Monday, November 25, 2013


WALT embed a link to our posts. 

Today  I went on a green iPad  I went on dogo news there were six people were carving a pumpkin  into a zombie.  The zombies only have two teeth. They have to use a big pumpkin by Elizabeth .

The best day ever!

On Sunday the 24 of November 2013 it was the best day ever because me,my sister, mum and dad set out the paddling pool for me and Anya, my sister. Then we put some chairs and some benches out.
Next we got some towls out and put on our togs.  When we got in it was freezing. I had to jump in. Then it started to get warm and I had to go and get some ice and suck on it. When I got really cold I came out and got my sunglasses. I took one of the towels and put it on the grass. Then I sat down and started to read.By Aiko

Friday, November 22, 2013


I can't wait until Christmas. It's my favourite time of year apart from Easter and my birthday. Last Christmas Me and Tess got a trampoline.Santa air landed on it. This year I want to get a new spa. I think everyone in my family wants a new one. I also want quit a lot of pig stuff. Two more are a Furby and another smiggle gift card. I also want rolly sunblock which might sound weird but I like it and it's also good for summer and Christmas is in sun. I would like a pair of Heelys.
By Ruth


Hotels are buildings where people can stay over night in a room.Lots of hotels have pools and water slides.People only need to stay in a hotel if you are on thing there expensive to stay in a hotel.A hotel is  not a motel, a motel is small and a hotel is big.that is all I know about Rio

I drew this using an APP called Finger Sketch.

The beautiful night sky

Watching the beautiful Shining stars flying through the night sky, all the trees near by go woooooooooooosh and again, wooooooooooooooooooosh.
I see this out my window.
By Hollie

I am learning to draw using the APP Finger Sketch.

A poem

I am a shooting star shooting across the sky looking down at the houses as I go by .
I'm waiting until someone wishes on me. 
I can see the moon when I go past. 
The Sun is very hot when I go past.
By Isabelle

My Christmas list.

Today is Tuesday. When I get home I am going to make a Christmas list. I can't wait but I have too. This is what I want. I want a CD player, a pair of Heelys and a Furby. Happy Christmas everyone!

By Aiko.

Erin Hunter

My favourite author is Erin Hunter. She writes Warriors and Seekers books.The reason she's my favourite author is because the Warriors books are about warrior cats who fight other clans and my favourite animal is a cat so I immediately know what it's about when I start reading a new Warriors book. If you like aventures then you should read the Warriors and Seekers books by Erin Hunter.

Here is the website you can go on to see more books.
By Kassidy 


Flowers are part of what we are learning.
Have you had flowers in your house.
Did you know there are over 100 sorts of flowers in the world.
If you like flowers you should get some for your house.

The little butterfly poem

I'm a little butterfly.
See me flap my wings.
I'm so beautiful I could just be a model.
If I had a bow in my hair and a dress I would be the beauty Queen.
With make up I would look like a Barbie doll.
My wings are pink and black.
By Kassidy and Ellie

Here is a link if you want to read about butterflies.

The bad typhoon in the Philippines

In the Philippines there was a big typhoon.In our school we are having a coin trail on a heart down on the lower quad. Please bring a coin and take it down to the heart please.By Rio

Staying in a motel

I'm staying in a motel.  At the start I didn't want to stay there but then my mum said there was a  pool and spa I got a little excited.  When I got there I wanted to  go  for  a swim but the pool and spa were inside but I didn't  care.  That night after dinner I read and went straight to sleep.
By Cherry

What I do at my house

At my home I go on the iPad and play monster truck games and its lots of fun.  I ride on my mums bike in the garden and watch tv and I like watching Johnny Test and I do Kung Fu with my brother. I also  do my homework and we play with my dad,my brother and he and throws balls at us.

By Red

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Last Sunday I went to the movies I went to see Thor, it was very dark.  When the movie finished we met dad and Katie. It was fun. My favourite part is at the end because one of my favourite characters lived! You have to watch the movie to find out.

Here is a link about the movie Thor.

By Elliot

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Blogger Challenge

For last week's challenge we had to think about what makes a good comment. It's hard to get comments on our blog. It takes a lot of work for people to read our blog and leave a comment but we love it when we get them. 

