Monday, November 29, 2010

My friends beach party

On Saturday I got invited to my friend's party at the beach because he likes beaches and sand fights. We had a cake that said happy  birthday Luke at the beach. Then we had swim for about one hour.                                  

by Willie

Grey Lynn Festival

On Saturday November 2010 it was the Grey Lynn festival. My whole family went there. There was heaps of food and toys to buy. I had shaved ice and my sister and my brothers did too.  The flavour I had was rainbow flavoured. My sister had traffic light and my brothers had the fruit one. After that we went home.                       by Sydney

Friday, November 26, 2010


Hi I'm Mia M . My favourite colour is blue and I've got 2 budgies. They are called Marshmallow and Milkshake . I also have a cat which called Isabelle. I love Harry Potter and I am reading Anne of the Green Gables. I have 3 cousins who come from England and 2 who live in India and that is all about me!

By Mia M

How to drive like a 8 year old

WALT write instructions.

2 Ropes
2 Bricks
Crash helmet
Fast music CD
step 1. get in car
step 2. tie the bricks to your feet so you can reach the pedals
step 3. put on crash helmet
step 4. put in music CD
step 5. start driving.
by Jeru

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mourning the miners.

On 2.30 pm another gas explosion happens
In where the miners were. For me it was really sad
because they died. Heaps of kids have no father and
wives with no husbands also sisters with no brothers
and brothers with no other brother too. I really feel
sorry for them and I even cried when we were in class.
I really do hope the mums,brothers,sisters will still
feel happy that part of them are still in their heart.

By Jennifer.


Two years ago me my mum , dad and my brother Oscar all went to a dog shop to get a dog. When we first got there me and Oscar went straight to the puppies while my mum and dad talked to the mangers. first Oscar went to the 11 mouth old they were all girls and they liked to play fight. When my brother was playing with those dogs I went and played with the smallest dogs that could sleep in a cup .Out of all the small dogs my favourite  was a little brown dog called Noodles. But mum was the only one who liked tux was mum so we went to a cafe and thought of which dog we were going to get and decided we would get...


By Emily

Grey Lynn festival

On Saturday Willow and I went down to the park to see the grey Lynn festival . I was really
tired that day because the night before I had a sleepover at Willow's house and we were still
awake by  2 o' clock in the morning playing Nintendo ds. At the Grey Lynn festival I saw Isla, Mia,
Phoenix and Emily. I went on the chair -o- planes but I could not look down.I went home at about 2pm.

by Ruby

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Grey Lynn festival

On Saturday I went to the Grey Lynn festival.  Isla came with me we went on a ride. It was the chair- a plane and we went on some more rides. Then I bought a glass dolphin. Then we went and got a frozen yogurt and we got a belini and after that we went home                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         BY MIA  V

What Christmas means to me.

1.Firstly presents.

2.Spending time with my family.

3.Spending the morning in my pj's.

4.Eating what ever I want (usually).

5.Going shopping for presents.

6. Sharing the joy with other people.

7.Going into the living room and seeing all the presents.

8.Buying the christmas tree.

9.Seeing the the note from Santa on our door.

10.Playing with my new toys

By Robbie
On Friday we started our weaving.First we started to pull threads out of the hesein to make a pattern.Then we weaved material thorough the holes.Next we tied a stick to our hesein and then tied another thread to the stick to make it hang.Then we stuck things like flowers to our hesein. Lastly we hung them up on the wall.
By Celia and Sophie.

My new hair doo

On Friday me, my mum and brother went over to my friends house to get a new haircut and to get our hair dyed.
It was my very first time getting our hair dyed.
The hair looked awesome because nearly eveything was on an angle.
Also Deann changed my hair color to gold but not my whole head was gold , parts of my my hair was still black.
We went home and I couldn't stop thinking about it.

What do you think?
P.S. This was written on an iPod touch. Pretty cool !
Te Ua

Harry potter 7

Yesterday I  went to Harry potter 7 with my mum. When we got there mum realised that I was not going  to stop bouncing so she said how are you going to stop moving? So I said I have no idea! Our gate was gate 7 so me and mum walked in and sat down.When the adds ended the movie started and it was the best one yet. My favourite part was when they found the sword of Griffindor. I'm really lucky that I got to go.  By Mia M

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our class Room 13 with their weaving!

This is room 13.

