Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Fact File by Noah

Today during guided writing, Noah chose a picture of a caterpillar. He chose to write a fact file about it. He used an iPad for some research and wrote the facts in his own words. 

He used Tell Pic to record his facts over top of his picture.

Leave him a comment to let him know if you enjoyed his writing.

Noah from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.

A Hornet Named Steve, By Sam

Sam wrote this story during his guided writing session. He chose a picture of a hornet and then wrote a story about it. 

Here is Sam reading his story.  Leave him a comment and let him know if you enjoyed his story.

Steve the Hornet from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.

My friend red the cool guy.

My friend Red is fast and he's funny. I like Red because he is a friendly friend.Reds favourite food is spaghetti,KFC and chicken.The food he doesn't like is licorice  and tomatoes. The animals he likes are cats and cheetahs.His favourite place to go to is waiheke.and he lives in a nice place. That's all today.
By Benjamin

My friend Benjamin the cool guy

       BMy friend  Benjamin is so funny and fast. Benjamin is a really nice Benjamins favorite food is chicken and KFC.And his favourite toys is Lego. And his favourite place is home. And Benjamin is the best yay.
By Red



Disney infinity

Disney infinity is a game made by Disney,It goes on Xbox360,play stations,wii and wii u,Nintendo and Xbox 1.Here are some place I think you should go to are JB Hi Fi ,the ware house,farmers,St Luke's and that's all,now these are the places in America I think you should go to is Target, Walmart and that's all.By Rio

Disney infinity 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mac book Airs

Some mac book airs are small and light but they can still do a lot of things. If you want to get a mac book Air these are some places that you could get one  from JB Hi Fi, Noel Leemings, Harvey Norman and Dick Smith and that is all of them. Mac book airs are really fun and you can do lots of things. And another thing is that they are expensive. On a mac book air you can E-Mail, google, drop box and use safari to look up, get and buy anything you want. By Zylah and Rio

The un published book

Two nights ago my dad showed me a book that was not published. It is a really good book and it is sort of about your imagination. It tells you to imagine a banana. My dad's friend e-malied my dad the book on his computer and he printed it out from the big printer at his work and brang it home to me and showed me the book. The reson that I like this book is because there are really great parts in it and the main character is a boy with a lions tail.When the boy was a baby he was chucked into a lions cage by accident. By Ruth and Rosie

My friend Hollie

My friend Hollie is really nice and she always helps people when they're hurt. She is also very smart and she's really good at drawing birds,people and bugs. I'm glad I have a friend like Hollie because I know I can trust her. By Kassidy

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My friend Benjamin

I have this friend Benjamin. He's really funny. Some things that he likes are video games,weapons,friends and tigers. And things he doesn't  like are mushrooms,barbies and sloths.And things he likes doing are playing video games,eating chocolate and playing league.

By Sam

My friend Sam

My friend Sam,he' really crazy.My friend likes skylanders weapons and video games also Nerf guns.And  things he doesen't like are mushrooms and naked mole rats and the toys he dosen't like is barbies. Things he likes doing is karate,playing video games and playing tackle.
By Benjamin

Wallabies vs all blacks

In the weekend the 3rd Bledisloe test was played in Otago. The All Blacks won 41-33. The tries were: tries to Julian Savea1, Sam Cane,1 Aaron Cruden,1 Ashley Cooper'1 Matt Tomua 1 Kieran Read1,Kevin Duerani.  The crowd went wild. I was at Wellington in a Pizza Pub.

By Ethan and Lucian


A long  long  time a go their were lots of kiwis but now 17 a day are dying.
They wil be extinct in 5 years. If nobody Helps them they will die.
If kiwis die if your a kiwi you might just be called New Zealanders. 
Can you please help kiwis?
By Zania Cherry


Play stations are video games made by Sony.You can play scooby Doo,Sky landers,wall-e and the incredibles too . There are more games than those ones.I think you should buy a play station because there cheap and fun.These are the places you could get one are the
The warehouse,Trade me,HarveyNoman,JB Hi Fi,places in America you could buy play stations is,ebay,Amazon,There are more shops that sell play stations.
Good luck on buying a play station! 

