Thursday, October 27, 2011


Keys are silver or gold or pink or Bold.
They go through locks they get lost in socks.
They lock and unlock 
chains and padlocks.
Locks doors, drains, gates, secret passages and mystery boxes.
But when you a have key don't loose it or give it to anyone...
Especially if you have a mystery box!        

BY Flynn

The Rugby World Cup

New Zealand has won the cup and was the first team to win a second time on it's own home ground.  If you don't know the All Blacks came first,second is France and Australia came third.

On Monday the All Blacks came to Auckland to show everyone the Web Ellis Rugby World Cup. At the Sky City it was really fun. I hope you enjoyed the All Blacks winning!

By Aum.

Rugby World Cup Final 2011

In the holidays me (Nami) and Chelsea watched the world cup FINAL on television. It was a nail biting
match and it was amazing.  The ALL BLACKS WON BY ONE !!!!! (AB -8 Fra -7) Did you know it was Richie's first time of holding the cup?
We hope we will win the next world cup and we are so proud of our team.

 By Chelsea,Nami

Back to school

Welcome back to school everybody.
Did you have a good holiday well so did I. I hope you all have a good first day at school because I did. I would like to see all your work in your class. Hope your teachers are happy with you at the end of the term. Same with your parents too.  I bet they will be proud. Have a good term and remember to love the  last day of term 4.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rugby World CUP winners

In the holidays the All Blacks won against France 7- 8 and that means we've won the rugby world CUP 2011 and we all watched France get the silver medals.  We also watched the All Blacks get their gold medals they looked proud when Richie Mc Caw lifted up the cup. The next day there was an awesome parade with the All Blacks showing the Web Ellis Cup.

Ben and Bay

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Diamante Poetry

Here is our first, whole class diamante poem.  A diamante poem had 7 lines uses a lot of nouns, adjectives and verbs. We are learning to use a thesaurus to find interesting words to make our poems sound fantastic.

You can make a diamante poem as well by clicking on the poetry link under our header, Fun Stuff.

Questions? Comments? WE LOVE HEARING FROM YOU !

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