We are learning to weave through material and decorate it with things from our environment outside our class room.
People used sticks, lolly rappers, and all kinds of stuff we can find.We like to learn creative stuff for a change so we do different stuff every day.

By  Caitlin

Monday, November 22, 2010

What's happening in Room 13.

Hi my name is Anisah and I am going to tell you about what is happening in class. Lots of people were sharing today. The first person who shared was Olivia she shared her Beany kids she is usually very funny. The first beany kid she ever got was a red panda she calles it Redy. Her favourite one is a Bandicoot. Also Jamie had a few tricks up his sleeve .... with some matches(magic ones, not real) Oooooooo.  They were all really hard. Jack was blogging on the  ipod touch and if we can prove we can use them for learning we will get 20 for the class.  Isn't that wicked? Anyway that what been happening in our class already and it is only 10:20 !

by Anisah  

Pike River Miners Trapped

On Friday there was an explosion in the Pike River mine in Reefton and at 3:50PM the power went off and they send an electrician  down to fix it at 4:10 and he was a bit down when he saw a miner of his lowder about 15 meters of it and he hid in the door of it and this is what he remembered. .:(

By Max
News clip

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Going to Australia

In the holidays I went to Australia with my Mum ,Dad and Brother. We went to the plane at 3:00 at night .After the plan ride we went to get our rental car and then we had to drive in the car for about an hour or 2. Once we got to my Auntie's house I went to see my little second cousin Kadin and my cousin. Straight away I wanted to see their two pet snakes and their dog Meeka. Since it was now late I went to bed. The next day I woke up and went to play with Kadin . A couple days later we went to our other place that we were staying in.The next day we went to Wet'n'wild water world with Scarlett and Sophie . I think we went on all the rides we were allowed on. The next day we went to Sea World.  I only got to go on one ride because I wasn't tall enough . Then it was the last day and we went to Movie World. It rained so we didn't  go on anything so we decided to go to the plane and head home.



In the library there is this fantastic book. It really is a fabulous book. It's called Mouk . It is about a bear who goes around the world and has cool experiences. He goes to:
France   China    Siberia   Australia    Japan    India   and even New york. This is my favorite  book ever . 

By Jack.

Swimming Day

Every Thursday and Friday Room 13 go swimming. Today it is already super hot and it is only 9:40 AM so we were glad to be in the pool.

Our slide show starts with all the fun happening in the pool and ends with, " Guess who forgot their togs?"

Let's hope we all remember tomorrow.

Room 13

P.S.  Andrea loves swimming day as it is great to see all the smiles in the pool. Being a kids is really neat !

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rowing world cup

Last term my mum got picked to go down to Lake Karapiro to help Rowing New Zealand by being the  nutritionist. The last time she went down for two weeks. I was the only boy till Emmy came. On Friday 12th October we went down to the lake and everyone wanted to see us. It got really hot and boring on the last day but we had a party.
By Max 

Sophie and Scarlet save the day

On Monday me and Scarlet saved two birds that Sippie (cat) nearly killed but me and Scarlet saved the birds. One had a big patch of blood by it's leg and the other bird was badly injured. Sippie put his tooth into the bird's brain and the feathers were dodgey. We locked Sippie in the bathroom and let the birds rest outside and then they flew away. I hope they are now ok.

By Sophie

Room 6 (my little sister's class )

My little sister Cherry started school on October the 18th. Cherry knew some people that were in her
class at  kindergarten who were Sam,Emma,Alexandra. I used to go down to her class to see if she was
OK. Cherry has made lots of new friends. Cherry has a very spectacular teacher called Kathryn . 
I love how Cherry always comes home with stories to tell me about SCHOOL!

By Ruby

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Edublogs Contest

My Nominations for The are:

We like this blog as it integrates all parts of the curriculum into their blog. Their students can log on and do Maths games or read blog posts. It's great and it has a real authentic voice which we like and are trying to achieve on our own blog. We also love that the teacher posts real student work, even if it just a 7 word post like Philip's trains post. You know a child wrote it and that's authentic.

Good luck ! Room 13

The Surprise of a life time.

On 14.11.10 my cat had five kittens there are 3 black and white ones 1 calico and 1black. My favourite one's are the black and calico kittens. The kittens names are Tiger, Fairy, Black out, Patches and Nelly. The kittens are 2 days old now but they look like they are a week old because they have fur already .                                   by Acacia.

Room 1!

