Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I wonder....

In Room 14 we have been experimenting with different ways of learning.  We created an "I wonder" wall where we just wonder about things. We will try to answer some of them but we talked about how some questions may never have answers.

We were inspired to wonder after listening to Will i AM's new song, Reach for the Stars, that was broadcast live from Mars. Yes. We said Mars, as in the red planet, as in outer space.
We did a Venn diagram to compare us and Will i AM and we discovered we have a lot of the same qualities. Will i AM never stopped wondering about things and now his music was the first ever sent from outer space.

Have you ever wondered about anything? Share them with us.

Enjoy the movie. It was our first try at using the green screen.

I wonder from Kowhai Kiwi Bloggers on Vimeo.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Native Canadian Artist

Andy Everson is a famous canadian artist. Room14 has been looking at his art work and we got to try recreate them on KidPix. Andy Everson is a Native Canadian. Andy Everson lives in Comox, Canada. He does lots of soft edges and a lot of symmetry. Andy Everson normally paints paintings of nature and sometimes he can surprise you in many ways, like he uses his art style and puts it into modern symbols like the apple from the imac.


Andy Everson

Andy Everson is a famous Canadian artist. He is a person who is interested in native designs he is also interested in their history. Andy Everson lives in Canada in Comox and that's where he does his paintings. He sees hills and water and he starts to paint but it has to be about nature and how it moves and how nature lives. He shows in his pictures movement of the creatures in his pictures. Andy has inspired me to follow my dreams of being a artist. By Kahma    


Andy Everson

Andy Everson is one of the famous artists in Canada. He makes really cool drawings. All of his drawings mean something. He is one of my favourite artists ever. Andy Everson lives in Comox in Canada. He makes all sorts of things. Sometimes he has a bear and makes designs on them. One of my favourite drawings that he made is a Canadian goose. Andy Everson means alot to Canada because he is famous drawer in Canada.If you had seen his pictures you would be amazed.


Thursday, September 20, 2012


WALT write original haiku using the 5,7,5 syllable format. It was hard to find words that fit and make sense, but we are happy with our work.

Eli, Oliver and Romy

Haiku from Kowhai Kiwi Bloggers on Vimeo.

Andy Everson

Andy paints really well and he is a great  drawer. He is careful with his art and and he use shapes, light colours and he tries and tries his best.
by Ina.

Andy Everson

 Andy Everson is an amazing Canadian artist he has done lots of paintings. He lives in Comox. sometimes he does modern art and native art. I did 'Breath' in kid pix.

By Jack

andy Everson

I think Andy Everson is very good at art. We chose one of his pictures to draw. this is mine.  
by Jake 

Andy Everson

I think Andy's art is amazing because there is so much detail and patterns and he is so good in it. I think he's a great artist.

by James

Andy Everson.

Andy Everson is AMAZING at native art.
He makes any type of modern art in to canadian art. He does ovals in his art and that's what makes it unique.
Yesterday we did some art on Kidpix. I did wave dancer.

By Violet.

Andy Everson

This term we are learning and drawing Andy Everson artwork! He does AMAZING artwork.
His style is native Canadian artwork. This week we have been doing his pictures on KidPix.
The one I chose was called Wave Dancer this is what mine looks like.
By Me Felix E

Andy Everson

Andy Everson is a great artist. He is awesome!
He does squares in his pictures. I find his work inspiring.
Andy is also a Native  dancer in Canada.
by George

Andy Everson

Andy Everson is awesome!
He puts Native patterns in modern pictures like
the apple symbol for Imac. He does symmetrical  
patterns.You can sometimes see faces
in his artwork. I find his artwork 
By Anouska.

Andy Everson

Andy Everson is a Canadian Artist. He does drawing and panting. He use is curves rectangle.
His work is very symmetrical. You can sometimes see faces in his artwork. Andy Everson is a amazing Canadian Artist.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Native Canadian Art

We have been learning about Canada and the last week we have been looking at one of Andrea's favourite artists, Andy Everson. She met him when she went to Comox (in Canada) 3 years ago. He is a dancer and an artist and works hard to keep his culture alive.

We really like how he mixes his traditional art with modern items in society as well.

We made a movie of our Kid Pix art. WALT try to draw an accurate rendition of one of Andy's work and also choose the correct tools for the desired effect.


Andy Everson from Kowhai Kiwi Bloggers on Vimeo.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Introducing our Note Club

Our school has a Note Club where students, who are learning a new instrument, practise note reading and playing in a band at a beginners pace. Our music teacher Ros takes the group on Wednesday mornings.

