Monday, November 30, 2009

Room 8's question day

Today in room 8 we were writing questions to room 11. First we got a person's name from room 11 and then we wrote to them. We had to ask questions like, " what do you like to eat? " and " Do you like school... what do you do at home? " Then we did it on a good copy. We will send them to Room 11 and wait for a reply. by Kiamana


Last thursday we made some incredible robots.
Most of us had done 2 but I did 3.
Therw were robots - big and small
Everyone had a lot of fun.
My dad came in and helped whith some gluing.
Lots of people spray painted theirs.
I had loads of pieces - it was realy tricky planing it.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Robot Day

Well the "ro-bags" and "ro-boxes" are finally unpacked and robot day was here.

We had two wonderful dads, Chris and Dermott, volunteer to help us make our robots. Mrs Fale was on the hot glue gun station and we set off to make our robots.

There were washers flying this way and rubber bands flying that way! "Who has an extra eye?" ....I found someones nose !" were the sounds we could hear.

We could also smell the burning smell of the hot glue gun hard at work. " Oh, that's why it is called hot glue!" said Sam.

Dermott was busy helping his line of students turn old vacuum cleaner bits and empty milk cartons into robots with smiles and quirky looks.

Chris was rivalling Mrs Fale for the title of HOT GLUE MASTER as he carefully assembled springs and washers into body parts and made these bits of metal come to life.

Mrs Fale thought today would give her a headache but at the end of the day she was so proud of us and our robots that we had three cheers for ourselves. She couldn't clap as her fingers were sporting a few hot glue gun mishaps !

Tomorrow some of us are spray painting ours while others are leaving theirs for the more rustic look.

Martin Horspool was our inspiration but he better watch out because I think we are after his job !

Thanks for showing us the beauty in a broken telephone and the potential a tangled mess of wire has. You were truly inspirational.

We will post more pictures tomorrow of the final products once the glue and paint have dried.

Room 8

Friday, November 6, 2009

Martin Horspool Robots

The Kauri Team loved their visit from Martin Horspool. He showed us all his robots and gave us advice about how to build our robots. He stressed to us that we need to stop being a throw away society and look at our broken things as something else - not just recycled rubbish. Perhaps it can be a robot with it's own personality that looks like Grampa and then we make it and have our own piece of art.

Thanks Martin for the great advice and the cool post cards and showing us your family of robots.

Room 8

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Martin Horspool Robots

Yesterday we saw some of Martin Horspools metal robots that he makes from recycling other people's junk.
All of his robots have their own personality.
He started making robots 2 years ago and before making robots he made metal bugs.
When he's not making he works at a printing press.
Martin Horspool has just started making necklaces with robots on them as well as well making a Brobot for King Kapisi.

A big thanks to Chris Elliot for getting us in touch with Martin. Jasper's dad rocks !

Sofia and Jasper


Yesterday Martin Horspool, a.k.a the robot man, came into our class and showed us some of his robots. He also answered some of our questions as well. It was amazing to see what he had done with all this rubbish he finds around the streets - but like some say, " one man's junk is another man's treasure. I hope my robot looks as good as his do !
Thanks for reading THE ROBOT MAN.
by Pipi

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