Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Great Holiday

From the 14th of August to the 20th of August I went to the South Island.On Saturday my 2 mums Joss and Nicky,my brother James and me flew on a plane to Queenstown then rented a car and drove to Wanaka. 2 days later me and James went to ski school. We were both in the Green group and our teachers name was James.After the 1st block, we moved up a group and stayed in that group with a new teacher called Campbell.We did ski school till Thursday so on Friday we did nothing. I didn't want to go home because the weather was great except Wednesday but we had to go. There is still some good news,were going again next year.Cant wait.


Monday, August 30, 2010

My two Fish and Snail

I have two Fish named Shiver and Spike. It's pretty cool because they both have s,i and e.
Shiver is a girl and Spike is a boy. In the fish tank there is also a water snail named slimy. He eats mould which grows in the fish tank. When the sun comes it makes the mould slowly stick to the fish tank and then the snail comes and eat it all up.
by Olivia

my 1# story

The other day I finished a cool book called, Fantastic Mr. Fox and I would like to share it with you. Well it all started with 3 farmers and Mr Fox. He would steal all the animals. After a while the farmers started digging them out but it did not work, so then they got 108 men, surrounded Mr Fox's hole, but Mr Fox dug tunnels under ground. And the really funny thing is that the farmers are still waiting.
by Jack.

Friday, August 27, 2010

My Annoying Sisters

Hi. It's Willow and right now I am going to talk about my very very annoying sisters. Now talking about my sisters well even all my friends think there annoying but the person that thinks there most annoying is me. If I had to think of a word to explain my sisters I would say that they were evil. Which is a very good word to explain my very very annoying sisters. Now we're going to talk about the most annoying one she is 5 years old. She is the most annoying because she cries all the time and she never lets me do what I want to do. But deep down I really do love them. It's hard being a big sister....on second thought...at least they're not brothers !

by Willow

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Sunday

On Sunday I went to Rainbow's End. When we got there it was so busy it was like half of the country there. On my first ride I went on the pirate ship and after that I felt really sick. On the next ride I went on the logfloom. It was a bit scary but at the end it was so fun going down the slide and on my last bit we went to get some food.

By Caitlin

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Going to China

In two weeks. I'm going to China. with my mum Jacqui her friend Meredith and her daughter Emma and her cousin Denise.We are going to Beijing. we are going to see the great wall of China. I cannot wait to blog when I come home and tell you all about it.
By mia v

Chapter 2 and 3 of my narrative

Chapter 2.

DUN dun dun....In another dimension on an Island, worms were shooting each other at worm zone - not with real weapons, but tanks and stuff like that.Then guys, I mean evil ninja looking guys came and destroyed the hole place with weapons tanks and stuff like that.They even destroyed the worm market.

Chapter 3.

A bunch of worm soldiers fierd back at the evil dudes.to be contiued.
By Jeru

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Last League Game

On Saturday I played my second to last game we were versing Waitemata. They were the toughest team ever. In the first half my cousin named Kobe had the first run. He was running hard but he got tackled then it was my run. I ran up and stepped. I was run really fast so no one could catch me. Our Ponsonby supporters were shouting "go go go!" Then I was going to jump. I did! The ref blew his whistle. It was a try. The Ref blew his whistle twice - that means half time. The second half was tough. They didn't get any tries. In the last half it was 8 - 2. I scored the last two tries. It was ten to three. End of the game. We won and everyone got player of the day so we got a chocolate each.


Our 100th Centennial School Show

Room13 is doing a BIG performance with the whole school and since it was our 100th Centennial we were doing the 90's. For the 90's we learnt about how New Zealand Won the America's World cup in sailing, and if you've heard of Che fu. We learned that he didn't leave SuperGroove he got kicked out because he wanted to speak the truth and they wouldn't let him! We are also doing heaps of dances! like... 1.Hammer time [Can't touch this] 2.Grunge - Nirvana [Millennium bugs] 3.Spice Girls
And the last is Men in Black.

Hope you get to see it !


