Wednesday, April 29, 2015

All about Shapes

Here is the video we watch in class to help us remember our shape names. We think it's quite a catchy tune.


Monday, April 27, 2015

Road Safe Warriors

Constable Rob spent the last week with us teaching us how to cross the road safely and be road wise.

We all did such a great job that we got a certificate that says we passed the Road Safety course.

Our teacher made a funny imovie trailer. We hope you enjoy it and don't one was arrested! 

Room 2

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Kelly Sports

I play Kelly Sports.
By Vincent

Chilly the Penguin

 On Saturday I got a penguin from the shop but I didn't  know what shop it was. I always sleep with it all day long. It is puffed up and feels soft and cuddly like a real penguin. 
By Loma

Dog Disco

For days ago I got a new puppy sketching book and I have done some drawings in it. In the front there are two sticker pages in the front of it. There are two different kinds of stickers. There are sparkly ones and shiny ones.The puppy's names are Misty, Sparkles, Lola, Magic Spot, Vanilla Misty(Mistys twin sister) Browny and Snow.
By Lily

The Fish Bowl

On the weekend me and Ila made a Fish box. I made a fish feeder. We painted sparkles on the fishbowl. It was fun for me. The fishies names were Flounder and Ruby and Goldie and Flash. The fishies eat water weed and shrimps. The weeds are flappy to me. by Jaya

My Feather

I found a white feather in my Grandma's garden when I was walking down on the footpath. I think it is from a white eagle. When he flew by the feather flew off his wings. My feather feels smooth and fluffy. 
By Mere (typed by Andrea)

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