Thursday, November 10, 2016

The diary of the Special Sapphire

Tuesday 2nd January 1981

Hi it's me again.
We, Hannah and me, are so close to finding the special sapphire. We have a map to the Australian outback. We think that the special sapphire is somewhere close to the kangaroo, watch out. That is about four hours drive from here. Hannah is just packing the car now. See  you soon.

Liz :)

PS: The thing that Hannah wanted to show me was a baby koala and it's mom.

PPS: Hannah is an animal lover.     


Sunday, November 6, 2016

My America Trip

As last time I'm writing about my trip to America. It was so hot I was melting to little pieces. When we went to New York I ate a massive piece of pizza. It was so big I had to eat it very slowly. One night when my mum went out to the Bruce Springsteen's concert, which by the way went for four hours, was good, but anyway, while she was there my mum's mum and dad went out and took us to the Lion King movie {live}. My rating of it out of ten would probably be eight  because it was a musical not just a normal performance but I liked it. After she went and brought us a packet of pringles and one of those really big pizza slices. I got a Margarita and George got a Hawaiian unlike me. I got full halfway through it and then they all helped me. Stay in touch for next weeks edition. 
By Ruby.


Pokemon is a fun game to play because when you get a pokemon you can fight gins and get Xpee  to fight Gins but when you get pokemon  you get Xpee.  By Cassius

Aliens ATTACK!!!!

Once upon a time there was a house in space that had Aliens that lived inside the house they looked super weird. They had three eyes and lived right next to Titan.  The aliens transport systems could travel five times faster than the speed of light. Their transport systems are... rocket bike, rocket ship and mother ship [ 59,0000 times bigger than the sun] . The mother ship can fit over,000000000000000000 passengers... p.s there is 99.9000000000 mother ships . If the captain was to be a human the human would probably crash the ship. The aliens favourite food is dark matter.  The aliens names where... Johnny , Jack , Jeremy and Lucy. The aliens went to their motherships and then they fired up the engines and then flew to earth. They invaded earth and killed every life form on earth then blew it up BOOM [ Human ] AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!! the end  by Jozier 31.10.16                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Alien Invasion

Once upon a time there was a  space city that  was on planet mars. Each house had a rocket that could travel faster than speed of light. Each building had eleven rockets that could travel faster than the speed of light. In fact it took 4.2 seconds to get to Jupiter. Why would you need a rocket, you ask? To get food . What do they eat, you ask... meteorites. Who lives here, you ask...aliens .                                                                                                                                                                                                   One day they found out about a new planet called Earth .[Not really new] They were really interested  in it so  decided to go check it out .They went in there rockets and went so fast, in fact, I think it only took 2.1 seconds to get there. Once they got there they checked it out they didn't like humans so they destroyed earth and that was that .By Noah .


Today after school it is going to be Halloween. I'm going to dress up as a zombie and me and my brother and sister have already started to
decorate are house with Halloween decorating things. My sister and brother are both going to dress up as a monster but I'm not sure if they are going to trick or treat because I'm going to trick treat. I think I that I could get over fifty lollies in my bag of a pumpkin shape. I cant wait till I go trick or treating. If my brother and sister do actually come trick or treating I might go trick or treating with Rhys and Luca and lots of other people. My mum said I could only have some of my lollies after Halloween because she doesn't want me to get sick and saying I want to have more lollies please and my mum would say no and I  would start to get angry and get told off . If I talk back and that would be really naughty. Last Halloween I went to Luca's and Rhys's and we got to watch lot's of TV but we actually got to play age of war the others watch the TV when I played it. By Ben  


Pokemon are some of my favourite things, there are lots of different types like fire, water, ground  and more. there are lots of Pokemon movies and games. Pokemon are so awesome!! By Torin


This Monday it was Halloween. I dressed up as a witch  for Halloween. On Halloween it was fun. My mum was dressed up as a cat. My cat was dressed up as a witch and it was adorable. In my pumpkin  I got about 50 lollies. Halloween is awesome . I love Halloween. By Sofia 