Monday, August 23, 2010


On Sunday me,my sister, my mum, my dad and my brothers went to the wave pools. We got every thing ready then we were ready to go. When we got there we paId for it, then we got changed into our togs. After we got changed I went straight into the big pool. it was sort of warm. I like going into the deep end to swim around. My mum and dad were in the hot pool,the hot pool. It is very hot. After our swim we had an ice cream. I had a chocolate trumpet, it was very yummy. After our ice cream we went home. by Sydnie.

My Weekend

On the weekend I watched Penguins of Madagascar. My favourite part was about this dolphin who was bad and he told the crabs to attack the penguins. All the Penguins fought the crabs and the Penguins won !

By Elijah

Friday, August 20, 2010


On Thursday I went to Grey Lynn Park to practise my unicycle.At first I got 1 then 3 then 5 then 11. After I got 11 I was impressed - wow 11 ! I can unicycle. I have practised for two months all of that practise over.

By Hugo

My trip to the Great Wall of China

Last year I went to the Great Wall of China on my way to Sweden. First we drove to the Wall and went to the market outside and bought a fan. When I was walking across I felt as though I was going to melt. I was SO hot and when my mum told me that it snowed in china I could not believe my ears! We went done on a toboggan. it was really cool even though it left me boiling!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Newton Central - My Old School

My old school was a spectacular school.It had everything you needed.
I had about 100 Friends! It was a great school,and it always will be!*

But now that I am Grey Lynn I think this school is spectacular too and I have about 20 new friends !



My dog Rosie is 4 years old in dog years and 28-30 in human years. She is a bitser which means bits of:
-staffordshire Bull
-border collie
- and maybe something else
Rosie my dog likes:
-going for run
-licking people
- jumping on people
-barking at other dogs

Rosie is white and brown. She has brown eyes-has a blue collar. She has a picture of a bone attached to her collar.

By Sophie

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Choir and Ukulele

Every Wednesday I go to ukulele . In ukulele we learn different cords like E,G7 and F. My favourite song that we have learned is, " He's got the whole world" because it is quite easy and it's only got two chord's. There are lots of children doing ukulele and there are four teacher's. Every Thursday I go to choir. In choir we sing "choo choo cha bogie , Sweet Barefooted Dreamer's, Bad and Beat it! Singing in choir is awesome! There are quite a lot of children in the choir but I don't think as much as ukulele .

by Amy


School is amazing! At school you learn heaps of fun,exciting stuff.From primary school you go to intermediate. Then you go to college and then university. In Auckland there are heaps of schools. Of course schools are around the world. But the only school I know in Auckland is Grey Lynn School. In Grey Lynn School there is a" junior quad" and a "senior quad". My teacher is named Andrea.She teaches amazing stuff to room 13. Also other teachers are around the school like in the junior quad same as the senior quad. In term 3 Grey Lynn School is going to have a mathletics contest against other schools around the world.
I just hope we are going to win in the contest. By Jennifer.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cleaning my fish tank

On Sunday I cleaned my fish tank. My mum and dad went to Animates and brought a filter sponge and a background also a water pump when i got home from my friends house we had dinner and then waited for a few minutes. Then cleaned my fish tank first i took my fish out then my snails and my plants while my dad cleaned the filter sponge.Then we used the pump it sounded so cool zooming down the plastic tube and splashing into the bucket. Then we put some more water in put in water conditioner then splash splash splash all three of my fish went in.This is all it took to clean my fish tank.


It's a blog about me

Hi I'm Max. I am 8 years I play rugby for Ponsonby Ponies u8. I have a really annoying brother. I also have a great mum and dad. I have 4 friends - Robbie Otto, Jeru and Jaime. I've got blonde hair and blue eyes .My favorite food is mince and cheese pie. when I grow up I want to be a gardner.

by Max

Monday, August 16, 2010

My Mice

My mice are the most annoying things on earth. At night all they do is run in their exercise wheel and it rattles. It is so annoying so i take the wheel off. They also stink if you don't clean their cage out wen you are meant to. If you are getting a mouse get a girl because the boys stink. I have got 2 girl mice and their names are Tess and Sylvie. by Milla

All blacks vs South Africa.

Out in New Zealand at Eden park the All blacks played South Africa in the Tri nations.
The stadium was filled with 100,00 All black supporters and about 100 South African supporters .
Me, my mum and brother went. I got an american hot dog and chips with a sprite. Yum yum.

