] butter. Add the brown sugar, flat cola and salt, stirring frequently until the sugar is dissolved. Turn the heat up to medium to high and bring it to a boil. Do this for 2 minutes. Pour the mixture over the top and toss gently until all the popcorn is coated. Wait for it to cool and then butter your hands and form into 10 balls. Put on the baking trays and when it is completely cooled, drizzle it with melted chocolate. Wait for it to cool before eating.
Serve immediately.

By Tuscan


Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a great game but it is also very dangerous because some people can walk on the road and get hit by a car. Other people can walk off cliffs. Some people have already died because of Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is very addictive because people are on the hunt for rare Pokemon, even I play Pokemon Go sometimes. Did you know Pokemon stands for pocket monster? 
I wouldn't play Pokemon Go near a busy road. but if you want good Pokemon you should go to mission bay?
Pokemon Go has eggs that you can hatch Pokemon from. The eggs are eggs, eggs and You can get Pikachu, Squrtle, Charmander and more from the eggs. I think you can get Syther, Electabuzz and more from the eggs. And finally The eggs you can get Lapras Snorlax and more. So now you know all about Pokemon Go. By Torin

Wolves Part 2

Wolves (2) ...continued from last week. 

So Molly , Lulu and Zoe looked out the window and they saw a wolf on the hill that was very close to them. "Do you see what I see?" Molly said. "Yes," said Lulu and Zoe at same time "Ginx... under a white roof! "they said but not at the same time "Guys, we have to do something about it," Molly said and they did. They hid under the table "this is not what I meant!"Molly said "Shhh the wolf will hear you!" Zoe said "she's crazy "Molly said "I know!"said Lulu. 

By Monique


I am about to say the story of me and my friends. It all started on a nice day, well we thought it was until nighttime. Me and (am just going to say my name) so Molly (that's me ) and Zoe and LuLu (they're my friends) were having a sleepover. We were watching a movie when we heard a howl. It was like this... "aooow"  LuLu said "did you hear that?" "Yes, but maybe it was just our thinking... I hope " "I don't think so,  there it is again, "LuLu shivered. Then the girls looked through the window... Stay tuned for Part two. 

by Monique!

Spring Lambs

On Sunday me, mum and dad went to Cornwall Park and I rode my scooter. There were lots of lambs and they were so cute.There were also a couple of cows but not many calves. I got so close to one of the lambs and I was just about to touch one but then I realised that on a sign it said, DON'T TOUCH THE ANIMALS! I really wanted to touch the lamb but I didn't want to break the rules either. When we were going back to the car we saw an adorable puppy. My mum took me to see the puppy.It was a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. The dog licked my face. It was hilarious! After that we went to lunch at Ugly Bagel with my cousins. The food was delicious. We also got macaroons and they were delicious. I got one that looked like a hamburger. We saw Eric Murray from the Olymics. I was going to get a picture but we had to go home. It was an awesome day! By Lola

Writing Numbers on the ipad

Bird beak grip on the ipad stylus
Today I used the ipad to write my numbers from 1-20. I used an ipad pen to help me. I hold the pen with my bird beak grip. Then I read my numbers back to Andrea or a buddy. By Zaviour

Zaviour's Maths from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.

Monday, September 5, 2016

My American Trip

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A few Fridays ago I went to the airport to go to America and I loved the first day because I stayed with my mum's friend in Los Angeles for about three days.Then we went to go to a pool for swimming. It was just like every other pool or spa or sea. That was all on Saturday. The next day me and my mummy went to the park and ate my homework... just a joke, but we actually did go to the park and got lost. On Sunday we went for a walk so my mum could get more steps up on my mummy's mum because they were having a competition for steps. And more importantly I wanted an interview with an ice -cream. It was an cookies and cream ice cream. I got sugar rushing in my head. My mum woke me up at seven o'clock to get on the next plan to Las Vegas or we would miss the plane. My brother was moaning and groaning at that point of time in the morning. I was just tired from not sleeping. There is much more to tell you. Stay tuned for part two! By Ruby

Emily's Dream Classroom

I wish that my dream classroom was true. It would be so cool. It is full of nature like trees, pencils shaped like bananas and lots, lots more. Sometimes animals could come and go and they stoop on the desks. At lunch you could go to a butterfly room where you could see real butterflies fly around and land on you. What would your dream classroom look like? By Emily 

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