Monday, October 31, 2016


Halloween is a time of the year were you go and tell jokes to people and they give you lollies. For example, "knock knock. who's  there done a p  done a p  who its meant   to sound like done a poo and then you say have you? I am going to tell you one of my favourite tricks when you take a lolly you put in a mini bag of blood and then you pop it. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Chapter 3 RUN AWAY!!

 '' Okay you're under my roof, my rule!'' yelled the evil lady. ''She doesn't sound very pleasant, not at all,'' whispered Monique '' you think ,'' yelled Enzo. Zoe screams and everyone runs up stairs .'' my shoes are dirty...ah mummy, daddy ah and you don't look at me ever again,'' she shouted so loudly the windows cracked.''Hey you want fashion battle for no reason'', said Zoe to Lucy '' no thanks'',said Lucy '' What's wrong? Got no friends you stranger?"  "No one calls me a stranger... let's battle... but a battle,'' says Lucy battle...TBC...

Friday, October 21, 2016

The Diary of the Special Sapphire.

Monday 1st January 1981

Hi me (Liz) and my best friend Hannah are adventurers who live in the Australian outback. We are on a search for the special sapphire. The  special sapphire is a blue sapphire hidden somewhere in the Australian outback. It is said to glow when you come close to it. Hannah said she has seen it before (when she was little) but no one  believed her except me. Hannah is calling me to come. I'll have to go see you soon. Liz 

By Zoe 

The Robber

Once upon a time there were two boys you lived in a treehouse. There name's were Max and  Frank. They loved it there there they had everything,money,food,freedom,and a cool house.   One day they got robbed by a person that wore a black mask and some gloves because  he or she didn't want people searching for fingerprints. The next night the boys set a trap for the robber but they forgot that the person might of had a weapon so when they sprung the trap the robber  injured them both.


They were onder the table for an hour when molly said''thats it I'm going ''''me too '' said Lulu ''gasp wait for me''said Zoe as she walked to Lulu and Molly ''come on slow''said Lulu as she reched the hill with the wolve and Molly was close behided .    

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sofia's Cat

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Sofia's cat. Today we saw Grace. Grace is Sofia's cat. I got to take photos of her with Tuscan. She is a white cat. She felt soft like a baby kitten. Her eyes are green. Grace is a Burmilla. I wish I had a cat lie Grace. By Zaviour and Zoe ( buddy writer)

Gracie At School

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On the 20.10.2016, Sofia brought in her cat Gracie. She is a breed of two cats and she is white. Sofia has two cats called Gracie and Rambo. Gracie is very important to Sofia. She's like a little sister that's not annoying. I got to take photos of Gracie. Gracie is a Burmilla and it's a great cat.                                                            By Tuscan

Pacific Beats

Yesterday me, some year fours went to In Our Beat and the choir came to. The choir performed songs like, Over the Rainbow, Kiwi Summer Dream, Burn and Can't Stop the Feeling. The Pacific Beats Group did a sasa, the Lava Song and Nesian Mystic. On the night I was nervous and happy. After we felt amazing and tried. All in all, it was fantastic. by Gus     

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tuscan 's Exsplosive Story

Enjoy listening to Tuscan reading his guided writing about our volcanic science experiment. 

The Candy house and the Witch

Once there was a house made of candy. A little woman lived in it. The house had windows made of candy floss and the base of it was made of bubble gum. The walls were made of ginger bread and the door was m&m's. The woman wasn't just a normal woman, she was a witch! She was a very bad witch. Once two boys came along and they took some candy, put it in their pocket and knocked on the door. The boys said, "who is there?" The witch opened the door she and noticed that they took some candy. The boys names were Tom and James. The witch said, "come in," so the boys went in. But it was a trap. The boys fell into a cage. The cage went up above a pot. The witch laughed, "he he he I have got you now." "Oh no, what are you going to do to us?" said Tom and James. "I will turn you into zombies". "Ahhhhhh please don't!" said the boys. "I'll just lower your cage now.... bye bye." she said as the cage lowered. By Torin

The Ghost Horse...Part 1

I brushed my hand over his chocolate coloured withers while he looked around at me with his hazel eyes. I gazed back at him."I love you," I murmured to him. "Neigh," he answered in return."Are you going to tack him up? The lesson is in ten minutes""Ok thanks. Sue is it in the indoor arena?" "It is because there is a new girl" "ok" Look out for part two. By Lily

Under Sea water

Once upon a time there was a man. He went to the middle of the earth. Then the man found out that he was only a kid, so the kid got out the rope and he made it super long. He threw the rope and it worked but it took a long time. It took nearly a day so the boy stopped half way there. The next day the boy went up the other half finally he got up and his family gave him a big cuddle. The boy's dad who was the worlds best climber said, "I think that you are the best kid climber in the world. Or maybe the best climber in the universe, maybe, I'm not sure." And he got to go to the movies. He also got to stay up to midnight... and got to watch nine movies! Extra lucky, and after that it was the holidays, yay!  By Ben

Zaviour 's Video on Monday, 10 October 2016


Same flowers are  beautiful and  some are not. Flowers grow if you water them and then the sunrise on the flowers. In our school there is a butterfly and a bee garden.I love flowers.One of my favourite flowers is a rose and a daisy. By Sofia


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Space is huge in fact no one even knows if it ends. Space is called the universe and the universe is 50,000,00 years old and earth was only created 4.5 billion years ago. Earth was supposed to end in 2012 but now it's 2016 and besides, if the world was to end it would either end by a meteorite, alien invasion or the sun dying and sucking up the earth. How do you think the earth will end?  I personally think that the earth will not end. What if Antares [ the biggest star in our Milky Way Galaxy ] exploded and turned into a super nova, would it destroy the Milky Way Galaxy or not... who knows? If you were to go through a black hole you would see the past and then get shredded into little pieces of atoms because of the black holes core. Oh, and one more thing. If you do manage to go through a black hole don't forget to post it on YouTube. By Jozier

Wet trampoline

Yesterday afternoon me and my brothers wet our trampoline and put soap on it. It was so fun and slippery. We were slipping and sliding and we also made a new game. I will tell you about the game. So you wet the trampoline and put soap on it. Then you try push the people playing so they fall. If every person is on the ground apart from you you win. by Torin

The Ghost Horse

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I could feel the excitement bubbling up inside me. I could not wait to get back in Wings's saddle."Yay" it was finally time. I lifted Wings's saddle off the rack and put her bridle over my shoulder,"Here I come Wings. Hi girl," I cooed and broke into a run as I saw her friendly face. "There you are. It's so good to see you. Are you ready for a ride?" "Nhhee"she answered back. "All right then," I said and started to tack her up . When I had finished I led her out of her stable into the yard.Time for your ride. By Lily

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