Brrrrrrrrr - the whistle began Daniel Carter kicked off and they chased the ball like charging bulls.
All of the fowards in South Africa tried to catch the ball and and they dived for it.
Januire passed the ball out to the first five and kicked the ball and Cory Jane caught the ball and passed to Mils Muliaina and then to Dan Carter and he kicked it back.
15 minutes later Ma'a Nonu scored a try and the All Black's were in the lead.
After they scored again and then South Africa scored and then they got a drop kick.

80 minutes gone and the All Blacks win 17-14.

Te Ua

Friday, August 13, 2010

My cat.

Milkshake, my cat,used to play with our other cat, Wuffle, but Wuffle went to the other side of the road.
We got sad. Our family got a new rabbit, Daisy. We were relieved to get one. We have had 2 rabbits, 10 fish, and 2 cats.

By Jaime

My Family

I'm Phoenix. Right now I'm living in one of my grandma's house because she has so many houses. My whole family goes to the races because my grandma has a horse at the races. I have a new baby cousin and her weight is 6.5lbs and her name is Isabella. She is the smallest baby I have ever seen. We have a company called Eagle technology. There's a magazine with my grandma in it and I think my grandma looks good for her age.
by Phoenix

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Have you seen a Kakapo?

Have you seen a kakapo? Of course you haven't because they live on islands and is a flightless bird. They have colours like the bush so you don't really see them. They have colours like the bush so they can hide and catch their food. So if you go to one of the island that has a kakapo, look carefully in case you see one.

By Acacia

My Favourite TV channel

Do you know what my favourite TV channel is? If you guessed the amazing Cartoon Network or channel 42 you're right. You should watch it because there are so many cool and funny shows like Chowder,The Garfield show,Ben10 and Bakugan. Unlike the news, it's not boring at all and it goes on for 24 hours. I recommend you watch this channel because all the shows are totally cool and so are the settings.Now you know what my favourite TV channel is.

By Matt

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Production 2010

In the production we are doing the 90s. I am MC Hammer with Jaime and the hammer -ets are Amy Phoenix Ruby and Sydney. I'm also doing Shortland Street. I am Doctor Ropata. I cant tell you any more but if you want know more you need to watch the play.
by Jack.

Production [for room 13]

In September Grey Lynn school is having a production at Auckland Girls Grammar. I'm a spice girl [ sporty spice] Caitlin is baby spice, Acacia is ginger spice,Anisah is posh spice and Jennifer is scary spice. Lastly from me hope you like our production [sorry i couldn't tell you more.] by Celia

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What time is it?

Well we're glad you asked.
The Cuboids Maths group has been learning abut time in. Today we learned to count the time in increments of 10 minutes. We drew a clock in Kid Pix and used Slideshow to animate.

We hope you had a good TIME watching our quick movie.

Cuboids - Room13

My New Puppy

Last week my mum went to the pet shop to get some hay when she came back she had something furry in her arms It was a puppy. My mum called it Bullet. He looked so cute but he smelled yuck just like my other dog.My mum loves him I love him too. Now we're going to talk about my other dog Madge. Madge has been with me for 8 years. Right now I am 8 so she has been with me my whole life. Madge is my favorite. I love my dogs and they love me too.

By Willow

My cat

Hi my name is Anisah and I am going to talk about my cat Meow Meow. He is a male and he is a size of a normal cat but he is only one year old. and I think he is so CUTE! His birthday is Feb the 2nd . He has 3 sisters and is heavy and fat. My dad calls him fat Meow Meow, but i think that is stupid! and every time I see him I go nuts because I think he is so cute.