Here are a few examples of great comments. We think they are great because:

  • they mention our names
  • they say a greeting
  • they refer to something specific in our blogpost
  • they have signed their first name so we know who it is from

What do you think makes a good blog comment?

England vs all blacks

On the weekend it was England was playing All Blacks in rugby.

Julian Savea scored the first try then kerain Read scored a second try for luck
Then joe launchbry scored a trie for England then Julian Savea with a second try
Then Crudeness adding a kick so 
The score was 30-22

Here is the link to the story I read on  Kiwi News.,,11069_62473_1,00.html

By Lucian

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Yellow poem

This is my yellow poem
 Hope  you like it.

By Cherry

Yellow from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.

The best guy Fawkes ever

Last Tuesday at night time, my mum let off 100 fireworks. My favourite firework was the Devil.
The firework were really, really loud and lit up the night sky.
My friends  Mazie and Grace were there. Grace is really funny
and Mazie is very smart. And Mazie  parent's names are Will and Lee.
By Ruby


Room 16 has been trying to get bugs and birds back to school. We have been making bug houses.
Some people are working together and some are on their own. I am working with Izzy. We are doing butterfly's.  On the door of our class room we made us look like bugs. I hope you like it.

By Alexandra

Ruth's Birthday Present

On the 8th of November me and my dad and sister went to get a birthday present for Ruth. Her birthday was on the next day.We got a robot pig for her because she loves pigs.The next day I was so excited because I was going to meet Ruth's best friend Esme.When everyone was here we went to Megazone it was so fun.After that we went back to Ruth's house.We had pizza for dinner.It was yummy.Then we had some cake.It was a pig cake.Then some people went. I was staying for a
sleepover.I had lots of fun. By Aiko

Megazone party

On the 9th of November I woke up really excited.It was my birthday.I got into bed with my mum my dad and my sister.One of my presents was a play suit.The best present from my family was my dreamy eyed piggy. It was so cute! When my friends came over we went to Megazone. It was really confusing because everyone wanted to go in the same car as me.When we had done our first game of Megazone I had to go around fanning and squirting everybody with my present that has a fan and a squirty thing.When we got home we I opened every body's presents. My favourite one was a robot pig. Aiko gave it to me. After that we had pizza. It was yummy pizza.When all the people who weren't staying for the sleep over were gone we watched a movie and some fireworks. Molly went to sleep first then me and Jolie and finally Esme and Aiko.In the morning we had pancakes. Esme stayed till lunch time.In that time we went to buy some lollies. When we had got home we jumped on the tramp with Esme's little brother while we were waiting for Esme's mum to finish her coffee.

By Ruth

Minecraft Vs Terrira

Firstly the adventure. Terrira has more adventure like the green slime because you can spawn the eater of worlds. Secondly we go to how much you can craft. Well obviously there is a lot more to craft in Terrira.   
But Mine Craft - it's no match because minecraft pretty much is the only one with creative mode on the iPad and I'm pretty sure Xbox 360 Terrira costs $9.99 minecraft costs $9.99 on iPad and costs $40 on computer. But in world size Terrira is your choice. You can choose small, medium, large and you can make your  like on wii when on minecraft you can wear armor and dress up in clothes, in order to do that, go into skins. 

Now it's time to face off with the mods. Minecraft has lots of mods like the boat mod, the M&M mod. You download mods on Terrira mod. There is a flashlight mod the speed mod, so minecraft has more mods. Now it's the last face off the game all together we'll it prepares what you like adventure or building minecraft wins building. It's your choice. But this is my review. 
Minecraft 4pts 
Terrira 4pts

By Jonty

Tiri tiri Matangi

On Friday all year 3 went on a class trip to Tiri Tiri Matangi. We went there on a ferry.There were lots of big waves. When we got there,there were lots of native and endemic birds.First we had a talk about  Tiri Tiri Matangi. Finally we started the walk. It was really fun because we were the first group to see a fern bird! On the way back it was the same. That is why you should go to Tiri Tiri Matangi.

By Walter

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


WALT find fractions of a set. 

Here is a snippet of our maths lesson this week. 

Fractions from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.

Buddy Reading

In the Starships group we are learning to be a good buddy. A good buddy listens to their buddy read and then give them feedback. Good buddies also discuss the story and only talk about the story. Good buddies are also great listeners. They listen to the questions from their buddies and answer them sensibly.

