Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just in case you didn't know...

How to eat a lolly... By James, Eli, Aiden and Harry

WALT write and follow a set of instructions!

Here are the boys, instructing us on how to eat a lolly. How do you think they did? Were their instructions clear? Is there anything they could do better next time? Which part was your favourite?

Leave us a comment as we LOVE comments.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

No time for Show and Tell? Use an iPad !

Phoenix brought in something very unique to share with the class. We ran out of time so James and Phoenix worked together and used the iPad to record the show and tell story.

First Phoenix wrote down what he wanted to share. James helped him with the writing process.

Then James used the iPad to record Phoenix reading his script.
They also took pictures using the iPad to share the unique show and tell.
They also made a comic strip using the Comic APP.

Finally Andrea imported their footage and made an iMovie.

James and Phoenix's next step is to make their own iMovie.

Well done boys ! you want to see what the unique show and tell item was?

The Results are in....

Our homemade,handmade, recycled and well planned efforts paid off...and we placed a respectable 2ND place in the Scarecrow competition. St Joseph's, Grey Lynn came first and Westmere placed third.

We are really pleased to have won 2nd place as the scarecrows were all created by the children. 

The Scarecrows all come back to school next week and we will work with Dean and the Forest Team to place them around the school!

There are some cool photos on the classroom window if you would like to see them before their return!

Well done Room 14 !


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Room 14 Scarecrows

Hi everybody! Do you want to hear about how room 14 designed their own fabulous...scarecrows that went to a competition and went to compete with other schools? Yes ?  I knew you would say that. Now first we had to split into 6 groups out of the whole class. When we were finally sorted into our groups we had to put our ideas together. Then we had to draw our ideas together. Once that was all pushed aside our group shared our hard work to the class. You don't know what's going to happen later in the story. Just that very second day people had already brought things in for making our big scarecrows. Day after day the pile got bigger until all of us were ready to start cracking. We used old clothes, silky materials, string and other stuff. It was cool to see how other people could use there imagination and be so creative. By Friday these awesome things were ready to go to the competition and hopefully win. They are now at the plant nursery, Gardenco Plant Market on Great North Road. You can pop down there and have a nosey and see all of ours, and other school's designs.

By Kahma

Movie by Room 14

How to eat a Lolly !

WALT write and follow instructions.

Andrea gave us a wrapped lolly and we had to write accurate instructions in order for us to enjoy the end result - eating the lolly. If our instructions weren't in the right order then we might miss out on actually eating the lolly. Let's see if we were successful.

Here's a short movie one group made about their experience.

Enjoy !
Felix, Ina, Oliver, Felix

Converting cms to mms...

We are learning to convert units of measurements.  We started with centimeters and worked with Andrea to learn how to convert them to millimeters. We then did some follow up measurements and then worked with a partner to come up with a strategy we can use on our own after we started to see patterns emerge.  Then we went back to Andrea to check our thinking and record our findings using the iPads. 

Here are Hannah, Felix, Emily and Amy sharing their thinking. 


By: The Squares Maths Group

Nicktoons Unite

Spongebob,Danny phantom and Jimmy Neutron.
 Jimmy Neutron and Danny Phantom vs  Bazzroncalamitous.
When Jimmy and Danny were walking they saw Calamitous. They fought Calamitous and Calamitous lost.
Episode 1: Nicktoons Unite.
Spongebob was walking and ...
Episode 2: Sponge bob vs .

...he saw Danny,but......HE WAS PURPLE! It's an evil clone!
He fought him and he lost.

Episode 3: Spongebob and Danny vs

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Measuring Machine

Today when I got up, Dad said that since I am doing measuring as a topic I might want to bring this measuring device that measures meters so I can measure how long it takes to get from                                 home to school. So I packed my bag and so on, got the measuring machine and went of to school. I guessed it would take a long time to get to school  -so four thousand meters but it was 568.3 meters.                                     I am going to try to make it up to 1000 meters.       

By Forrest                    


My Rugby Game

On Saturday I went to my rugby. It was at Walker Park. We versed Pt Chev Pirates. I got three good tackles it was a close game. The other team won the score was a11 - 9.

By Joel

My Two Little Brothers

My little brothers are my job. Everyday I come home to my very busy job, my brothers. My first shift is my baby brother. He was born nine weeks ago. As soon as I come into the house mum gives him to me with her face full of joy. My second shift is my other little brother. He was born six years ago. I have to feed him, shower him and get hime dressed. I have to come home from school to work. HELP. By Kahma

Old Green Grasshopper.

Felipe's response to his favorite character from the book, James and the Giant Peach.

My favourite book  character  is  the old green  grasshopper  because he is green and he is also funny. 

By Felipe

Nicktoons: Return of the Toybots.

Sponge Bob, Patrick, Danny, Timmy, Tak, Jimmy, SJ 9, Stimpy.

Toybots are back!!!
This is serious

Mothers day

On  Sunday  I  woke  up   really   early   and   went  to  the  lounge  and   watched   TV. Then  my  to  brothers    came   out   to   remind   me   it's   Mothers day   so   I    went    to   my  mum's   room   to  give  her   my   card. Then   my   dad   got   her  present. It  was  a  fishing  rod. Then  we  all  got  up  and  had  breakfast. Then  we  got  dressed  then  I  played  outside. I  had  to  wait  for  a  long  time  then  we  finally  went out.  When  I  went  in  there  was  lots  of  food  we  had  some. Then  I  played  with  the  elevator. It  was  fun  then  we  went  home. It  was  fun  today.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thunder and lightning netball game.