My New Game

On Friday I got a new game called skylander swap fourse.I got some new characters with the game.Then on Sunday I got evan more characters,the three characters that I can remember their names are called: Series three Stelfelf,Popthorn and Wrekingbrall.Thats all for today folks 
By Rosie

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ever want to see what a worm does under a rock?

Elliot and I were partners when we went on our bug hint. When we lifted our first rick we saw a a worm and we quickly put the ipad into movie mode and recorded it's movements.

Here is what we saw.

By Elliot and Andrea

Going on a Bug Hunt

This term we are learning to find out ways to bring the bugs back into our gardens in order to fertilise the soil and bring the birds back to our school.

We brainstormed what bugs we already know and whether we think they're a helper or a villain. Later on we will research and find out what their jobs are in this world.

First we had to find out what bugs were already here so we went on a bug hunt with the iPads!

This is what we found!

Bug Hunt from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Stars of the Week

This week we had 5 girls who were the stars of the week. The star of the day is chosen by their peers. Zania was the star on Monday and then she chose Elizabeth. Then Elizabeth gets to choose the next star. 

Elizabeth, Isabelle, Zania, Ruby and Cherry
Everyone in the class is looking for "star" qualities. These are being a kind friend, saying booster statements, being a focussed learner or showing respect. 

Everyone gets the chance to be a star for the day and sit in the comfy chair whenever they choose too. 

Watch this space next week to see who the next 5 stars will be. Will it be YOU?

Room 16

Blogger Challenge - What do we eat in New Zealand?

Me and Geoffrey  are doing what do we have for breakfast and lunch and dinner. 
A normal breakfast for us is Weetbix with milk.
In our lunch boxes we have sandwiches and oranges. Geoffrey has yogurt and cheese sticks and Elizabeth has biscuits and yogurt sticks.

This is my lunchbox.Geoffrey

This is my lunchbox. Elizabeth

Normal kiwi breakfast

Our special pizza with different toppings on each slice.

What do you have for breakfast and lunch and dinner?  We would like to know. 

By Elizabeth and Geoffrey .

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My friend Kassidy.

My friend Kassidy has Brown hair and hazel eyes. Her birthday is in June. Her favourite foods are meat,cheese and marshmallows. Her favourite colour is blue.Me and Kassidy always play together every single day.Me and Kassidy are best friends we are also in the same class.
By Ellie 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

If the School Could Talk

We enjoyed introducing the school to the world and we thought it would be fun to hear and read what the flowers and the school thought about Grey Lynn School.

We are happy to announce that everything is happy at school. We have a great school.

By Cherry and Room 16

The Westpac Chopper Challenge

The Pohutukawa(Year2&3)  and Totara(Years 4, 5 &6)  Teams did the Westpac Chopper Challenge.  We were getting fit and also raising money for the Rescue Helicopter. We raised over $8000.00 which Duncan told us is enough for 2 big rescues.

We all had fun and got very fit!

Learning about Area

In Maths we were learning about measurement. We liked learning about area in a fun way of creating our own robot or creation and then counting up the number of square units.

Enjoy the slideshow of some of our creations.

The school tech play

Me and Rio wrote and acted in a play.
It was about technology at our school.
We recorded it on one of our sixteen I-pads.
Rio's favourIte part was when Q bear came up and said things in my really squeaky voice.
My favourite part was when I talked at the end in a funny voice.
By Noah and Rio.

Noah and Rio from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.

Improving our school with Straws?

Sounds funny, doesn't it?

On Tuesday Jonty and I  chose a project and we chose number 15 - What do you like about your school and what things would you change? 

Then we wrote a  list about what we should make with the straws. We wrote the list using Notes on the ipad. When we finished doing the list we started making the school with the straws and we tock a picture. We put a speech bubble and wrote in the speech bubble and it was fun.
By Red and Jonty

Building a New GLS from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.

How to get to school

This is how Aiko and Hollie get to school.

Well I get to school different times.   Sometimes I get to walk with my sister Marlo.  Some times  my mum drives me to school.Our challenge was how to get to school.

By Hollie and Aiko

Aiko and Hollie from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.

What do you Get to Wear to School?

This week in the blogger challenge we answered the question about our school and if we have a uniform.

Jolie and Sam decided to answer the question using photos and then added word bubbles to the photos using the ipad APP Word Bubble. 

Enjoy the show.

What do we Wear to School? from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.

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