Monday, February 27, 2012

Ina's Bad Fall

On Friday I had a really bad fall off the Grey Lynn school steps. It was really painful so I had to go to the sick bay, but after that I had to go to Starship hospital.   It was really sore because I had to have an x-ray.  It was a little bet sore so after that so I got a treat from my mum. It was a little chocolate and it was really good but the doctor said I was not allowed chocolate because my leg was getting swollen so I had to get another  x-ray and this x-ray was hurting a lot more so my mum gave me a chip, but it was not nice becauseIi didn't like bbq chips. After that I went in to a really cool room to get on my cast. It was heavy so my mum had to hold my cast and then I had to hold it all by myself.  It was getting lighter so it was all finished. I got my crutches and I went back home.

By Ina

Thursday, February 23, 2012


We are also learning about our second school value, RESPONSIBILITY.

When we come to school in the morning, we can show how we are responsible by:

Getting my laptop ready to call the Roll. Andrea(teacher)

Putting down chairs and treating people how you want to be treated. Violet

Do focussed listening when we are at your table. By Romy

Do something quietly even when you're not told you. Like if the teacher needed a job done, you can do it for her. Kahma

Read a book at your desk or on a pillow. Jake

You can finish up your work. Joel

Play some maths or reading games. Josh

What do you do in your classroom before the morning bell rings?

Room 14

Kowhai and We Know it !

We are learning about respect, one of our school values.

We can show respect around the school by:

Letting kids join in and treating people how the want to treated.

Letting other people play with you. 
By Anouska.

Focussed listening when the teacher  is talking.Phoenix

P.A.T. Week

This week we did PAT tests. We did four of them. It was our first time doing such big tests.

Here is how we felt about them.

It was really fun for really hard books.  by Ina

It was fun.  Livana.

They are all great.  Molly

Happy. by Nasoni

Is really fun.  by George

Friday, February 17, 2012

Our first Class Photo.

We were all at school today so Andrea said we should take our class photo !

Andrea then "played" around with them. She calls it editing. She used Picnik. It's a lot of fun !

Enjoy the montage!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Respect !

Today we discussed the Grey Lynn School values. 
They are:
 Respect, Responsibility and Resilience. 

We used the Thinkers Keys to help us understand what respect is. We decided to use the Alphabet Key.

Enjoy our A-Z of how we show respect in the classroom. And, as Petra said, we used artistic license when it came to the letter, X.

Stay tuned to learn more about our values. Does your school have values? Share them with us !

Room 14

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Introducing Room 14

Here are the wonderfully, smiley faces who make up Room 14!

Enjoy the photo montage !


Saturday, February 11, 2012

APPS we Love !

Phoenix was busy Friday discovering how he can use the ipads to support his learning in Maths.
Phoenix recommended the APP, Rocket Maths.

Felipe is working hard at improving his English. His first language is Portuguese. He recommends he APP iTouchiLearn Words.

Stay tuned for more, APPS WE LOVE!

Are you using ipads in your classroom? Please share how you use them with us !

Friday, February 10, 2012

James holiday

On holiday me and my family went to the pool. I saw Ina there. A few day later we went to Tonga! When I stepped of the plane it was so hot. I really wanted it to rain.  We were going to Vava on the same day but we got stuck on main Island for 2 days, but we got there  at our house we had a jetty! We jumped of it 100 times may by more!  in the water it was so hot! I bomb in so many times I never wonted to get  out but I had too.
I also loved the bakery. It was so good.

Every night we watch the bats and sat on the jetty and had coke. I loved Tonga so much.        


Thursday, February 9, 2012

We are Room 14 !

Here is a photo collage of us ! One photo you can clearly see who we are...however, in the second photo, your guess is as good as mine.

Can you spot your features" in the photo?

Have fun !


Mr Twit

Mr Twit is a fat man. He is a very very rude person. He was absolutely grubby. Mr Twit was such a old hag. He's horrible and sneaky .He is a evil man.    He's cruel,disgusting,chubby,hairy and has a yucky
beard. Mr twit has bad breath. He is a TWIT.

Mr Twit

Mr Twit is such nasty old hag!He's SOOO hairy and his beard has chunky bits of rotten egg in it.YUCK! He's also cruel to his wife too! What a BAD man, don't you think? Even his house doesn't have any windows,he thinks that windows are for people to look in!(Which is pretty silly!)They're actually to look of.                                    He's such a gross twit!                                                     

By Eli

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Old Hag

Let me tell you the story about Mrs Twit.
Well she is awfully ugly with wrinkles all over her face and has
one glass eye and walking stick to beat children.  She also has sharp teeth.
What a  Twit.

By Oliver

Friday, February 3, 2012

Ina's holiday

We went into a spa and it was hot and when we got out and went in the big pool it was really cold so we went back out and ran really fast into the big pool and it was also cold so I went to the diving board. When I jumped into the pool it was cold and I still went into the pool but when I went in the pool it was not cold. It was nice and cool. So I got up went and saw James and he went on the big diving board. James did a bomb with Ben. It looked really big and cool. I did a bomb too and the people said it was big but I said it didn't go big it went... really big. After that I went onto the big one and I did a bomb. It went big. So big, Bigger than James' and Ben's bomb! The next day we went to the movies to watch Sione 2. It was really sad because Sione died. After that we went to the arcade game room then we went home.

Seeing blue penguins.

Up, up,up,up! Round and round.The camper van went up and around. Then we were at the top. When we were down at the bottom of the Otago Peninsula there was a seal right up on the rocks. But whew, what a smell! The little blue penguins didn't come in to about 9:30pm. But when they did there were around 150 of them!!!!When they came in they were like a little black wave. The first little blue penguin I saw was a baby.It had come out of it's mother.My favorite was when a little blue penguin came right past the rock I was standing on.What an a amazing trip!!

The Muppet Movie

In the holidays me my mum and brother went to The Muppets. We drove to the Northshore and found a park. We still had some time so we went to Freedom for a while. We went and got the tickets and then we went to the cinema. Finally it starred and it was so funny!
The end. Molly


Today in swimming we did freestyle and backstroke . It was really cold brrrrrrrrrrr.We went
swimming with room 13. It was really awesome .Ellah and Romy.room14


Canada is a cool place. It has bears and the best maple syrup.  It is also a beautiful place and I recommend going. It snows there too. Canada is a very cool place and you are lucky to live there. I love Canada and hope you do too.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First Day of School

Here are some more feeling statements about Room 14s first day of school!

I felt good that I was starting a new class and because I am a year 4 now. By James

I felt awesome because I have a new teacher and because I am year 4 now.  by  Leonardo

The day before they first day of school I was nervous because it was a new year of school but as soon
I got use to it it was awesome! Felix E

I felt really happy because I have a new class and a really cool teacher. by Ina

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