Talofa! I'm Jennifer and my sister is Tes. She is in room 1 with her classmates Tali, Maya, Kailia and Casidy. Their teacher's name is Donna. I predict that Donna is very nice to those kids. Tes has been to Grey Lynn School for only 2 years. Of course I don't really know how long the other kids have been in this school. In these pictures you can see that my sister is really tall.  She says that she is the tallest in her class,of course, if I were in her class I would be the tallest and its not going to be her anymore! YAY! I hoped you enjoyed reading this blog about room 1. Aren't they cute?

By Jennifer.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Last Wednesday I had my first circus class. First did a game called "sly fox" what you do is 1 person stands about 3 to 5 metres away (from the others) and the person 3 to 5 metres away the others faces their back to the others.When the person faces their back everyone has to try and him or her.But when they turn around you have to stop.Its really fun.We also did other cool things like standing on adults shoulders!!! Circus is awesome.By Celia

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My trip around the world

In the holidays I went around the world for four weeks to learn more about other places all around the world. The first place I went was Hawaii.  Second place was Los Angeles [ we went to Disneyland and went on all the scary rides like the Haunted mansion but  the haunted rides are only there for Halloween ] Then we went to Holland. Then to Denmark and then to London and then to Austria [ my mum is half Austrian and my sister and I are quarter Austrian and my Dad knows some Austrian ] Then we went to Rome. Then after four days in Rome we came back to New Zealand.

By Phoenix

My Calendar art

 I've been doing my calendar  art for about 3 week now but  I think it was worth it . This is what I did. I wrote 'soccer' in big bubble letters. Then I drew  a 3D  soccer goal and Andrea printed the world cup ball out and I put it on the goal.After that for the back ground I did a collage with paper grass and that is my calendar art.
By Otto.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My tadpoles

On the 8th of November I went to my friends house with Isla. There names were Josh and Sophie. First we went pony riding. I rode a pony called Bart. Then we went to the pond and we had a net so we caught tadpoles. We saw a frog but it was too fast to catch so we went home and went for a bike ride. After that we went home.
By Milla

Monday, November 8, 2010

My calender art

This is my calender art of Transformers animated.Here are the characters. The red and grey spickyon the left transformer is called Cliffjumper. The wierd grey object up above him is the Allspark key. The Allspark key is a powerful device that gives life to all transformers.The yellow and black robot next to Cliffjumper name is Bumblebee. The blue and red transformer called Optimus prime (right of Bumblebee) is the leader of a small band of Autobots (good transformers). The black moterbike under Optimus prime is the transformation of a swift and silent Autobot named Prowl. Now you know the characters on my calender art of Transformers animated.

by Matt

My Sunday

On Sunday the 8th of November I  went to Milla's house. Before we went for a bike ride Milla and I went to her Dad's friends house. After a while we went pony riding and there was a pond. After our pony ride we went to the pond and we had a net to catch tadpoles! Our bucket was filled with tadpoles and those little swimming bugs we we got back to Josh and Sophie's house me and Milla went to even out the tadpoles. Then we got to hold some axolotls they slip right out of your hands then we fed their turtle. About ten minutes later we went for a long bike ride  I was really tired when we were done. Then we went  back to My house that was annoying because the dirty pond water was going all over me. By the time I got home I only had two tadpoles because the others died from the car ride. My Sunday was really fun my two tadpoles are still alive.

By Isla


A month ago it was the tenth day of the 10th month of the two thousandth and tenth year. Pretty big considering we will only see it once in our lifetime.

There were a lot of websites on how to commemorate the day and get inspiration. Andrea, our teacher, was inspired too. She had just been to course on how photographs can enhance visual language in the classroom.

It was the school holidays but Andrea emailed Frances, our Parent Net Mum and she sent out an email to all of the emails she had asking us to take a photo that symbolises childhood but the photo could not have a child in it.

HMMMMM..... we had some thinking to do and here are the results.

We put it into a Keynote and then published it using Quicktime. The pictures are ours and the music is " When I grow up" from Kiwi Kidsongs.

Enjoy !


Friday, November 5, 2010


Every morning me and Max go on garageband and put on some funky music.Our favorite music is funk.There are 9 different songs.This one of my favourite apps ever .

 This is how to play:

.1 Choose a song  

.2 Choose your instruments on the screen.