Chapter One: Finally -The Ghost Horse

Easy Blog Photo
🐴 The Ghost Horse 🐴 "Here I go," I said "You'll be great," said Sofia "Thanks, " I said. Finally I had come back to Burnside to see Wings and all of my other furry friends, yay. "Shall we go for a hack?" "Of course," said Sofia and Olive together "jinx" said Sofia. Suddenly "I'll take that as a yes." Suddenly Tom rushed out at us with Bebe hot on his heels. All of the horses shyed backwards into the fence and then shot forward again. "Whoa," we all slowed our horses what a dramatic start."Ok let's try that again " I said just then cameo side stepped over to the nearest tree, oo oh.
By Lily

Watch this space for Chapter 2. 

The science show

On the 30th of October the Kauri team watched a science show. The scientists were called Allen and Emily. Five kids came up the front and had to try to find out what they were, tasting, sniffing and looking at. They also told us about the periodic table and lots more.At one point, Allen put carbon dioxide in a sealed container.The lid popped of and the carbon dioxide went shooting out. He put some blue stuff in a cup and poured it over a teacher.The blue stuff stayed in the cup! It was the best science show ever! By Olive

halloween by charlie

On monday the 31st of October it was HALLOWEEN !!!!!! I was a skeleton. I went trick or treating with Ella and Barney, my brother. We all were skeletons. We got so much candy like Freddo frogs, Smarties, flakes and lots more. We bumped into lots of people that we knew, but Halloween hasn't finished for our school as there is still the Grey Lynn school halloween disco.  I'm so excited.  I can't wait. By Charlie

Walking Water!

My writing group the Cheetahs did an experiment and we started off with 3 cups, some paper towels. One of the cups was filled with yellow dye and one with blue and the last one was empty. We had some time to hypothesize. I guessed that the water would float and the dye would sink. We put one of the paper towels from the blue to the empty and one from the yellow to the empty the blue and the yellow started to walk up the paper. 

1 hour later. 

The blue has made it now there is some blue dye in the middle cup. We take a closer look and we noticed that the blue is taking over the yellow. We have been cheeking the experiment and it has been  getting more and more liquid in it. By Enzo.


On November the 4th  there will be a PARTY!!!!!! 
It is at the Grey Lynn Library Hall. I am dressing up as a jungle shaman. I wonder what my friends will be dressed up as? I hope that there is free food!
I Love HALLOWEEN!!!!!! By Pace.

Sleepover fun

Hi, me, Hannah, Joyce and Ruby [my cousin] are having a sleepover birthday party at my house. I am going to turn 9 in January the 9th this is my plan for the sleepover:                                                                                                                                 .Get some food for the midnight feast.                        .Have a disco.                                                            .Do some backing.                                                     .And much,much more.                                                                                                                               by Emily.


On Monday the rooms 10,11,12,13 and 14 went to Science in a Van. First we mixed baking soda and vinegar in a rubber glove then we learnt about the periodic table and we found that on the periodic table was spelt au weird.We also learnt never put dry ice in a sealed container as the container will explode, but I want to do it any way. I had soooooo much fun. By Gus

Here's their blog if you want to follow them!

The big bang

Two thousand years ago there was a big kaboom and it blew up all of the planets and then after that the planet turned into the size of a dot. Then fifty years later there were to forty five year old men went into a rocket and flew up into space and the space men were like what?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where are all  the planets? "I don't know," said one of the spacemen.  "Oh yeah, the big bang that took every planet to a size of a dot. Then the spacemen came down to the real world.

By Ben

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The science show

On the 31 of October the whole of kauri team went to see a science show called science in a van,the sciences names were Emily and Ellen. They explained the periodic table and the rule to get on the periodic table. They did stuff like: they got 5 people and gave blind folds to 4 of them and gloves to one,they gave them something they had to see,feel,touch,hear and taste then they had to guess what it was. Ellen showed us what happens when you put dried cabindiyoxid in a sealed container (it shots out / blowes up) BOOM!

By sofia E

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