Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Olive's Poem on her gifts of being a friend.

Olive wrote a lyrical poem about what she has to offer as a friend. She even wrote a solution to the issue of trading special things in the classroom. 

What can you offer as a friend?

Do you know your worth?

Today Stella wrote a poem about what she has to offer someone...have a read and now, that if Stella is your friend, she offers many gifts that come from the heart. 

Sheldon Wants to be your friend!

Here is Sheldon's wonderful list of what he has to offer a friend. 

What can you offer a friend? 

Sheldon's List

What does Zaviour have to Offer?

Zaviour is able to be your friend? Did you know that? Here is what he has to offer you. Find him in the playground and have a play with him. 

Problem Solving in Room 10

Today we tried to solve one of the world's biggest problems!

Do you know what it is?


Something was up in Room 10. Some people were happy, some people were sad and some people had no idea what was going on...but Andrea knew, but she didn't tell us. She said we were going to have to figure it out and she would give us some inferring hints if needed. We were going to be detectives into human behaviour! 

We got into triads and talked with each other about the question. All of our answers are on the padlet. 
Made with Padlet

We eventually got to the problem in the world and especially Room 10. 

People were trading things in class in order for people to like them. 

Andrea said she could just make a rule - NO TRADING - which she kind of did, but that we also need to know OUR WORTH first. Our worth does not come from people wanting our stuff... our worth comes from what's inside each of us.  We have ore to offer each other and it cannot be found in any shop! 

Now we are all writing stories about...What can I offer? 
Torin said he can offer friendship and Ava said she can include people at morning tea and lunch. Amelia said she has kindness to offer. 

What do you have to offer? (P.S. It's not a smiggle rubber...)

Write what you have to offer in the comments below and together we can make the world (and Grey Lynn School) a better and happier place.

Love Room 10

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Poppy's Matariki Padlet

We learnt how to create a padlet yesterday and Poppy was so inspired that she rushed home to create one of her own to support her inquiry into Matariki.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Room 10 is Practising being Mindful

Made with Padlet

Responding to Reading

WALT use google docs to record our thinking during the Daily Five

Responding to Reading The Daily Five

What is the Author trying to tell you?
Your name
The day the crayons quit
The message in this story is include everyone even if you're having a bad day
Olive and the big secret
The message behind this story is keep your secrets to yourself
The day the crayons quit
The message is don't leave crayons(people) behind.
Leo Y
Carlas sandwich
The message is that try something new all the time when you want to
Clark  the  shark
The message is if you want to stay at school you have to be cool.
Clark the shark
The message is if you want to stay at school you have to be cool.

Ziggy the Cat

Ziggy the Cat
There was a good cat called Ziggy and he had two brothers and two sisters. One sister was 12 and one was 19 and one brother was 14 and one was 15 and their names are: Sienna, Ruby,and two Leo's. One day the pound came and took the cats away to the pound.After they went to the vet and had a operation and they went to the SPCA and then someone bought them for $189 and she had a dog and the dog's name was Lily.And Lily was 8 months old.The cats are scared and the dog was good.They lived happily ever after as a family.
By Greta

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