By Anisah

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Vuvuzela

On Saturday I went out for dinner with my family and my Uncle and Auntie to thank them from cat sitting our cat Speedo. Also when they got there my Auntie gave Lucy (my sister) three body sprays and a magazine and I got a vuvuzela from the final of the FIFA world cup in South Africa! By Robbie

Friday, August 6, 2010

My soccer game

On Thursday me and my mum went to watch my training for our game on Saturday. Also when I was playing my friend from my soccer team got 3 goals in our game on Saturday but the player of the day was a goalie because he saved heaps of goals.I think he got 5 or 4 balls . We also won our game 3 nil.

by Willie

my soccer game

On Saturday I had my soccer game. Me and my friends at soccer lined up we got the teams. I was in all of my friends teams and some boys I didn't know. When we started I was guarding the goal and in the other half I got 5 goals because the goal keeper is easy. Even my friends got 3 goals. When the game was almost over a really hard goal keeper came when ever one of the best players in team tried to shoot. He just saved it. Finally it was the last half. I was puffed out but I still had one more chance left. I ran down the field with the ball. I shot the ball and I got a goal. After every game I go home and watch TV.
By Caitlin

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My pet tuxedo

I have a dog called Tuxedo He is two years old but in dog years he's fourteen. Tuxedo is a spoodle. It's a type of dog crossed between a spaniel and a poodle . My family and I bought Tuxedo when he was twelve months old. Tuxedo was the only dog that we were allowed to take because the rest of the dog's were under age to take.Out of all the dog's Tuxes was the maturest dog because all he really did was walk around the little place and sit on my mum's lap. One of the thing's that he did to show off but instead of showing off he did this, Tuxedo thought that we would buy him if he could do a cool trick so he looked around Next he finds a bucket of water so he ran and jumped but he didn't jump far enough so SPLASH!!! - water went everywhere!. Tuxedo is the best pet for me and if you ever meet him you will know.


My Narative

In room 13 we are writing narratives. Mine is about 2 video games beating each other up. For my orientation I wrote that a general was walking to his tent when a square ninja jumped from a tree holding another general and knocked out the other one general with knock out gas. In another dimension were red and blue blocks raining.They were used to build weapons tanks and all that kind of stuff. Once I finish my narrative I will publish it so you can read the whole story.

By Jeru.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Special Weekend

On Sunday my grandma and grandad took me and my sister to Motat. At motat we went in the space ship and in the space ship you watch 5 minutes movies that are could Journey to the center of the earth. Then we went to the mirrors we had lots of fun in them. After that we went to the cafe to have some lunch. For lunch I had a ham,lettuce, and egg sandwich and a chocolate chip biscuit. Then we went on the tram and we had heaps of fun. Finally went home. BY Sydnie.

My Rugby League Game

On Saturday my team, named the Ponsonby Ponies, versed Marist Gold. Marist Gold is the hardest team ever. In the first half, Marist kicked off to Ponsonby. My friend named Boston caught the ball. He ran and got tackled then he got up and replayed the ball. Then my big strong, Kobe had his run. He stepped and ran. He jumped and scored. Our team went WILD. Marist tapped the ball. I ran up and tackled the biggest boy in Marist. I grabbed his arm and tripped him up.

In the first half the score was 20 - 0. In the second half my friend named Zen kicked the ball of to Marist. A Marist player ran and then I ran up and tackled him. They replayed the ball I ran up and spear tackled him. He got injured then it became a turn over. It was my run. I ran to the midle then stepped him then I RAN STRAIGHT AND JUMPED AND LANDED. I SCORED! Then we noticed we were in the lead, 25-10. PREEEEEEEP!!! The referee blew his whistle. They kicked the ball to us and we won, 45-25. It was a great win.

By Ethan

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


On Tuesday I go to Youthtown. At youthtown I play touch and do ball skills.On Wednesday I play computer games. On Thursday I play Monsters Inc buzz. On Friday we do free cooking. by ELIJAH

Monday, August 2, 2010

Moshi Monsters

On Sunday I went on Moshi Monsters. It was for free. I was excited but it was annoying because I had to do lots of annoying things like passwords and names. We also had to have our email checked. After all of that then you can play. It is a maths and writing game. You can buy food and seeds also decorate your virtual house.

By Hugo

On Saturday at 1.30pm at the church hall near school, I do Bollywood. I do Bollywood every Saturday. In Bollywood you have to keep in time to a beat like 1,2,3,4. Every time a beat goes you do actions to the music . It is very fun. It started last term. Anisah, from my class, started on the 31st July. Anisah is 1 of my friends that j ust came on 1 of the last practises. Lots of people were there like Madeline in Year 3, Zara, Lola and Anisah. we do lots of cool and interesting moves. Bollywood is interesting you should do it. Your mums and dads will like watching.

By Sophie

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