Thursday, February 18, 2010

Everything is Real !

I wish the end of the rainbow would land in Siberia and then I could get a pot of gold. Ha ha! Another thing is I wish I could go into the staffroom. I also want Anisah as Teacher Day and a jelly bean swimming pool !

Anisah Room 13

P.S. For our audience outside of Grey Lynn School, Siberia is our name for the play area at the back of our school that has our gardens and magical places to play.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Changes !

Our big idea this term is Changes. Room 13 is looking at personal change and changes around us.

In order for us to get excited about the topic, Andrea, our teacher, let us write about what changes we would make to Grey Lynn School since our school is turning 100 years old this year. We used the immersion step of our learning mode to really get an understanding of what change is and how it occurs around us.

We hope you enjoy reading all the changes we "plan" to make - some make sense, some are for fun, and some are just plain CRAZY!

A change that Andrea thought of was she wishes the school grounds had built in sprinklers so we could run through them and cool down on these hot days!

Enjoy !

Andrea and Room 13

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Power of One

WALT use past tense and time connectives when writing recounts.

Power of One - a blog entry written by the whole class during guided reading time.

Yesterday we went to the Puriri Tree and watched the Power of One - a show about bullying.
Firstly the actors introduced themselves. They told us the rules and started the first scene. Next the actors acted out all the different types of bullying . After that the actors asked people from the audience to act out a scene about bullying.
Finally Filo got dressed up as a super hero and he revealed the Power of One Box.
We learned that there are lots of types of bullying and the power of one starts with us when we tell our parents or teacher if we are being bullied. We really enjoyed the show.

Please comment on our writing. We would love your feedback.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Room 13's Class Treaty

A treaty is an agreement that two people or countries sign. In New Zealand the Maori and the Crown signed the Treaty of Waitangi so they could agree to live together and not have wars.

In our class we also have a treaty. Our treaty tells us what we should do in the classroom. Room 13 put their own rules on our treaty so no one will fight in our classroom. We all signed the treaty and put a picture of ourselves around the outside of it.

The treaty is a reminder for us to be nice to each other.

Room 13

Thursday, February 4, 2010

We're back.....

Well Room 13 was lovely and quiet and then today rolled around....the day the kids came back ! I must say I was getting used to having the space to myself but now that I have met my new Year 4 Totara Stars I think I'll let them stay. They are such a cute bunch of students - all with unique talents and interests.

We are looking forward to exploring our topic of CHANGE and how we deal with personal changes and then growing that to the community and the world.

I cannot wait to see what the year brings and all the fun in learning we will have together.

Bring on 2010 and let's all reach for the stars !


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