.3 Then press the play button

And its that simple, now you know how to play how about you go on and make your own music.
By Jack

Amy's Art

This is my grid art of a 1990's cartoon character. We started about a month ago and we finished a week ago. At first I was really scared I would make a mistake or something but I didn't. I started at her foot and finished at her head.Once I had finished drawing her I had to do chalk on the outline. Then we put black dye spread all over it and let it dry. Then we cut it out and glued it onto a bit of paper and made it pop out.

These are the steps to follow:

1. Fold a bit of paper into a grid

2. Fold a picture into the same kind of grid as the bit of paper

3.Draw the same thing on the bit of paper as the picture and do the outline in chalk

4.Put the dye on the picture and let it dry

You now have now finished your grid art!

By Amy

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Hedgehog

Last  Tuesday my sister Mimi and my dad found a hedgehog. It was sitting there as frozen as a iceberg. Then my dad touched it and it stared to breathe so they put it into this big container and put some hay over it and put a bowl of water and food by it. A few days later my mum side that if the hedgehog was still alive we will keep it but the next day my mum came home the hedgehog had died.

By Willow

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Athletics day!

Hopefully on a nice sunny day, Grey Lynn School will be doing athletics. These lanes are what we are going to run in.

 To be safe while there we need:

.Sneakers/Running shoes
.Drink bottle

All the kids have to run in their ages. I have to run with the 9 year olds which is a bit of a pain but I am sure I will make it.

By Jennifer

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Where I like to Play

At lunchtime I played soccer.we won  the score was 20and the other team got 12 . I like playing on the playground too.

By  Elijah

We knew it was going to be a good day when....

...we saw Andrea, our teacher, walking across the courtyard with a big platter covered by a black tea towel. What was under there? She was smiling so I knew she was up to something good !

We could smell it right away...that familiar smell.....fresh bread.Take a minute now to remember that smell.

Nice, eh !

Today was our Motivation?Immersion day into our Changes unit. Our big focus question for this term is ,
" What are the causes and effects of substances changing? "

Andrea was using bread to get us thinking about how it will help us understand and answer that question.

We talked in our buzz groups about what we knew about bread and we recorded all our information on a KWL chart - What we KNOW, what we WANT to know, and what we LEARNED.
Then we brainstormed all the types of bread we thought existed. We came up with over 30 types !

Then the fun began. Andrea took the tea towel off and we saw a platter full of yummy looking bread and we all noticed the donuts right away. We couldn't wait. Our mouths were dribbling like hungry dogs staring at their food. We were dribbling so much we could have filled up a pool.

But then Andrea said not to think with our tummies. We felt really hungry like a dinosaur who hasn't eaten in 30 years !

WE took off our hungry, Year Four hats and put on our Scientist hat and lab coat and we set out to discover what we could about bread.

We had to look at the bread, smell the bread, feel the bread, and finally, taste the bread. We had to use all of our senses.

We discovered that some breads tasted salty and sweet and some of smelled vinegar in some of the breads. There were dry breads and Celia, one of our classmates, made a gluten free cheese bread. It was everybody's favourite.

We also had to guess what ingredients were in the bread. We wrote our guesses in red and then Andrea read the real ingredients out and we labelled them in blue. We discovered that there are some things in our bread that we have no idea about - like  firming agent 516. What is that? We also discovered there is animal fat in our donuts. Animal fat? Gross !

We are still investigating so check back and see what creative ways we will discover all about bread.
Enjoy the slideshow !

Room 13 - Secret Bread Agents

My Wax Hand

I went to a Carnival festival.  It was on the radio . At the festival  I made a wax hand.  First we put our hand in cold water. Then we put our hand in hot wax and kept on doing that. While you have your hand in hot wax you cannot move your hand. After you have done that she pulls our wax hand off our hand and she asks what colour you would like and she would put that colour the wax hand. My colour was blue.                                    
   By Sophie                                

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Gardening club

Last term the Totara team made a gardening club.2 people were picked from each class.I was one of them . Olivia was the other person in my class. 2 weeks ago we  picked our broad beans and cooked them with thyme, lemon and mint. 3 days ago we had to pull out half our plants because it was so dry. Being in the gardening club is exciting but it is all so a bit sad because we have to pull out some of our plants.
By Mia M


On Sunday night it was very SPOOKY because heaps of people were dressed up and going around asking for lollies.  Jackson and I were going around trick or treating.  We got heaps of lollies and when we were finished we shoved all the lollies in our mouths. They tasted new and exciting.  My favourite was the chocolate flake.
            by Ethan

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