Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Leapfrog

This  is  my  leapfrog.   It  has  lots  of  games  on  it.  There  is  pet pad  camera, my stuff,  my books, sneak peeks,  story studio,  art studio and games.   In  Pet pad  you  have  to  shower your pet shampoo,  scrub, and  rinse  again.  On  Story studio   there  is  an, All about me section on  it.    All about me  is where  you  do a  story  all about  yourself  and if  you want  to  get  someone  to  take  your  photo  or you  can  draw  yourself  instead. You  can  also get  a  picture and  colour  it instead.

By Ellie

Little Mickey Mousies

I got the purple mouse my sister got the blue one. We got them for Christmas 2 years ago.

We have named them. My one is called Poppy and my sister one is Tweet.

Our cousins have one too. Mac has one of them. It's  a black and white one.

I like my mouse because it is purple and it is my favourite colour.  

By Alexandra


On Thursday me, my Mum, Dad and Charlize went to the lantern festival. First we went to a cafe for dinner. We took a really long time. Finally we went Lantern Festival. We took three hours. First we saw lanterns hanging from the trees shaped like dragons.Then we saw cute little lanterns shaped like ducklings.After that I saw turtles with instruments.It was really fun.
By Kassidy.

Art gallery

In the weekend I went to the art gallery.The exhibition it was called "Who shot rock and roll." After that we went to the cafe for lunch. I had egg then we went to flipper ball. We lost.
by Ethan.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I  wish  I  could be  famous.
I  dream  of  getting  lots  of  trash  packs.  
I  like  my  family.  
I  am  weird.          
I  used  to  have  more blondish hair
But now I don't.
I seem to be funny
But really I'm crazy!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stupendous Statistics

Part 2

Here are the rest of Room 16 talking about their statistics.

Stupendous Statistics from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.


I wish I lived in ice cream 
and dream of being chased by ginger bread men in a candy forest.
I'm a boy.
I used to live on K Rd but now I live in our house.
I seem to like rugby but really I'm shy.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sensational Statistics

WALT sort items using similar characteristics. We had to sort the animals on the sheet and we got to choose how to do that with our partner. 

Here is the first video we have made as Year 3s. We are pretty excited with how it looks and cannot wait to do another one.

Grey Lynn Scribblers

Sensational Statistics2 from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The day Panda came to school!

 Here is some pictures of my puppy, Panda visiting my classroom. He is a Pomeranian Papillion cross. 
By Rosie


I wish I had a pony
I like horses.
And I dream to go to London again
I am friendly
I use to live in London
but now I live in New Zealand
I seem to be funny,
but I'm really serious.


I wish I lived Disneyland.  
I like roller coasters.
And I dream  that  I  went  all around  the  world.
I  am  a  girl.
I  used  to  to  be  in  room  one.
But  now  I  am  in  room   16.
I  seem  to  like  singing.
But  I'm  really  better  at  dancing.


I wish I had a solar system. 
Like planets and I dream of visiting space.
I am Geoffrey.
I used to be into dinosaurs.
But now I'm into the Omniverse. 
I  seem to be 7. 
But I'm really 6.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Acting out The Rules

We did keeping hands and feet to yourself we will say stop it when someone is touching or bothering us. By Red, Geoffrey and Rio

We  acted out  listening to the speaker. By Zania, Ruth and Zylah.

We acted out how we need walking    feet  in   the   classroom. By Elizabeth, Cherry and Jolie
Today we got to act out the rules we are putting in our class treaty. Acting out the rules helped us figure out if the rules make sense. It also shows us what we should and shouldn't do.

Some of us found the acting hard because we were shy but we showed resilience and our friends helped us get through. 

Our Class Treaty

We always include other people. By Ethan and Elliot
We acted out how we are respectful for other people's stuff. By Rosie, Ellie and Isabelle 

Yesterday was the first day of school and we started to make our class treaty. We decided that a treaty tells us how we should act and what we should be doing. 

We did our first draft and then we went home to have a think about it.

Today we looked at the treaty again and we acted out the rules to see if they were easy to understand.

We were acting out how to include people and be friends.

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