Here is their first public performance at the Kowhai Team Assembly.

Enjoy and watch this space...these kids are rocking it!

Note Club from Kowhai Kiwi Bloggers on Vimeo.


This week our school focus is to be respectful to the people we play and work with. We discussed this in class and we decided to use the Alphabet Key to come up with qualities and words that we can use to show respect.

Let's see what you think !

Accepting Belonging Compliments Discussing Excellence Focussed Giving Helpful Including Joining Kindness Listening Manners Negotiate Open-minded Positivity Quiet Reminding Sensible Teaching Understanding Values Whispering volume level eXtraordinary Yes Zealous

And there you have it. An alphabetic guide to being respectful in Room 14 and Grey Lynn School.

By Room 14

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rapports de livres canadiens

Just in case you don't read or understand French, the tittle above says, Canadian Book Reports.

French is the other official language of Canada and students at school learn to speak and read French from their first day of school! 

N'est-ce pas merveilleux? (Isn't that wonderful?) 

Enjoy the latest book reports.

Salle 14

Book Reports from Canadian Authors from Kowhai Kiwi Bloggers on Vimeo.

A little piece of Canada, eh!

Listen and watch these choice book reports by some of Room 14s eager readers !

Room 14

We love Canadian Books! from Kowhai Kiwi Bloggers on Vimeo.

Read all About it!

If you feel like reading any of these books, we will be happy to lend them to you. Or, you can get them from your local library.

Room 14

Book Reviews from Kowhai Kiwi Bloggers on Vimeo.

We love Canadian Books

Here are the latest installments of our Canadian book reviews.

Enjoy the classes interpretations and lovely artwork as well.

Leave us some comments because  WE LOVE COMMENTS!

 Room 14
Canadian Book Reviews 1 from Kowhai Kiwi Bloggers on Vimeo.

Friday, September 14, 2012

I, Anouska

I Anouska
Funny, creative, smart, sporty
Sibling of Letisha
Daughter of Rebecca and Ross
Lover of animals, chocolate and sport.
Who feels happy, silly and creative.
Who needs my family, water and music.
Who fears the dark, blood and vampires.
Who would like to see Taylor Swift, Canada and Candy land.
Resident of England.
I am me.

Taken using the Stretch special effect on Photo Booth

Art Station

On Tuesday me and my class (Room 14) went to the Art Station. We got to make cups (trophy's). We got to use a symbol from Canada as the emblem on our trophy. Enjoy our movie.

Art Station Trip from Kowhai Kiwi Bloggers on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I, George

I, George
Sibling of Nathan and Sene
Lover of burgers, chocolate and chips.
Who needs food, music and video games.
Who fears living with a lion, tarantulas and zombies.
Who would like to see Disneyland, and my brain.
Am a resident of Samoa and Grey Lynn.
I am me. 

I, Leo

I, Leo 
Small, athletic, honest and a bookworm 
Son of Nick and Nicci 
lover of my family, books and soccer                                                 
Who feels happy sad and joyful 
Who needs family and soccer 
Who fears spiders, dying and scary movies  
Who would like to see Disney Land, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Flight of the Conchords 
Am a resident of New Zealand
I am me

Friday, September 7, 2012

Beavers and Moose (poem)

A poem inspired by sculpting a Canadian symbol into clay at the Art Station.

Beavers, beavers can hit leavers 
With their tails and they send mail. 
Moose, moose 
Chocolate mousse 
The enemies of the goose.

By Molly

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cucumber the guinea pig.

Yesterday I got a guinea pig her name is....CUCUMBER!!!
She is six weeks old and is very cute.
The cat is far to interested in her and she lives in the bath!
Now I have three vegetables Pickles, Raddish and Cucumber how cute!
I love all of them so much.

by Violet.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

MineCraft in PaperCraft!

In the weekend I made minecraft in PAPER CRAFT! The website was called 
You can get stuff like blocks, items, characters, mobs and there are also specials and minis. Also you can get stuff like blocks and mobs from the Aether,and even mobs from the Mo' Creatures mod!  Oh, and I forgot to tell you! There are minecraft backgrounds (which is not paper craft).

Give it a try !

By Felix

Cute baby photos

2 Weeks ago my Dad and my baby brother Wilder went to the Amazing travelling photo booth in the DEPARTMENT store and went in there and got their photos taken. I like Wilder's expression in the picture.


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