On Monday the 14th of may, grey Lynn 4,the grey Lynn netball team, had a netball game against  west mere. My positions were wing attack, goal defence , goal keep and wing defence. First I was wing attack. After about ten minutes of the game everyone heard lightning and thunder. Then the alarm went. Everyone rushed for cover. Some people said that the game was over and some people from our team, including me said "I wish we could keep playing". Then to everyone's surprise we got back on. One  Westmere girl elbowed me in the face! Then we swapped again and again. After that we looked at the score board. We lost by 0 points. Then mum,who is the coach, announced who was player of the day. It was me! Mum gave me a bag of lollies and a certificate. Then I opened the lollies and handed them out. What a fantastic night!                                                                                                                                            By Amy.

Mini me!!

On Friday before my cousins came  over I made me in my drawings. First I made the head and then the
body,legs and feet. Next  I had to cut it out which sounds easy but it's not at all I all so  had to sellotape them together  wich  is hader then the cuting. and that's how mini me came to life!

By Felix

Monday, May 7, 2012

My trip to Canada.

Hi it's Emily. I am going to Canada this week and I am staying there for a year. I am very excited and nervous. It is a big thing we are doing we are going also because my mum is from Canada.We are going to stay in camper van. I am going to miss my friends and family but it least my Canadian  family will be there.
I will miss N.Z. (and pavlova my fave!)

by Emily

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Knock Down Tenpin Bowling

On Sunday me, Oska,Oliver and Kaya went to tenpin bowling. Once we got there dad paid and the person gave us our shoes and we got started. Kaya started. Oska went second. Oliver went third and I went last. On my first go I got a strike and on my second to last go was also a strike. I was amazed. After our 30 minute game we had chips. Dad gave us 6 tokens and two dollars. Oska went to Animal kasier. Well I did something sneaky. I went deal or no deal. I won 50 tickets. WOW! Since my luckier score I played again but I only won 23 tickets. Since I was greedy I went to one more game and lucky me, I won 50 tickets [I did not hijack it {I am to young}and I asked Oliver if he wanted to combine tickets and he said yes so I gave him my tickets and went to Oska. So we went to the ticket eater and me and Oliver had 143 tickets well Oska went bozom when he saw the number so we spend all our tickets and we went home.

By Jack

My Friend's House

On Tuesday I went to my friend's house. At my friend I played on his ipod. After that we went to eat popcorn, cake, chips and some orange.Then we went outside and play on his platform around the tree. Then we went in the tree house. Next I went to play hoops. Then we play a game with the basketball then we went inside and played on his remote control car but then the car didn't work. We went in the living room and played on the Wii for 20 min.
By George

The Wave Pool

On Friday we went to the pools with my  brothers Tama,Toru. It was a wave pool. After an hour the waves came on and it went really fast so we had to go on to a tub. A tub is like a donut that you can go down a slide it go really fast. One time I went down with the tub I fell off the tub and then my brother came down and kicked me. It was sore. When I got to the top of the slide, the diving board was open and I was the first one there. On my first jump I did a front flip into the pool and it was SORE! and my back was all red and we had to go up a really hard step it was all blue. My next bomb as big but my big brother went higher then mine, but the next bomb that I did it went high like my brothers. Then my brother went to the spa. When he got there I went to the spa too an I made a friend. He came from Rotorua and he is really good at doing bombs that go really high that the splash touches the roof. We had pizza then we had to go back into the pool and then the bombing was closed but the waves came on. I felt  happy because we had a great time at the pools.    

By Ina


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Italian pizza.

On Friday  me and my family went to an Italian restaurant. My dad opened the door. I heard the rush of the noisiest sound I had heard in my day .Then I smelt pizza and pasta all together. Soon we were at a table ordering drinks.This is what I had for drink: one orange juice. My sister had an apple juice. For starters we had cheese on bread. We always have that.A few minutes later I had finished my juice and popped the last bread crust into my mouth. For mains I ordered a pizza. It was called Forest. While we were waiting I bit something and my wiggly tooth started to bleed. I said, "excuse me for a sec..." I rushed to the bathroom.I looked in the mirror. One two ...three!I had pulled my tooth nearly free.I tried again. One two three .It did not come out so I pulled a little bit harder and it came out.For a few seconds I just stood there doing nothing.Then I rushed out the door back to the table where  were I was siting.I told my mum and my dad and my sister my tooth came out.They said awesome!Soon we were going home.It was about 9 o clock.When we got home I was sooooo tired because I had a long day.


Nicktoons, Attack of the Toybots.

 Nicktoons characters.
Spongebob, Danny Phantom, Jimmy Neutron, Patrick Star, Timmy Turner, Cosmo, Wonder, SJ9 and Tak.
1st nicktoons story, Calamities's plan.
Calamitous planned to make toy bots to rule the world.
2nd Nicktoons story: Team Nicktoons,part1.
Toy bots take the Burgers from Spongebob and Patrick. Then the toybots suck Patrick in to the Base...


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

On Anzac day

On  Anzac day I went to the park with my parents.  I found some friends and I played hide and seek. 

By Felipe

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