This is Weston, Benjamin, Ellie and Cherry's first reflection on their buddy reading session.



Buddy Reading Reflections from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.

The best school trip ever

On Friday we went to Tiritiri Matangi. We got the school bus down to the Auckland City ferry terminal. When we were at Tiritiri Matangi we got into groups. The first bird I saw was a Tui. There were lots of Tui. I spotted a Kokako in the trees. We saw a parakeet on the gravel. We saw heaps of awesome birds. I think Tiritiri Matangi is a great place to go.
By Zylah.

Guy Fawkes

Last week, on Tuesday I did Guy Fawkes. It was really fun. I got the kaboomz 2 Mega blast pack.It was really massive.My favourite pack was 'The killing kat cry'.It was awesome. It is 25 cm. My brother liked the 'pirates treasure'. Then we went to bed.It was 9.30. To whom it may concern,I hope you had a good day on Guy Fawkes.
By Noah.

Q- bears trip around the school by Geoffrey

This is a trip around  room 16 Q bears very first trip .Q Bear is a stuffed bear and he sits with the star of the day.  I hopeYou like it. It is cool. Meet the teacher Andrea . Meet the people see the iPads look what's outside look at the back of Andreas desk see all the desks
Meet my friend Zylah, Lucian, Red,(the cool guy) Jonty, Cherry,Hollie,Elizabeth,(likes hanging out with boys)Ethan. My name is really Geoffrey  I am a bit of a funny person. My desk is a bit of a mess. Om our trip to Tiritiri Matangi we saw lots of birds. I am doing a blog right now in my Daily 5 reading time.
By Geoffrey

Monday, November 11, 2013

My Dad's New Work

My guided writing in 20 minutes. 
On Saturday I went to my Dad's new work. He makes ads. It's a three storey. There's an electronic room. One time my Dad made an ad for Tip Top Ice Cream. It is awesome. 

By Weston

My life

Hi I am writing about my life. My life is fun. Things I do is play games,whatch tv,play cards,and sleep.but nothing is better than my family is important to me because they will protect me and no one else will.My favorite place is my home because it's the most safe place I can be.I like to wear shorts nearly all the time because it helps me keep fast.I am fast,sensible,friendly,and good at drawing.When I draw my favourite thing to draw is a cannon shooting out a man.I like the Olympics my favourite sports that's on the Olympics is running,javelin,hammer throw,high jump,shot put and discus.My dad is a builder.My dad can run fast too like me but mum is a seamstress .My mum is great at cooking dinner. Usally my mum cooks raw fish,steak,spaghetti,and ham.My life is cool that's all my life people I'm really happy person too that's it.

By Benjamin

The All blacks and me

One day I meet the  All blacks my friend Lucian came. I meet every All black I also got my ball signed.
My favourite all blacks are Tj peranara,Cory  Jane and Israel dagg. This week Cory Jane played for the first time this year. They played France in White instead of black on there end of year air nz Europen tour. They won 26-19
By Ethan 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tiri Trip 2013

Enjoy the slideshow of some of the photos the class took using the iPads. 

Tiri Tiri Matangi 2013 from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.

Am I connected?

This is how Ethan says that he is connected today. He used the iPad to draw a quick picture and list how he is connected.

Alisa from the block

 On the 29th October 2013 Elisa from the block NZ came in to room 16. We asked her a lot of questions. She said the kitchen was what cost the most. She thinks that the boys had the best other house. Her most stressing challenge was the first when they had to make a room in 10 hours. The judges did not like it at all. They did not like the yellow walls. They bought lots from Bunnings Warehouse and Freedom Furniture and a shop that sold old stuff. She said she loved to cook. She broke lots of things in the game. Their worst one was when the shower glass frame started to shiver and smashed just before judges came. It was great fun. She looked at our houses we made while learning about Area and Noah read her his dream house story. 

We taught her our famous Sky Tower claps!

Tiri Tiri Matangi

Last week Rooms 7,16 and 17 went on  a huge trip. We went to Tiri Tiri Matangi to see New Zealand native birds in their natural environment. 

We will be posting our learning about the trip over the next week. 

Enjoy the slideshow of our photos.

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