Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hot and cold....warm and cool

We are talking about colours of course. WALT use warm and cool colours to add contrast to our art.
Here is the process so far. Keep your eyes peeled to see the finished products !

Room 13

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tumbling and Jumping

Last week room 13 went to the TRI STAR gym. Everybody had a great time. There was heaps of things to do like bar, vault and the foam pit. by Josie

Last  week room 13 went to TRI STAR gym.  We did a  rotation so one group went to the vault while the  others went to bar or beam and floor. Everybody had so much fun! And just so you know, I go to TRI STAR gym and do gymnastics every week. By Nina

Enjoy our photo slideshow.


The Big Bad Bully

Elijah, Gwyneth and Oceania decided to make a comic about relationships being powerful. They decided to use the idea of bullying to show this.

They used the iPad 2 to take photos using the APP Comic Strip and also added text to their photos.  It was then downloaded into iphoto and then imported into iMovie. Then they used a storyboard to plan their text. Then Elijah and Oceania added music and transitions to their movie.

This is the students' work, 100%. They worked well and are now the class experts and will teach the other students.

So keep checking back for more iMovies soon !

The shape of rain

I have been learning to write poetry and choose the best words in the best order. I also used words from the water word wall and my own words to write the poem.

I created my poem using the website, and then I took a screenshot of the poem I created. I dropped it into iphoto and then imported it into Kid Pix to add a background.

The website is on our blog under Fun Stuff to do. I think you should give it a try.

Enjoy my shape poem.


Samoa rugby practise

On Wednesday the whole school went to Western  springs to  look at Manu Samoa  practise. When we got there we sang let's go Samoa let's go. We sang really loud. After that we sang Le Aute really loud .Soon after  we went back to school. It was really cool.
                       By NAMI

Rugby practice

On Wednesday the whole school went down to see the Samoan team practice for their rugby game this Sunday. First we cheered and sang songs. Next we got flags and waved them. After that we watched them, of course for a long time. Then we went back to school.

By Bay

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Going to Western Springs

On Wednesday we went to  Western springs to watch the Manu Samoa  practice their kicks and  high kicks. Then when they arrived we said lets go Samoa. lets go!  It was really loud. I  couldn't  hear the man speaking . After that we sang a Samoan song called, Le Aute and said CHOO. The other school on the other side was trying to get louder than us but we were louder.  We hope Manu Samoa win against Fiji on Sunday !


Manu Samoa - Shout for Samoa ! from Room13 GLS on Vimeo.

GLS Live week 8

Well, we have gone through all the different countries that are here for the Rugby World Cup 2011. WE have saved the best for last, The All Blacks. 

Room 13 brainstormed what they thought people might want to know about the All Blacks and used the iPads to research and write our own stories.

We hope you enjoy our latest edition. 
And please stay tuned...we are changing our GLS direction. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ball games

throwing, passing.
team spreading
side by side.
Ball going around
ball out of hand
chasing after the ball
got the ball.
Almost near
the try line
just a bit closer
By Kayleen

Catch and run

Ball flying
mud splashing
toe's kicking
leg's pumping
By Ulycess

Pass and run

Ball spinning
grass cutting
legs a tired
feet running
body flying-
the balls out
still going
very tired
running hard
nearly there
even closer
By Luke

Friday, September 16, 2011

Moon Cakes

Moon Cakes are what Chinese people eat  to celebrate  in Autum because there is a full moon. But it also is the brightest moon.They also have all types of flavors. My uncle's mum makes them for us to eat.

They also are in adds,movies and other things. Everyone in China and Malaysia eat them (but only if they like the taste of it.) I have given few to my friends and they said that they were delicious. I think they are yummy too. I think that YOU should try it! 


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Flynn's Amazing Fractions

I am learning to write a number problem using fractions.
I got the problem 1/4 of 860.

In swimming lessons there are 860 people. The manager wants to split them up in four groups how many people are in each group?
How I got the answer.
There were two ways:
1.  I divided it by 4. 

2. I halved 860 and that equalled 430 then I halved 430 and it equalled 215.
So 1/4 of 860 is 215.
How I checked it was correct?
I multiplied 2x215 but I also multiplied 430x2 which gave me the answer 860.
By Flynn

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Flash Mobs - The GLS students take over !

We have heard and seen all these flash mob hakas around New Zealand. What a cool idea!  

Friday the 9th September was the opening of the rugby world cup. We have been learning about the RWC in our class and sharing our learning via our news show and stories. 

On Friday, our teacher said we were going get our photo taken by the new Manu Samoa sign. When we got to the road we noticed the whole school there and then we heard the call...we started singing and performing a haka - our own flash mob haka! Traffic stopped and people were recording us on the phone cameras. Cars were honking. It was so cool and fun. We hope you like the movie about our flash mob haka!

Room 13

Monday, September 5, 2011

Our crazy morning tea

On Monday 6th of September three Manu Samoa rugby team players came to our school. It was crazy. Everyone wanted an autograph from each rugby player. Children were running in and out the class getting new things that they could sign. Everybody got autographs  but it was packed people keeped pushing and tugging. In was chaos  but so much fun getting to meet the three rugby team players .They all had a different autograph. One autograph was huge the other two were small . We loved it  because it was the first time ever we all got to meet them. It was even more special since our school has adopted Manu Samoa as our rugby team! 

By Josie and Rebeka on behalf of all of Room 13

Our Team visits the school ! from Room13 GLS on Vimeo.

GLS LIVe Week 5 - Rugby World Cup 2011 Edition

Here is our latest edition. We had some green screen issues so we had to be creative in our editing.

5 more days to go until the Rugby World Cup. Stay tuned for a special ALL BLACKS edition this week.
Are there any questions you want answered about the ALL BLACKS? Well ask and we will include it in our show.

Enjoy ! 
Room 13

Untitled from Room13 GLS on Vimeo.

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