Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our Tribute to Kashin the Elephant

Today our class is a bit sad as we heard that Kashin has died. We just went to the zoo last Thursday and we feel very lucky to have seen her one last time.

We are writing a group poem to share our feelings about her.


Big and grey she stands looking at the smiling children.
Starring into their eyes like glimmering crystals.
Her incredible spirit was shared when she came out to visit.
She was our dancing queen.
Kashin - you were our Elephant Princess.

Love Room 8

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fish drive - Julius' re-telling of his journal story.

One day 80 village people made nets so that they could get fish. First they got big leaves off tree's. On the next day they got ready into there snorkeling gear and went into the water. they made more net's they made a almost half sqaure. The water was so deep they almost drowned but then the water went down a little bit.Then the fish came floating to the right. Then people put all there net's under the water then fish were everywhere. Making the nets helped the people get the fish to feed the village.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Our 100th BLOG!!!!

YAY ! This our 100th blog entry so we are writing this together with our teacher's laptop and watching it all happen on our new large screen and projector.

Yesterday we went to zoo and we walked all the way there. It was hard walking there for some people. When we got there we had our morning tea and headed into the classroom to look at pictures of animals and learn about them. In the classroom we saw frogs with baggy legs and a polar bear skin and lizards.
We walked around and looked at the animals. We had to write reports about 2 animals. This meant we had to stop and look at the animals for a long time while people in the groups gathered their facts.

One group got to feed the giraffe celery . Another group got to see the lemurs get fed. The keepers fed them honey and pumpkins filled with pineapple. There is only 1 male in the Lemur family at the zoo. Another group found three baby chicks. A fourth group looked all around and saw the elephants and saw them doing a dance.

A group was entertained by the orangutans and we watched the baby tease the grown ups and he as learning how to play.

The zoo was a very good trip and has helped us learn about animals and their habitats. Check back to see how we present our reports later in the week.

Ka kite and keep those comments coming !

Room 8

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bryn and Mahele's Report on Baby Birds

A Report about Snails

Snails move around slowly all day and eats plants and food scraps. Snails come out at night and they look for food.
You find snails in gardens, plants and even on plates in France!
We catch snails to eat them and maybe for scientists to look at what they're made of.
Wow! Did you know that there are maybe snails in your garden right now? You should check right away!

By Tom and Jasper
Diagram by Charlotte

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Room 8's Art

We have entered into an art competition. We are entering our Scraffitos. Firstly we got a blank piece of paper. Then we got some crayons and coloured in a pattern.Then we painted two layers of black paint on the pattern. Then we scatched off the paint and a new pattern showed up. Then the jusges jusge who is going to win.


Library Week

Today John Campbell came to Room 8 to read a book for Library Week. He read The Hobbit to us. It was about this little person who doesn't like going on adventures at all. He was fat liked talking to all his friends and especially liked having food. John didn't read all of the book because it would take to long to read all of The Hobbit. When John finished some kids asked questions. I enjoyed being read to.

by Georgia

Library Week in Room 8

For library week my dad, John Campbell came and read to Room 8. He read from the book,The Hobbit. It was written more then 50 years ago and is one of mine and my dad's favourites. Alice thinks that a Hobbit's home is too small for an adult but just right for a kid so her parents wouldn't be able to come in or tell her off. Room 8 loved the Hobbit ! I think you should read it too.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Library Week

Today Nicky, the teacher in Room 12 came to our classroom and read us her favourite books. Nicky read us Captain Felonious, and showed us a book called Clubs.Caption Felonious was about a Captain and when he got anrgy he wold say swear words. But one day his wife told him when he needs to say a swear word, he would run down to the cabin and write the swear word down on a piece of paper, and put it in the chest.He buried it because it got to filled. So Captain Felonious stopped swearing.

By Alice

Library Week

Today Nicky the teacher in room twelve came to read a book called Captain Felonious the Pirate. It is about a pirate that swears all the time. His wife tells him whenever he gets angry and wants to swore he should write it down on a piece of paper then put it in a treasure chest. When the treasure chest gets full he berries the chest on a near by island. His first mate sees him and wakes the other pirates up because he thinks Captain Felonious is hiding all the treasure to himself but it is bits of paper with swear words on it. Joy Cowley wrote it. It is a really good book.

by Sam

Monday, August 3, 2009

My Eskimo Doll from Alaska

When my Nana and Poppy went to Alaska they brought me back an Eskimo doll. I named my doll Anouk. My mum said it was a real Eskimo name. My Nana and Poppy went in May 2007 and they went to Skagway. Before she went I asked if she could get me a doll. Eskimos live in countries like Canada, Antarctica and Alaska.


My Birthday Party

Wow. I couldn't believe that my birthday was on Saturday. It was so much fun. It was awesome. It was at my apartment on Saturday the 1st of August. Now let me tell you what we did.
Well me and my cousin and my mum set our apartment up. So we had set the place and we waited for the people to arrive. We saw some cars coming so we ran down to let them in and we ran back upstairs. My cousin stayed down because Minna was still coming. When we got up they got their mask and drink and then my mum took a picture. When everybody arrived we had something to eat and I opened my presents. My friend Bella was coming at 2:00 so we did water bomb competitions like who could throw the further. We also played pass the parcel and then Bella came. We played and Tess won. Then we played hide and seek around the whole apartment. It was one of the best parties of my life.


Rugby - An Acrostic Poem

Running and tackling
University is a club.
Gaining confidence.
Big and small players.
You have fun.


Mouse - An Acrostic Poem

Mad screaming mad.
Open minded.
Usually in some ways.
Sneaky at night.
Easy to scare you.



On Saturday I went to a Jujitsu tournament. Jujitsu is a type of martial arts. First I fought someone called Evan. He was quite easy but good for someone who is learning for a month. The I fought his brother. He was harder. If you blink you've got to be ready because he will come at you faster and faster. I fought lots of other people and at then end when they were callong out the winners names I heard my name - 2nd place and 1st went to my brother. Then the winners were called for Free fighting and I got 1st. I won! I had a great day.



About a month ago I did ballet. I had 2 exams and then I stopped. Now I am going back . I really want to go back because I think I will do great. The only reason why I quit was because we went to a bach and now I want to go back.



My Grandma bought me a teddy bear for my first present ever. His name is Coco bear. He is very fluffy and cool to cuddle. He is eight years old like me. I love to get a comb and comb his hair. I take him everywhere in the world - even to Hawaii. Coco bear is Hawaiian like me.



Helicopters can fly up the sky about 68 metres figh from the ground. Helicopters makes a big noise like "dobl dobl". It is hard to explain how they sound except it's a loud noise - like an elephant. I like helicopters because they are cool and huge.

Ski Mania

I could not wait until the 1st of August. That's when I was going to the ski field. I was going to Mt Ruapehu - wow ! We stayed at Raurimu. I went on a slope that was 20 times bigger than Snow Planet. It was really cool.


Cirque de Soleil

On Friday I went to Cirque de Soleil. We drove there we did something very funny. We went around in a big circle . It took about fifteen minutes to go around it and it should have taken 5 minutes. When we got there we went to the toilet because the show was two and a half hours. Then we went in to find our seats. The performers did lots of amazing things. They had a skipping rope and they had four people, then three people, then two people skipping. They did amazing things. It was a great circus.


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