Monday, September 21, 2009

Class Reporter Day.

This morning after fitness we had class reporters: Julz, Charlotte, and Matthew. Charlotte did her reporting on a book called, "Utterly me Clarice Bean" by Lauren Child. It was about Claris Bean and she had to do a report and when she handed it in they saw that she spelled hippo rong insted she wrote hippy pottermis. Matthew did his about going to his nanas for dinner. Matthew's nana was knitting his brother a green jacket and then his nana taught Matthew how to knit. Matthew knit a row in front of the class and we all thought it was cool. Then it was Julz'turn. He did his on going to Foodtown and seeing Mahele with her mum and her sister. Julz bought some snow balls then he went home. There will be more reporters and exciting new tomorrow. by Ariana and Sam

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The sun is touching my back and trying to pull me up.
Bubbles are rising up to the surface.
I feel like a fish with fins and gills.
I am snorkeling.

The sun is touching my back and making my back look like gold.
Coral is tickling my toes and making me swim faster into the deep.
I am now camouflaged to a rock or at least I feel like that.

By Alex

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sharks should be kept in backyard pools.

We used the RIDICULOUS KEY. HOORAY. We had to justify why sharks should be kept in backyard pools.

They might be a nice pet. by Kiamana and Floyd.
So you could go diving even deeper by Georgia and Alyssa.
Because they can eat your homework. by Alex and Alice.
You could have a guard shark instead of a guard dog. Raiden and Matthew.
You can train it and it then will not bite or kill you. by Emma and Mahele.
Sharks can eat more people in the sea. by Tavita and Cole.
The shark may be a vegetarian.By Sofia and Maya.
They eat all the fish so there's nothing for us. by Sam and Charlotte
Sharks will eat your leftovers. by Bryn and Malachi.
Becouse the fish can be safe without the sharks and they would eat the fish. By Tom and Julius.
Sharks should be allowed in back yard pools so other animals don't get extinct.
by Frederica and Ariana.

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